Kelvin L. Smith – The Dreaming Mind

the dreaming mind

Kelvin L. Smith is a prolific English musician. He’s working as a singer/guitarist in the pubs and clubs of South Wales U.K. But he also has a firm passion for ambient music and that is what he creates at home. He has released quite a few (ambient) releases under his name, all released through various independent channels.

His latest release, The Dreaming Mind, is a good example of the variety in his (ambient) music. Sometimes it reminds me of The Orb, at other moments the music echoes the work of Harold Budd – Kelvin is a huge fan of both! His music is always friendly flowing, never dark or threatening.

Kelvin’s perseverance and dedication to this genre deserves sympathy. ‘The Dreaming Mind’ is released through EMMA: Electronic Music & Musicians Association. It’ll be hard to find in your local record shop, but I have a few copies available: you can order it here.

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