Banabila + Asid: Oh No Uaredero

Banabila + Asid

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again: Michel Banabila’s music (a well-balanced fusion of electronic, ambient, jazz and ethnic music) deserves much more attention, and not only in Europe! 
To get a good impression of his versatility, you can check the myspace accounts listed below. Or read the ‘Hilarious Expedition’ weblog entry earlier. Or just click the icon below to listen to ‘Oh No Uaredeo’ with Salar Asid on violin).

I find it unbelievable that it is so hard from him to get his music released through ‘official’ channels. While it is, just listen to his music online and support him wherever you can!
(Note: some of the tracks on myspace are available on cd. Check for more details)

Banabila Myspace accounts overview:
Michel Banabila
Banabila & Asid
Banabila & Sanjana
Banabila & Eric Vloeimans
Banabila & Saka
(please note that myspace music starts on opening the page, so please do not open more than one window when playing music):

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