Various Artists – Earthtones


Tessellate Recordings is a new label started by Harry Towell, well-known for curating tons of fine music for the Audio Gourmet netlabel, ánd of course for his own music as Spheruleus.

“Earthtones” is a massive compilation (26 tracks, over 2 hours) of well- and lesser known artists that all contributed a track to this album which is intended to raise funds for the next CD-releases.

Just picking a few names from the contributor list: Caught in the Wake Forever, Wil Bolton, Maps and Diagrams, Savaran, Ekca Liena, Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq), James Murray, Damian Valles, Monolyth & Cobalt, Lauki, Offthesky, Radere, The Inventors of Aircraft. – I guess that’s enough to get you interested….

Not only did the artists contribute a musical track: they also provided “an image of their local surroundings to accompany it to help further drive home the theme”.
The tracks contain these images as a personal ‘track cover image’, so when playing back the album “you’ll transport across the globe and back again, acting as a sort of postcard from the artist to you, the listener”.

Contributors come from all over the world, and together they present a wide array of different styles that are nowadays filed under ‘ambient’.

Tessellate Recordings has made an impressive start with these first two releases, and it’s definitely worth spending a few bucks to help fund their future releases.

Especially when these bucks also get you a compilation album like this!

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