Benjamin Dauer – Burning of Wine


Although Burning of Wine” is presented as Benjamin Dauers debut album, it is clear from the very first notes that this is not the first music he created.
The tracks are extremely well-balanced, and created with a restraint that shows Benjamin’s musical maturity.

From the very first play I realised that this album would be among my favourite ambient music releases this year!

And here is another pleasant surprise: this album can be downloaded for free from the Distance Recordings netlabel website.

Burning of Wine” presents a variety of sounds, sometimes organic, sometimes inorganic…sometimes quiet and peacefully Eno-esque, sometimes with industrial intensity (like the one presented below, called “Contoured Silhouettes”.

The album was mastered by James Plotkin, further enhancing the audio depths with his experience from working with Sunn 0))), Nadja and Fennesz (to name but a few).

Benjamin Dauer has been playing music since he was 10 years old, studying various musical styles throughout the years. Some of his (previous) music has been used by various choreographers for their projects.
His goal is to explore the boundaries of modern music through experimentation and play.

“There is a harmony, a symbiosis, between my work as a composer and designer and my need to share these talents with others. I believe that a productive society depends on the cultivation of the arts.”

“Sonorous Narratives” he calls this music, and that may be the best description of the beautiful collection  on Burning of Wine”

[BTW – “Murmur”, another great Benjamin Dauer track, was included in the “Miserere” mix]

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