Steve Roden + Machinefabriek – Lichtung


The very first release on a brand new label called Eat, Sleep, Repeat brings together two remarkable men from the electronic/improv scene: Steve Roden and Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt)

Lichtung is the soundtrack created for an audio-visual installation at  Galerie Vayhinger, featuring visuals by Sabine Bürger, inspired by the Mindelsee lake in Germany.

This CD version does not feature the video part of the installation, but the images from the inlay booklet  are a good impression of how beautiful this installation must have been.

The original installation soundtrack was a four-channel version which was downmixed to stereo for this album.
Which gives me the opportunity to repeat that I definitely would like to find more music like this released in full surround format! 

But apart from that: the stereo format is impressive enough!
Rutger recorded the environmental sounds near the Mindelsee, to which sounds Steve reacted with recordings from his own surroundings in the US. 

The environmental sounds are the main ingredients of this album, but this is not just an ‘environmental sound recording’ album. All recorded sounds are cleverly arranged in detail, some instruments were added (with a cello performance by Aaron Martin on one track), resulting in exciting compositions without any dull moment.

In addition to the eight tracks from the installation, a live performance recording from the opening performance by Machinefabriek is added (appropriately called “Vayhinger” ). 
In this performance, Rutger used “pre-recorded sounds provided by Steve as well as leaves, twigs and water gathered in the area.”

Lichtung will be released on “Record Store Day” – april, 21. A somewhat cynical statement, since obviously not many Record Stores will stock albums like this at all.
If they do: honour them and buy it from their shop. If they don’t…well, their loss…find it online.

Machinefabriek + Steve Roden – Vayhinger

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