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  1. Start with Maitreya then. The first album is Return to the Mothership, then Telluric Waves and then .74. Free MP3 samples at http://www.councilofnine.co.uk. Best to listen to the whole of the first album at once as it includes reoccurring themes and takes you on a bit of a journey.
    After that you must try Orgisms by Solar Quest. This is a real classic but very hard to get hold of as it was rare anyway and has now been out of print for ages. I might be able to help you find it if need be.

  2. Peter

    Ouch!! You’re quite right. I should’ve seen that ofcourse. This template worked OK in FF 1.5, but in FF 2.0 there’s quite a few problems. Damn those browser incompatibilities! Time for another skin for this blog. This’ll take some work so please be patient. Thanks for commenting this.

    Regarding your list: there’s quite a few names I don’t know so I will check these out. There’s also a few that I do know (Gas, OYC, Biosphere, Ambiant Otaku, RRich) but these are not on this blog since I mostly comment on new releases and these were out long before this weblog was online…:-)
    Working back in time would take too much of my spare time, I’m afraid.

    Thanks again, hope to see you back here!

  3. Hi Peter,
    as a lover of ambient music (and Utrecht!) I’ve visited your blog a few times. I always thouight the web design a bit too obscure for it’s own good. Today it looks different and at last I understand it. The reason is I am using Internet Explorer today. Almost always I use Firefox (2 on XP) and none of the right hand menus show up for me!

    Anyway, I am going to check out some of the ambient you like, especially Stars of the Lid. We both like ambient and thinks beats have no part in ambient yet I do not know any of the modern ambient music you talk about and you don’t talk about much (if any) of the modern ambient music I like.
    A few things to look out for (if you’ve not heard of them already):

    Solar Quest – Orgship [Entropic 2001] – purely gorgeous sound
    VA – Wabi [Flying Rhino 2001]
    VA – Twelve [TIP.World 2001]
    Gas (Wolfgang Voigt) – Pop [Mille Plateaux 2001] – bit extreme for most
    Healer – Wonderground [Flying Rhino 2000] – highly recommended. Lovely sound.
    Astral Engineering – Chronoglide [Worm Interface 1994]
    Maitreya – From the Mothership [Council of Nine 1999]
    Maitreya – Telluric Waves [Council of Nine 2003]
    Maitreya – .74 [Council of Nine 2004]
    Modular Green – Shellground [Fax 1995] – Fax records
    O Yuki Conjugate – Equator [Soleilmoon 1994]
    Phonophani – Phonophani [Biophon 1997]
    Asura – Code Eternity [Infinium 2001]
    Biosphere – Substrata (remastered) [Touch 2001]
    Biosphere – Patashnik [Apollo 1994]
    VA – Pop Ambient 2001 [Kompakt 2001] (and the 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2007 versions)
    Ambiant Otaku – Tetsu Inoue
    Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord – Stalker [1995]