Brilliant Concepts 1: Instant live concerts

Remember the good old bootleg days? The thrill of hearing a recording of a concert you actually joined (regardless of the sound quality of the recording)?
Even for people that did not join the concert themselves, a bootleg recording may have some magic to it.
There are lots of fans exchanging all their live-tapes…(as if 50+ concert recordings do not start to sound alike…)

The guys (I guess) at have understood this concept and used current technology to offer a quality cd concert-recording in about six minutes after the concert ends…Now that’s what I call HOT.

Just imagine…your hands still sore from applauding, and on the way out you collect your coat ?nd buy a cd-copy of the very same concert…

That’s what I call a great concept. These recordings are raw and unmixed by nature, absolutely no overdubs…

And what’s even better: you do not have to be there yourself.
From the website, you can pre-order cd’s from concerts you’re not able to attend.
But you have to act quick: most releases are very limited and guaranteed to sell out quickly.
The availability of a recording is up to each individual artist – some are only available at the concert, others can be ordered online, and sometimes the recordings may even be available through (that’s where I found it).

Brilliant concept!!!

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