Nigel Samways, Le Berger, Herzog, Ambient Fabric, Seconds Before Awakening

This is the first in a forthcoming series of  “Shortlist”-entries. In these Shortlists, I will mention some of the albums that I enjoyed listening to, but couldn’t find the time (or the right words) for a “full” review for.
Still, I think they deserve your attention: use the links to find more info and hear previews.

Nigel Samways - Nine Barrow Down

Nigel Samways – Nine Barrows Down
20 minute EP with a haunting soundscape referring to “a teenage experience of potentially baffling and unexplained origins whilst alone at night in the Dorset countryside.”

Le Berger - Expeditions

Le Berger – Expeditions on the Greyscale
Subtitled “One Tiny, Two Medium and a Grand One”, referring to the length of the four tracks: 00:11, 11:11, 11:11 and 33:33, respectively. 
Beautiful minimal drone/loop set by Le Berger (Samuel Landry  from Montreal, Qc), with obvious references to the work of ‘deteriorist’ William Basinski.

Herzog Young Lungs

Herzog – Young Lungs against the Sea
“…Showcases Herzog‘s sparse piano-led electro-acoustic soundscapes and glitchy, unsettling atmospheres. Calm acoustic tracks are slowly distorted, enveloped and threaten to fall apart under pressure from white noise, static and fractured percussive interventions. An obvious reference point may be the work of William Basinski, but Bill Bawden (Herzog) also cites Mogwai, Colleen, Fennesz and Low as big influences on his sound.”

Ambient Fabric

Ambient Fabric – In Space
“A journey from our solar system to the outer limits of our known universe and beyond.”…
Deep Electronic Space Ambient Drones created by Oystein Jorgensen.

Seconds Before Awakening

Seconds Before Awakening – Seven
Four slowly long-form drones (75 min total). Also great to listen to seconds before falling asleep!

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