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DreamScenes – April 2018

DreamScenes CZ

Winter Morning
It’s cauld – it’s dark – through the dread waste
Yon starn, sae red, and sma,
Presses its weak, encumberd, beam,
To perish in the sna’.

Och! Och! it’s mirk – the furious storm,
Howls round the hill sae high;
And black, and awfu’, on the earth,
Sits down the laiden sky.
[Robert Couper, 1804]

It was never my intention beforehand to let this edition get as dark and cold as this. But even at the beginning of this Spring season the tracks for this April edition only seem to refer to the past Winter season:
melancholic cello music to start with, then venturing into the (extremely cold and mystical) Siberian steppes –  some feverish scenes of incomprehensible muttering – psychedelic/nightmare-ish visions…
But, as there is beauty in darkness, there’s much to enjoy. Especially knowing we can always “crawl back into our cocoons…”



  • 00:00 DreamScenes – Intro (Susanna)
  • 00:43 Erik K. Skodvin – Indecipherable
    A Score For Darling, 2018, Sonic Pieces
  • 02:01 Rauelsson – Uncover
    A Score For Darling, 2018, Sonic Pieces
  • 03:20 Nytt Land – Nordur (Yule Song)
    Odal, 2018, Cold Spring
  • 09:20 Seabuckthorn – A House With Too Much Fire
    A House With Too Much Fire, 2018, La Cordillère, BKM (release june 2018)
  • 12:38 Jesús Antonio Vergare (Duchampignon) – Hikuri
    Automatas Sonoros, 2018, self-released (BandCamp)
  • 16:22 Anna Von Hausswolff – The Marble Eye
    Dead Magic, 2018 City Slang
  • 21:20 Ugasanie – On The Ice Shelf
    Ice Breath of Antarctica, 2018, Cryo Chamber
  • 24:50 Sarah Bernstein Unearthish – Crazy Lights Shining
    Crazy Lights Shining, 2018, Phase Frame (release May 25)
  • 27:01 Jóhann Jóhannsson – Jói & Karen (Ruichi Sakamoto Rework)
    Englabörn & Variations, 2018, Deutsche Grammophon
  • 31:33 From The Mouth Of The Sun – Reaching When Nothing Is There
    Sleep Stations, 2018, Lost Tribe Sound (release May, 18)
  • 35:02 Yaír Etziony – Am Aller Ecke
    Deliverance, 2018, False Industries
  • 39:51 Alaskan Tapes – Drifter
    Drifter/Untitled, 2018, self-released (Bandcamp)
  •  43:14 Ekin Fil – Inflame
    Inflame OST, 2018, Helen Scarsdale Agency
  • 44:07 No Tongues – La Voix De La Mort Rugissante
    Tracks Of The World, 2018, Ormo Records
  • 48:02 Nils Økland Band – Skygger
    Lysning, 2017, Hubro
  • 51:49 Capac – Winter Morning
    Through The Dread Waste, 2018, This Is It Forever
  • 55:04 Birds Of Passage – Another Thousand Eyes
    The Death Of Our Invention, 2018, Denovali
  • 59:00 DreamScenes – Outro (Dean Hurley)

Play this edition on-demand from the Concertzender website.


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Capac * Strië




Their 2015 album was called Sea Freeze. Capac was a quartet then and the music was much more ‘poppy’ than ‘ambient’.
The follow-up album takes its title from a 1804 poem by Robert Couper: ‘Winter Morning’, and “comprises ten interpretations of the coldest traditional winter music in the form of dark drone and atmospheric ambience”. Four of these come in the form of short interludes of which the titles spell In – The – Bleak – Midwinter.
So maybe you’d best fetch an extra sweater before listening to this album….

It is a beautiful kind of cold, however. Describing it as dark drone and atmospheric ambience falls short, because the album presents different styles not limited to those two. There are (post-)classical instrumentals (especially in the harpsichord interludes), spoken word reciting fragments from the Winter Morning poem, and a captivating vocal arrangement on Lyke-Wake-Dirge.

CapacGary Salomon and Stuart Cookstays away from trodden paths and create their own original sound. AND an original physical edition too: the Deluxe Combustible Edition!

“A fire log with a metal plate hidden deep inside. After burning the log, among the ashes you will find your metal plate revealing instructions to access the original constructions of the traditional pieces of music, prior to their deconstruction. Destruction, after all, is a form of creation.”

The log edition is completed with an A4 print, a postcard, a 20 page booklet with sheet music and liner notes, and an exclusive track unavailable elsewhere.
Of course this edition is extremely limited and it’s definitely gone by now – but don’t let that stop you from listening to this remarkable release



Perpetual Journey is the fourth full album release by Strië, but it is the first on which she reveals her true identity: Strië is Polish composer and producer Olga Wojciechowska (which is her true name – she sometimes also uses Iden Reinhart).

Her second album for the Serein label is a kaleidoscopic array of styles one flowing naturally into the other:
“You feel the influence of contemporary modern classical music but without the airs and graces, she flirts with the notion of beat music, without ever introducing beats, there’s an infatuation with sound design and a vintage tone which brings to mind some of the best musique concrète.”

Perpetual Journey is inspired by Laika, the stray dog sent into space by Soviet Russia in the 50’s to prove that a living passenger could survive being launched into orbit. Only in 2002 it was revealed that – contrary to earlier official reports – Laïka had died from overheating within a few hours.
Laïka’s story is compassionately told and reflected in the titles like Test For Ability, Unseen Weight, To Never Return Home and of course the title track Perpetual Journey.

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Bas van Huizen, Orphax, Chihei Hatakeyama, Dirk Serries


You only need one short look at the (A5-sized) cover to know that you’re in for something different. The title is – as usual for Van Huizen‘s releases – untranslatable: a nonexistent dutch word which could mean something like ‘entangled force’.

‘Van Huizen searches for music that can speak for itself’.
And so it does – but once you watched the fantastic teaser video (check below) there’s no escaping the striking surrealistic images conjured by this combination of sound and images!

Kluwekracht is created from voice, guitars and singing bowls – but the resulting power ambient is never far from noise and may not be anything like what you would expect from this combination!

Dream Sequence

For this short 3″ EP-release – the first of a series ‘with a dreamy touch’ – Orphax (Sietse van Erve) used a 40 year old Digisizer DIY synth to create the basic drone material.
‘A weird machine that has a high random factor and many errors’.
The result is a nice meandering, adventurous – yet dreamy – drone piece with enough variation to keep your attention for its full 21 minutes length.

Five Dreams

Once you’ve heard a few of his releases, you’ll immediately recognise the soothing sounds of Chihei Hatakeyama.
The calm, slow and peaceful meditations on Five Dreams are no exception.

Inspired by Ten Nights of Dreams‘ by Soseki Natsume, which were each set in different time periods, Hatakeyma presents his interpretations of five dreams, each one from a different month.
The basic sound files were recorded in 2008 using an electric guitar, but Hatakeyama took all the time he needed to edit them until they were ready to be released.

Storm of Silence

The Glacial Movements releases are all related to winter, and cold desolate icy landscapes.  So is this collaboration of Chihei Hatakeyama with Belgian ambient music veteran Dirk Serries:

“My work with Chihei is one for the winter. Amidst the icy landscapes, the isolation and the desolate space. When nature becomes almost super linear, less expressive in colour but with equal strength and severity. […] Chihei’s approach to my sources were different, more isolated, perhaps colder and distant. Almost like something you witnessed in the distance on the horizon, something less concrete and hard to define.”

A perfect description of the seasonal ‘isolationism’ in these recordings, but at the same time I never really feel any ‘coldness’… I feel nothing but ‘warmth’ when listening to this music.
Not the kind of tropical, festive summer heat of course, but the kind of warmth you feel when you decide the weather’s too bad to to go out an so you stay at your comfortably heated home to surrender to the dark and sleepy winter days.
So: perfect winter music indeed.

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Hibernate Sampler, Vol. 1


A nice present from the Hibernate Recordings label to help you through the dark winter days: The Hibernate Sampler, volume 1 sampler collection.

Hibernate Recordings is a new independent label, focussing on ambient and electro-acoustic music. And, judging by the artists released in their first half year of exisence and by the works on this sampler, I guess their name will be mentioned on this weblog on a regular basis.

Hibernate Sampler, vol. 1 starts off with a beautiful soft track by Porzellan (which vaguely reminded me of Johann Johannsson’s Virgulegu Forsetar).

The eight tracks following are all equally beautiful, though sometimes a bit more noisy (Hakobune‘s Late Spring, for example), alternating between drones and soundscapes. 

Chihei Hatakayema closes with his Gray Hues Sky and with that, we’re almost ready for spring.

Other artists included are Ian Hawgood, Lexithimie, Strom Noir, Simon James French, Tom White and Northener.

A perfect fit for your winter hibernation.

You can download it for free from the Hibernate Records Bandcamp site, so why wait?

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Lawrence English – For Varying Degrees of Winter

Lawrence English

The past winter here was not very cold; it didn’t feel like ‘Winter’ at all. Australian composer Lawrence English must have foreseen this when he recorded the music for this album “For Varying degrees of Winter”, full of beautiful haunting electro acoustic music.

The music, electronic as it may be, feels very ‘organic’, and evokes ‘varying degrees’ of moods. Or, in the words of the label Baskaru that released it: “Each one of the six pieces is a monochrome composition ranging from the blinding whites of the snow to the blue-grays of cloudy days”.
It’s not just ‘quiet dronemusic’ though. Some of the tones in Fleck for instance, may strike those with a good hearing as almost (subliminally) agressive. These very high tones strike you directly inside your head (some of Ryoji Ikeda’s work has the same effect).

By now, spring has arrived and the mood of this album may be a bit too dark and winterish for the coming season. But it’s nót cold – like the winter that passed.
But even then – another winter will come next year!

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