Listening Mirror – Resting in Aspic

Although relatively young (they formed in the beginning of 2010), Listening Mirror (a duo consisting of Jeff Stonehouse and Kate Tustain) is quickly becoming a ‘reference point’ in environmental ambient music.

Basically, their new album Resting in Aspic is a collection of previously released material (although in different versions, remastered by Wil Bolton, and also including a new track: “Without Saying Goodbye”).
But together, these tracks are a perfectly balanced album – a great introduction for those new to Listening Mirror, and a welcome addition to those that were already familiar with their style.

Listening Mirror take the best of many things, and combine them into their own distinguished style.
Field recordings, drones, angelic vocals, electronics and improvised piano:  a successfull “attempt to extract some beauty from the noise that surrounds us all every day.”

Although the overall tone of their music is very peacefull and bright, they mix their ingredients in varying proportions. ‘Venice Boxhead’, for instance, features a lot of electronic distortion which seems to be mirroring the natural sounds featured in ‘The Leechpool’. 

The combination of drones and (angelic) vocals in ‘The Organist’ (in a previously unreleased 14 minute version) sounds ‘familiar’ in a strange way, somehow suggesting you may have been floating around in it for hours – without a single dull moment.

Like the music of Harold BuddListening Mirror‘s music is very bright and optimistic, without becoming lightweight or new-agey.

Resting in Aspic  feels like a 70 minutes sneak peak into the Garden of Eden.

Listening Mirror – Outside Heaven

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