Ambient Music Mixes & Recommendations
Sep 20


Some of you may remember that before this blog became "Ambientblog" in 2009, it was called "DreamScenes".

Although still a 'niche genre', the interest in ambient/electronic/experimental music has kept growing, and currently there seems to be much more musis than I could ever write about here.
Which sometimes leaves me with a slight guilt about not presenting music that is definitely worth listening!

Time to revive the "radio show" format.....!

Starting October, 3, (21:00 hr local time: UTC+2), the DreamScenes ambient music channel will be broadcast monthly using the possibilities of MIXLR webradio.

The programs will also be archived for later listening on MIXCLOUD - ánd of course here on Ambientblog.

Sep 12


After having released two timeless albums on the now legendary EM:T label ("1194" and "4495"), Woob (Paul Frankland, also known as Max & Harvey and half of Journeyman) took some time off from making music (to work in the advertising industry) - returning in 2010 to release a string of new albums on Bigamoebasounds.

On "Ambient Disaster Movie", the sound (sometimes referred to as 'post-rave ambient') is still as bright and recognisable as it was in the beginning - presented with a refreshing (tongue-in-cheek) sense of humour.

Aug 17

TAPU 25 Anniversary Mix
(Banabila label remix)

Tapu 25

This mix is especially created to celebrate the 25th release on Michel Banabila's Tapu Records (which will be released later this year).

In this mix (in fact a follow up of "Streets, Dreams and Memories"), all tracks & samples are chosen from the Tapu Records catalogue and so it displays the versatility of Banabila's work - as solo artist as well as in collaboration with others.

A limited edition (100) physical Audio CD with this mix will be included with every physical release order from Banabila's Bandcamp

Also, a VIDEO version (presenting the covers in sync with the mix, as well as including the impressive Geert Mulvideo for 'Crowds'), can be downloaded for free (link below).

Aug 14

Description of Problem

Richard Chartier - composer, sound artist, designer, LINE label curator - has released over 30 critically acclaimed albums under his own name since 1998, building himself an unrivaled status in the 'reductionist' electronic sound art field.

As Pinkcourtesyphone, he has released released music since 2012 with a somewhat different angle - the alias giving him some space for a slightly 'looser' approach:

"Pinkcourtesyphone is a more emotional, dare one say musical side of his work.
Pinkcourtesyphone is dark but not arch, with a slight hint of humor.
Pinkcourtesyphone is amorphous, changing, and slipping in and out of consciousness.
Pinkcourtesyphone operates like a syrup-y dream and strives to be both elegant and detached."

Aug 12

London Docks

London Docks is the alias Nikita Sorokin uses for his solo work.
He's not from London, but from Los Angeles.
Also a member of Insects vs. Robots - but don't let that count as an introduction, because the music he presents as London Docks is quite different from that of this particular "psychotropicturesque quasi-nomadic music tribe".

"Tangaróa" is a collection of tracks merging Nikita Sorokin's solo violin improvisations with "fields recordings and electronica into sonic dreamscapes that are inspired as much by science fiction and mythology as they are by musical ideas".

Aug 08

The Garden

2014 is a good year for Porya Hatami (based in Sanandaj, Iran).
After releasing two collaboration albums (with Lee Anthony Norris and Lcoma, respectively), and a solo album ("Shallow") earlier this year, his new album "The Garden" is now released on the Dronarivm label.

Aug 07

Common Pond

On "Common Pond", Russ Young recreates places, events and objects around him "by assembling manipulated audio sources - re-imagining the impression with sound".

Each track has a different background story, like:
"'Phil's House' is made from recordings of a friend's 8 upright pianos he kept in his house.
I ended up erasing the notes leaving the mechanics behind. I think it sounds like rain on his roof or rain playing his pianos."
"'Lamy's Sound and Light' is a local 'disco equipment' rental shop at the end of my street. He leaves a cluster of neons flashing all night."
With this approach, Young creates a new and refreshing concept of 'environmental soundscapes'.


Jul 29


Before you start listening, answer this: what associations do you have with a band name like VLNA?

Personally, I prepared for somewhat 'unpersonal' and possibly even 'harsh' sounds when I started listening.

But I was in for a surprise:"Turquoise Threads" is an 'impressionist vocal' album - an album with spoken words fragments, humming, whistling, intertwining with 'a thick veil of atmospheric noir from threads of adapted violins, guitar' (and electronic treatments).

Jul 23

Mental Health Hotline (Mix)
Klankschap vs. Ambientblog

Mental Health Hotline

"Mental Health Hotline" is the second 'collaborative dialogue' created together with Christophe 'Klankschap' Ywaska.
(The first was "Both Were Moving", 2012).

Each selection a reaction to the previous addition means the story may have some unexpected turns and views... especially with over 50 samples crammed into this adventurous hour of sound!

Be prepared for a dazzling - and possibly somewhat disorienting - joyride...

Jul 20

Wilderness of Mirrors

Complex times breed complex albums.
A sign of the times, maybe.

Not unlike Matthew Colling's album mentioned before, Lawrence English's new album "The Wilderness of Mirrors" presents a "tectonic auditory offering, an unrelenting passage of colliding waves of harmony and dynamic live instrumentation".