Deaf Center – Owl Splinters

Owl Splinters

Owl Splinters is Deaf Center ‘s much anticipated second full album, following 2005’s ‘Pale Ravine’.

Which doesn’t mean that nothing happened in the meantime: Erik Skodvin released his “Flare” solo album, and Otto Totland partnered with Huw Roberts as Nest, releasing the beautiful selftitled album (long time most-read article on this weblog!).

Owl Splinters, recorded in Nils Frahm‘s studio, brings a remarkable dialogue between Skodvin’s haunting cello ‘clouds’ and Totland‘s peaceful satie-esque piano performances.

Sometimes these are presented as single ‘entities’, but in the longer tracks the tension is slowly built by layering drones of cello and electronics, increasing to the point of almost becoming unbearable  – until release comes with the gentle piano chords, recorded from the heart of the instrument – including its breathing and creaking.

Compared to 2005’s ‘Pale Ravine’, the sound is much more open, more organic, more ‘acoustic’.
The resulting music is intensely beautiful, but not in the ‘easy listening’ sense since the overall atmosphere is rather dark and brooding.
Using this dualism to full effect, Totland and Skodvin once again deliver an unrivalled classic album that can easily last for another six years before they come up with their third Deaf Center album…

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