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Ambient music collectors no longer visit the local record shop to find the latest releases. Most of the times, the titles are not even stocked. Still, the genre is lively and growing bigger than it ever was. Not through the ‘old’ distribution channels and brick and mortar shops, but through the internet mostly. This weblog only covers a small tip of the iceberg of the music available.

There are quite a lot specialised webshops online (if you got any tips for readers to share, please use the react link below and share it with us), and there are a lot netlabels that release the music – purely out of passion for it.
Sometimes for a small fee (a direct support of the artists), but often for free. And if you think that ‘free’ music must be inferior hobbyist music, here’s the proof that it isn’t:
try the Serein netlabel. And especially try their NEST release.

Nest is the collaborative project of Otto Totland (Deaf Center / Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein). If you want names to compare: their music sounds like music from people like Harold Budd, Goldmund/Helios, Murcof and even Biosphere (on this track featured here: Cad Goddeu).

It’s beautiful atmospheric and it’s feel is more organic than electronic.
With netlabels offering music like this, who needs record companies??

Nest – Cad Goddeu

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