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The Berlin-based Klitorik website, hosting free audio releases as well as videos and a pdf-magazine, was unknown to me until recently.
I cannot understand why, since their first audio release was published way back in 2004!

After listening to their latest release – Marow‘s ‘Lysår’ , I’ll definitely work my way back through the entire catalogue.

Until now, Klitorik has released 13 titles, all of them presenting music from their founding members Marow and Olaf Tonstein (with one release,  SMBP being a possible exception to that fact).

Mille Plateaux also included a Marow track (e.coli) on their recent ‘Click & Cuts 5.0: Paradigm Shift.

On Lysår, Marow presents a collection of six drone-based electronic tracks, ranging between 1 to 11 minutes. Marow differs from the massive amounts of drone-based releases found on the net recently, because their sound is more thoughtful than most of these.
Some of the tracks have almost unnoticeable ‘hints’ of melodies in the background. ‘Nazca Lines, for example, has a comfortable Biosphere-like feeling to it.

While the tracks are different in nature, the album itself is remarkably consistent in style.
Lysår definitely sounds more interesting than many other recent releases – I can tell  for myself by counting the times I have re-played the album the last few weeks.

Marow – Nazca Lines



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