Pleq, Spheruleus & Various – "A Silent Swaying Breath"

Pleq Spheruleus

When they decided to work together on a charity fund-raising album “for those that has beenaffected by the recent unrest that ravaged cities across the country” (referring of course to the recent UK riots), Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Spheruleus (Harry Towell) chose a different approach.

Instead of asking fellow artists to contribute a complete track, they teamed up with SoundFjord (UK Sound Art Gallery), and started asking their (immense) network of ‘artists, musicians and the general public’ to contribute just a short (under one minute) sample for this project.
Then they started working on these samples, creating this one hour album with twelve full length tracks.

That must have an hell of a job, since the list of contributors adds up to about 75 names, and quite a lot familiar among them, such as Hakobune, Isnaj Dui, Inventors of Aircraft, Lauki, Marco Lucchi, Petri Kuljuntaustaa, Mystified, Offthesky, Porzellan, Robert Curgenven, Savaran, Simon Whetham, Steve Roden, Wil Bolton….I could go on for a while, but the full list is available on the Bandcamp page.

Though in fact they are the actual creators, Pleq and Spheruleus don’t take full credit for it, listing it under “Various (Artists)”. But they have done a remarkable job creating such coherent, homogenous tracks from this “eclectic selection of field recordings, samples, spoken word pieces and instrumentation, creating momentous emotional landscapes for the listener, delicate, tender moments and most of all, a yearning tumult of haunting quietude: a silent, swaying breath.

This album is available as a digital download only.
For only 3.99 GBP (EUR 4,65/USD 6,40) or preferrably some more you don’t only download this amazing “compilation”, but also help support the following charity organisations:

No reason NOT to download it!

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