The Lights Galaxia – Global

Global EP

Obviously, since it’s very hard to earn a living (or even a part of it) from creating ambient music, a lot of musicians creating this kind of music offer it for free.
From their own websites,  through netlablels or using, or one of the many alternatives for sharing music.

So if you take some time to do a good search you may find quite some nice music (and a pile of rubbish too).

Recently, The Lights Galaxia released a 4 -track EP called “Global” on their own label “Luxus-Arctica Records international” 

That’s not a very real label by old standards: in fact it’s more of a weblog with one recent EP released next to a single with one of the tracks from the EP. But who knows what’s yet to come!

Global” (published on is a 4 track EP published on, and it’s worth listening.

Daniel Davis (Carl Sagan’s Ghost) and Joseph Snodgrass combine pleasant soft sounds of the ‘pop-ambient’ kind with electronic background soundscapes quite effectively.

Very Nice ‘Music for Sunday Mornings

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