Drones for The Abscence of Thoughts

In the Shortlist sections, I will mention the albums that I enjoyed listening to, but couldn’t find the time (or the right words) for a “full” review for. Still, I think they deserve your attention – with ór without extra words!


“Graphein”is a conceptual soundscape using only sounds from pencils and paper. It was originally created for an audiovisual installation by Delphine Depres, but the subtle sounds also work well when they are detached from its original concept.
The amplified sound of scribbling pencil on paper (a sound that may have become somewhat anachronistic in these digital times) resembles the crackling of a wood fire. Or maybe even the amplified sound of a thousand tiny insects at work.

The low frequencies shut out the outside world, creating a “sound state” where the listener can stay as long as he wishes. There are two versions available to download: a stereo version and a 4-channel surround WAV file.
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“The name ‘Mesektet’ comes from the ‘evening boat’ the Egyptian solar deity Ra used to travel back to the Netherworld from a long day of shining.”
The drones on this debut album from Jornt Elzinga (Amsterdam, Holland) are deep, dark and ominous (not unlike the music of Lustmord).
“Mesektet created rumbling earth drones that echo through caverns and temples – composed as a soundtrack for the deep pyramids and long travels to the Netherworld.”

C. Reider

C. Reider boasts quite an extensive discography in the “difficult-to-describe field of abstract electronic, electro-acoustic and process music.”
This album features compositions that were completed in 2003. Feeling that this album featured some of his best work of that period, Reider tried to get it released as a physical release but could not find a label for it.
“These recordings are now old enough that I can’t quite remember how some of them were done. I hear some guitar, field recordings, scrap metal – some OS9 programs like MetaSynth, ArtMatic and SoundHack.”
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Rasasvada: The taste of Bliss in the Abscence of Thoughts.
Dane P. Yates, making music since he was 15, is currently majoring in composition and music technology at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.
Using vocals, strings, piano as well as field recordings (from Geraldton, Perth and Bunbury, Western Australia), “the album enables you to get lost in a far dreamy piano, whilst hearing a fantasy glistened wind or ghostly echoes of past regrets and memories.”


“Minimal ambient project with slowly evolving low level pads mixing with environment sounds and far distant noises hardly heard giving to the listener a feeling of auditory hallucinations.”
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