Arve Henriksen – Strjon

On this third solo project Arve Henriksen is accompanied by two fellow Supersilent members: Helge Sten (a.k.a. DeathProd) and Ståle Storløkken. Unlike most of the Supersilent albums Strjon breathes a natural, Zen-like balance and peacefulness.
Henriksen’s trumpet-playing is perfectly balanced with the almost chilling sound sculptures accompanying it.

This music is in fact totally unclassifiable. It is NOT ambient, it is NOT jazz, and it CERTAINLY is not New Age. It is quietly peaceful and adventurous at the same time (and those two hardly ever go hand in hand), and it has that typical open Nordic sound. The best reference may be the ‘Fourth World’ sound of Jon Hassell.
But in fact it’s best not to compare this music to anything else…just enjoy it.

Arve Henriksen – Ascent

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