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Jul 23

Mental Health Hotline (Mix)
Klankschap vs. Ambientblog

Mental Health Hotline

"Mental Health Hotline" is the second 'collaborative dialogue' created together with Christophe 'Klankschap' Ywaska.
(The first was "Both Were Moving", 2012).

Each selection a reaction to the previous addition means the story may have some unexpected turns and views... especially with over 50 samples crammed into this adventurous hour of sound!

Be prepared for a dazzling - and possibly somewhat disorienting - joyride...

Jul 23

Mixcloud Awards

Ever enjoyed any of the Ambientblog Mixes

I'd appreciate it very much if you helped gain some more attention - for example by voting "Ambientblog" as one of your favourite stations in the "Mix Series" section of the MIXCLOUD AWARDS 

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Jul 20

Wilderness of Mirrors

Complex times breed complex albums.
A sign of the times, maybe.

Not unlike Matthew Colling's album mentioned before, Lawrence English's new album "The Wilderness of Mirrors" presents a "tectonic auditory offering, an unrelenting passage of colliding waves of harmony and dynamic live instrumentation".

Jul 20

Silence is a Rhythm Too

Matthew Collings (Scotland) has not only recorded and performed as a solo artist, but also worked together with Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX), Talvihorros and Ben Frost.
He has been performing live using custom-made software, and composed movie scores - such as a live score for "Man with a Movie Camera".

"Silence is a Rhythm Too"
is his second solo-album, and it turns out to be quite different from its more 'minimalist pop' orientated predecessor"Splintered Instruments" (which is rereleased together with the new album).

Jul 19


While creating music as Monolyth & Cobalt, Mathias van Eecloo saved some of his more abstract sounds with the filename D.Rhöne: "...a project to be close to the minimalist and repetitive music, the most closely to a drone state..
In 2012 and 2013 he self-released the first two albums under that same name, and now the third (and last) chapter is available as a free download. (There is also a very limited cd-release but that will probably be sold out by the time you’re reading this).

Jul 13


Lomechanik is a dutch independent experimental music label celebrating their 25th release with the compilation called "Places": a 'Name Your Price' (!) download of 25 tracks (over two hours) especially created for this project by "old familiars as well as newly involved artists, with a certain place and/or memory as a starting point."

Jul 09


"Souvenirs van de Woeste Grond" (roughly translates as "Souvenirs from the Wasteland") is a part of a landscape-inspired art project inspired by the Dutch province "Overijssel".

"In this project two artists (Heidi Linck and Hans Jungerius) collected stories about the countryside landscape in order to save them from obscurity. In the second phase of the project eight different artists make a souvenir based on the collected stories."

This particular album (available as digital download or limited edition CD released by the adventurous Esc.Rec label), is one of those 'souvenirs'!

Jul 02


Classically trained musician and composer Bruno Sanfilippo (Spain) presents a beautiful romantic and somewhat melancholic set of modern classical compositions for piano, violin (Pere Bardagi) and violincello (Manuel del Fresno).
"With the fragility and beauty of some Arvo Pärt compositions and a high cinematic touch, "ClarOscuro" brings the perfect soundtrack for an imaginary movie."

Jun 27

Rutger Zuydervelt - Stay Tuned
+ Machinefabriek - Stillness Soundtrack

Stay Tuned

Imagine a single 50 minute track album with contributions from more than 150 artists....

I can't even begin to list names here but you should definitely check the list on the Bandcamp page - I'm sure it'll raise your interest to find out more about Rutger "Machinefabriek" Zuydervelt's project"Stay Tuned".

Jun 09


Not counting their recent collaboration "Drowning in the Sky", with Sleep Orchestra, "Solstøv" is Pjusk's fourth release - and their third for the 12K label.
Since their debut in 2007, the Norwegian duo (Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Rune Andre Sagevik) have built themselves quite an impressive reputation.
With "Solstøv", (Sol - Sun / Støv - Dust) they don't disappoint - to say the least!

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