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A collection of various compilations:
The Audiobulb label proves that intense beauty does exist * The renaissance of the Silent Records label continuing the From Here To Tranquility series * and a massive charity compilation titled Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

DreamScenes 2016-08

The August edition of DreamScenes feels like a full night’s sleep cycle compressed to one hour!

Featuring 36, Christopher Tignor, Ferdinando Arnò (with Melanie De Biasio), Ian William Craig, Eric Holm, Nils Quak, Brambles, Sylvain Chauveau, Kolhoosi 13, Antonymes, Daniel Lanois, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Strië and Jherek Bischoff

More Various

‘Abscence’ offers a unique chance to explore experimental electronic music from Iran.

Soft Recording’s ‘Discovery 1’ is the first in a series promoting new artists: 40 tracks (almost 4 hours) in a free download

Michael Fahres; Miguel Isaza; Naviar Series 006; Circuit Integré Vol. 1

Michael Fahres presents a radically different vision on ‘environmental music’;
Miguel Isaza manages to find a balance between the temporal and the eternal;
Naviar Records demonstrate that a community can generate strong (or even stronger) results;
and: the introducton of a new series exploring the lively Polish experimental electronic underground scene.