Disproduction – Whorl: A LoopDiary Selection

Some 40 years ago, Fripp & Eno redefined musical history with the guitar/tape loop experiments of “No Pussyfooting” (1973) and “Evening Star” (1975).
The result of their experiments with sound and setup were previously unheard and still count as one of the major moments of the history of experimental music (that time, it wasn’t called ‘ambient’ yet).

Recording and production techniques have of course changed a lot since then. Looping is no longer done with analog tape glued together, but using electronic devices much easier to control.
It takes away sóme of the magic sometimes….but there are surprising exceptions, too!

Being a big fan of these Fripp & Eno loop-based recordings, Disproduction (David Hodnett), however, has managed to re-create a comparable atmosphere with his guitar improvisations, various effects and recurring delays.
His experiments were created in the form of a musical diary (originally recorded between 2005 and 2009) which can be found on his four extensive “Loopdiary Archives” albums. That’s a massive set indeed, and may be a bit too much to begin with!

Whorl – A LoopDiary Selection presents a seven track (50 minute) selection of remastered tracks taken from this musical diary.
The cover may suggest something dark and gloomy, but it’s safe to say the music is about the opposite: is creates a calm, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The loops and effects are carefully placed, avoiding the pitfall of ‘just’ stacking endless loops on each other.

This music clearly refers to Fripp & Eno’s work, but it’s not simply a copy: they worked with a different set of rules that were in a way restricted by the limited analogue possibilities of their time. But Whorl – A LoopDiary Selection” definitely is a respectful tribute that can easily claim its own place.

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