Yuya Ota – Arctic April Mother

Arctic April Mother

Presenting “glacial and isolationist ambient”, the Glacial Movements label – run and curated by Alessandro Tedeschi – has presented over 15 albums since 2006, from artists like Lull, Rapoon, Francisco López, BvDub, Loscil, Pjusk, Celer and then some.

Different kind of artists, different kind of sounds, but what they have in common here is the “glacial feel and atmosphere” – which is often described as cold and desolate.

Their latest release (digital only this time)is Arctic April Motherby Yuya Ota from Tokyo.

Yuya Ota “is a composer and sound artist, who loves the fusion of classical music with electronic digital music”.

The opening track, “Knife”, effectively demonstrates what this ‘fusion’ means: a slow, introspective, Satie-esque piano track merging into an immersive electronic background.

The nine tracks on this album are described as “watercolor sounds, inspired by the contrast that coldness expresses. Sometimes white, sometimes vivid the piece focuses on the constantly changing times.”

The sequence of tracks is well-balanced and not only presents ‘arctic desolation’ but ‘warm comfort’ as well.

Some (most) are strictly electronic, others have distinct piano or guitar sounds, but all are “in perfect harmony and melody with each other as they describe the poetic vision of the ‘Big Chill’.”



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