Atom TM – Winterreise


Winterreise is Atom TM ‘s (Uwe Schmidt, a.k.a. Senor Coconut) follow up to 2009’s Liedgut“. 
It will be released as a standard CD on Raster-Noton, in their familiar classy packaging, but has previously been  available in the form of a “Play Button“: a new music medium combining the classic pin-button with a built-in music player. 

Musically, Winterreise” is quite different from “Liedgut”. 
It’s far more abstract and experimental, with more accents on textures and soundscapes (and less direct  references to the music of Kraftwerk). 
It’s more ‘serious’, in a way, although it never gets too serious – you can definitely trust Uwe to find a perfect balance between ‘art’ and ‘fun’.

Winterreise” was created as the audio soundtrack to a series of photographies with the same name, which was exhibited in Tokyo and Frankfurt in 2011. Some of the photographies are included in the packaging of the CD edition (not available on the play button version, of course). 

As with all of his releases, it is fascinating to hear how Uwe Schmidt combines different elements on various levels. In his work, even the most detached electronics has a distinct human feeling. In this respect, Atom TM might very well be the personification of Kraftwerk’s ‘Man-Machine’. 

“With a balance between the romantic and the scientific, this album evokes, not just accompanies, the visual aspect of the “Winterreise” project in a perfect manner, by painting grainy sonic images that visualize the tradition and the future of the romantic subconscious.”

Atom TM – Tiefebene

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