Cinta Cita – Part 1

Cinta Cita, Part 1

“Cinta Cita – Meeting with the Tape” is the second ‘guest mix’ created especially for
(The first was Muttley’s “Isolate”).

Cinta Cita is a 2 1/2 hour journey by DJ Rich-Ears, presented in two parts (Part 2 can be found [here]).

“Ambient as atmosphere. Ambient as the cusp of melody and texture. Here we have an elegantly complex woven soundtrack (by DJ Rich-Ears) from the Lowlands that takes us through time, back and forth, from the familiar, the rare, the digital and the analogue. Let it be the soundtrack to a moment where everything slows down and re-engage with yourself and your surroundings.”
Robin Rimbaud / Scanner / april 3th – 2010

DJ Rich-Ears biography [here].
More DJ Rich-Ears mixes can be found on Soundcloud.
Contact (Twitter): @DJ_RichEars

Cinta Cita – Meeting with the Tape Part 1 – Playlist:

  •  Ajuin Yao – Satisfaction of Oscillation
    An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music; Fifth A-Chronology 1920-2007, SubRosa SR270, 2007
  • 31mtr band (shortwave broadcast) – Segment1
    WFMU blog, 2006
  • Jorge Antunes – AutoRetrato
    Musica Electronica 70’s, Sistrum Edicoes Musicais Ltda. CD ST 001, 1994
  • T.U.U. – Body Of Light
    One Thousand years, SDV Tontrager SDV 027, 1992
  • AFTA-1 & Imani Waddy – Light & vibration
    LOVE IS REAL VOL.4: Vessels Behind A Moment, 2009
  • The Cinematic Orchestra – Breathe (Susumu Yokota Remix)
    You don’t know: Ninja Cuts, Ninja Tune ZEN CD 150, 2008
  • Chris Hinze – Gayatri Mantra
    Passage, Keytone records KYT 764, 1992
  • Araxa’s – Nanderu Papa Miri
    Timeless vision, 44798
  • Adham Shaikh – Journey to the Sun
    Instinct Ambient IAE006CD, 1995
  • Chris Hinze -The Old Rinpoche
    Keytone records KYT 799, 1997
  • Another Fine Day – Green Thought (In Green Shade)
    Beyond records RBADCD7, 1994
  • Global Communication – 12:18
    76:14, Dedicated, DEDCD014, 1994
  • Biosphere – Kobresia
    Substrata, Thirsty Ear THI66033.2, 1997
  • Bombay Dub Orchestra – The Greater Silence
    Six Degrees 657036 1120-2, 2006
  • Hypnagog – Tiny Little Pieces
    Dreaming in Pieces, UP records, 2009

Download Cinta Cita 1 Now 91Mb (59 min.)


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