Stimmhorn – Melken

Overtone singing and ALPENHORN blowing….a combination you will probably NEVER hear on your local radio station (unless you’re swiss).

This track, Melksuite, is definitely a good first candidate for the ‘Weird Department’. The album from which this is taken is called ‘Melken’, and was released in 1997.

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One Comment

  1. stimmhorn, yes! i have seen them some years ago, it was a live radio broadcast form a small theatre. behind the stage there was an open window and the wind blew softly into the hot room, but suddenly an alphorn fell down! it was so terrifying, interrupting everything, but the instrument appears to have survived and the concert continued.
    the cd i would recommend is “schnee”, definetely.
    their musical approach is very imaginative and playful: you need to see them live as they integrate a lot of slapstick and pantomime into their set. on record they are not only very good producers, using the local space to enhance their music skillfully, but also quite experimental with integrating other sounds into the whole picture.
    highly recommended!