Greg Haines – Komarovo

Compared to earlier releases on “Slaapwel Records” (Sleep Well Records – the Belgian label dedicated to Music to Fall Asleep To), Komarovo may be the hardest one to fall asleep to, simply because of its dynamic range.

For this 30 minute piece, Greg Haines used sound recordings from a Berlin performance, including piano, tape recorders and the impressive sound of the Grünewaldkirche church organ.

Komarovo starts quietly (as expected) developing an almost romantic piano theme layered over tape recorder sounds and an echoing church environment. When the mood is set, the piano theme cuts up and defragments, and the church organ drone sets in, becoming more and more overwhelming in building a sort of climax seldomly heard in ambient music like this.
The last part of the composition is a return to form, back to the peaceful atmosphere. ‘You can go to sleep now’, it seems to tell us.

It may be a bit of a depart from the label’s concept of ‘Sleep Music’, but it’s also a fantastic release that both Greg Haines and Slaapwel Records should be very proud of!

As always, this release comes in a hand-stamped carton case with stitched artwork. The label website states it’s limited to 150 copies so (once again) this may be hard to get by now. But luckily the website states that there ‘may be reissues someday’.
I do insist on that!

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