Library Tapes – Sun Peeking Through

Library Tapes - Sun Peeking Through

Recording music since 2004, Swedish composer David Wenngren a.k.a. Library Tapes has a distinct personal style that perfecly matches the best in the  ‘acoustic ambient’/’post-classical’ genres.

His latest album Sun Peeking Throughflawlessly unites different kind of aspects from the genre: ambient electronics in the opening and closing Variations, romantic piano melodies combined with melancholic cello musings, all alternating with dark abstract ambient string soundscapes.

Title and cover image tell all there is need to know about this album: look behind the melancholy and sadness to find the Sun Peeking Through.

The ten tracks on this album barely add up to half an hour: most of them are short sketches, ranging from about one to four minutes. But the tracks are carefully arranged in such a way that the album feels like a single composition divided in 10 parts.

Judging by their length, the opening and closing Variations, together with the more abstract soundscapes “Lost” and “Found” are the core of this album.
But in-between, there are the different Parlour variations, along with the other shorter tracks, helping you to keep your feet on the -melodic- ground.

David Wenngren keeps his own piano parts relatively sparse – merely providing a melodic background for the string section.
The string section – Julia Kent, Danny Norbury (cello) and Sarah Kemp (violin) – delivers their beautiful sounds: melancholic on the verge of heartbreaking.

Those of you that already know earlier Library Tapes albums probably do not need this recommendation at all.
But if you’re not yet familiar with Library Tapes, I strongly advise you to start checking out some of his albums.
Sun Peeking Through may be a very good start to do so!


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