Various Artists – Sequence 3

Sequence 3

With 41 tracks and over 4 hours of experimental music, the Sequence 3 compilation could be a bit too much to chew at once. 
So (unless you simply can’t get enough) it’s probably best to digest it in smaller portions at the time.

Or, create your own sub-selection according to your liking, because, with such a diverse offering, it’s clear that not every track can be for everyone’s taste. But there is so much to choose from it’s easy to compile your own sub-compilation!

The Sequence collection is a great showcase of all kinds of sounds that can be filed under ‘ambient’/’electronic’/’experimental’/’acoustic improv’ genre-tags. It covers a large part of the contemporary experimental music scene (although it mainly focusses on the more introvert side of the musical spectre).  

I won’t start to mention contributors here, simply because there are too much. And apart from that. those unknown may be as interesting as those already familiar.
Since this is a free download, there’s no risk in trying out the package yourself!

Musically, there’s a lot more where this came from: not only is this the third massive compilation in a row (Sequence 1 and Sequence 2 are still available as free downloads), but Future Sequence intends to release a follow-up compilation every three months (!) in the coming year: one for every different season.  

Accelra – Three Suns

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