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Aquarius + Zuydervelt * Presidiomodelo

Glass Palace

Glass Palace


When you’re familiar with the surprising Dead Neanderthals release Life from april this year, ánd know the two artists have always been closely related, this collaboration of Rutger ‘Machinefabriek‘  Zuydervelt and René Aquarius will hardly surprise you. The duo does not spend much words explaining this album: they just refer to it as their ‘third collaboration in 2018’ (after The Red Soul and Smelter).

Glass Palace feels like a logical step after Life: a 34 minute drone piece that hardly seems to change on a first listen but where a lot of things are going on actually.

It feels as a recording of processes inside a cyborg-like life form that is slowly retreating from activity.
Or like watching a fascinating organic activity through a microscope at first, but gradually increasing the viewing distance.
Or earthly observations starting from a clear viewpoint but then retreating, like an astronaut watching Earthly struggles, putting all irrelevant global worries into a cosmic perspective.
With increasing distance, details become unimportant.

Or… ????
Oh well, just forget these desperate descriptions. While I’m writing this I realise that it is impossible to describe a sound like this with words.
I understand now why Zuydervelt and Aquarius did not even try to describe the sound of their Glass Palace: don’t over think it, just go with the experience.



I had never heard about the Siberian trio Presidiomodelo until this release, and was surprised to find out that they released a split cassette release with Machinefabriek earlier this year on Tandem Tapes.
The Inner Empire is also released on tape, with a 15 minute part of the soundscape on each side. Of course there’s a digital download option, too.

With related concepts like the Shaman (‘priest of the devil’), permafrost, Soviet labour camps  and other worlds (to which the Shaman has access) the context of this soundscape is rather dark.
“Misty atmospheres infused with a murky, industrial aesthetic – a meditation on themes of self confinement and interior exile.”

“Rumbling synths oscillate amongst delicate beds of chimes whilst ghostly chants and guttural tones vibrate around the sound of handmade instruments and hypnotic drums.”

The original music for this set was composed for theatre, so the different sections merge into each other like changing scenes. A soundscape full of suspense and inescapability, like a compelling horror movie.

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Yann Novak * Noto/Sakamoto * Tonaliens

Yann Novak

Yann Novak


Before listening to this new Yann Novak album – his second title for Touch -, it’s good to reflect a bit on its somewhat enigmatic title.

The Future Is A Forward Escape Into The Past considers the relationships between memory, time and context. […] The album’s conceptual roots stem from ‘The Archaic Revival‘ by American ethnobotanist and psychonaut Terence McKenna. In it, McKenna theorizes that when a culture becomes dysfunctional it attempts to revert back to a saner moment in its own history. The text’s idealism was influential to Novak in the ‘90s, but today the theory bears a darkly-veiled resemblance to the rise of nostalgia-driven nationalism. […] McKenna’s idea highlights our propensity for selective memory, seeing history through the lens of memory instead of fact.

The impact of Novak’s music is coloured by the context of this philosophical background. The overall atmosphere in these four parts (the album is best played in one continuous sequence) is dark and sombre – which may very well be my own personal association with ‘the rise of nostalgia-driven nationalism’.
But at the same time you can listen in a completely different way, realising that Novak “looks back at his own older works though this (McKenna’s) lens as inspiration”.
Or, if you prefer, you can have your own associations with these timeless deep drone tracks combining sub-bass with subtly detailed distorted effects and some distant fieldrecordings – a sound that seems to originate from an immeasurable vast space too big to comprehend.

“The album is a study in perception and alteration, manipulation and awareness, effectively capturing Novak’s command of emotional texturing.

Noto - Sakamoto - Glass


Ryuichi Sakamoto‘s 2017 album Async got well-deserved raving reviews – it recently got a follow-up release Async – Remodels with reworks of the tracks by giants like Oneohtrix Point Never, Alva Noto, Fennesz, Johann Johannsson, Yves Tumor, Andy Stott and the likes. And there’s also the ASync International Short Film Competition, of which the winners will be included in the forthcoming BluRay edition of the album (most of them they can be viewed online already by the way).
But these are not the albums I want to present now: they’ll surely find their way to an interested audience easily.

With its single 37 minute drone-based soundscape, Glass is quite a different project. It’s the next in a series of Sakamoto/Noto collaborations that included the soundtrack of The Revenant, Summvs, and before that utp_, Insen and Vroon.

Glass is a recording of a live improvisation performance at the architect Philip Johnson’s Glass House, in New Canaan, Connecticut, a remarkable ‘pavilion for viewing the surrounding landscape’ and a perfect setting for a slow-paced soundscape like this. The ground plan of this pavilion is used as the album cover image, which gives an idea of its beautiful spaciousness.
Using contact mics they incorporated the glass house as an instrument along with other kinds of (mostly glass-related) instruments, capturing its original intention in sound. Though the changes are gradual there’s actually a lot happening in the recording.
There are many different kinds of sounds – organic, synthetic, electronic, acoustic – but each particle finds its own place in its surrounding environment.
Even if that environment is different from the Glass House it was originally created for.

(Below is a short sample fragment from the audio recording but I strongly recommend watching the 26-minute video of the performance to get an impression of the beauty of this piece).

Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto – site specific performance at the Glass House

Ryuichi Sakamoto/Alva Noto – Glass (preview sample)



This Berlin-bases group was formed in 2014, after the release of the Hayward Tuning Vine, “an interface for exploring microtonal tuning that allows for direct and intuitive interaction with the pitches normally hidden between the keys of the piano”. Or, in other words, the group investigate “the inner dimensions and outer limits of Just Intonation.”

For the uninitiated (like myself) that may sound as complex as it is. But as a listener we don’t need to truly understand the theory behind it to enjoy the musical result (or not to enjoy it, of course). We have our ears. And there definitely is a lot to be enjoyed on this release.

Tonaliens are Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Robin Hayward (microtonal tuba), Werner Durand (invented wind instruments), Ralf Meinz (live sound, electronics) and Amelia Cuni (voice on Vesta).

Vesta and Pallas are two long-form drone pieces, divided in four parts because of the release format: vinyl. I personally think that a release on CD or digital would’ve better suited music like this because the music can be played uninterrupted, but it’s a policy of the Edition Telemark label to release all their titles on vinyl only.

Both performances are recorded live in 2015: Vesta in Amsterdam during that year’s Sonic Acts festival, and Pallas in a somewhat smaller setting for the Labor Sonor series in Berlin. Amelia Cuni only performs on Vesta, her voice somewhat reminiscing an Indian raga performance. Pallas is fully instrumental.

The music and chord explorations are a fascinating interplay of acoustics and electronics. With the kind of timelessness that is induced by the prolonged chords it is easy to see why Hilary Jeffery referred to the Tuning Vine as a spaceship, and the Tonaliens as “explorers of parallel harmonic universes that have remained largely obscured for so long.”

How to end a performance that explores the spaces where time seems absent? Just a long fade, perhaps, to illustrate that the sound could go on for an indefinite time? Not this time… Surprisingly something strange seems to happen in the last minutes of Pallas: it’s as if one of the performers suddenly loses concentration and control over his instrument, and so the performance comes to an end. Somehow, it’s a funny kind of relief: the Tonaliens appear to be human beings after all.

TONALIENS – VESTA (fragments)

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Those Who Walk Away * Dean Hurley * Perletta/Tietchens

Dean Hurley - Anthology Resource Vol. 1

Infected Mass


Those Who Walk Away is the weird alias of Winnipeg based composer Matthew Patton, known for his work with choreographer Paul Taylor in Speaking In tongues, and as the curator of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra New Music Festival (programming works by artists like Jim Jarmusch, Glen Branca, Lee Ranaldo, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Sigur Ros, Venetian Snares and many others).
This is the first work under this Those Who Walk Away alias.

The Infected Mass,  co-produced with Paul Corley (Sigur Ros, Björk) is a Minimalist Requiem, with a prelude (Before The Beginning), a postlude (After The End), three Degraded Hymns and two Partially Recollected Conversations. The music is haunting enough in itself, with its ghostly strings and chorals, and the ever-present machine-/airplane- drone in the background, whispering voices and the sound of human blood flow.
“The music is filled with ghosts and artifacts that I couldn’t erase.”

But the most haunting parts, the centre pieces of the album around which the full composition revolves, are the Partially Recollected Conversations: authentic black box recordings from aeroplanes that were  about to crash. One of these (the one from the Second Partially Recollected Conversation) was the United Airlines Flight 232 that crash-landed on July 19,1989. 111 people of the 296 on board died in the crash.
Once you realise this, The Infected Mass hits hard, on a whole different emotional level.

This is a Requiem dedicated to real people who have died in a horrible, unimaginable way… and to the airplane pilots that are doing whatever they can to keep control of the situation:
“Whatever you do, keep us away from the city.”
(Would you keep yourself together in a way these pilots do in a situation like this?)

Knowing this background immediately turns this into one of the darkest, blackest Requiems imaginable.

Patton: “There is something very genuine and at the same time very wrong in what I am doing. The recordings are very disturbing; as we listen to these cockpit voice recordings, real people are about to die. I don’t know why I am doing something that feels so wrong. But I am.”

The composition may be different, but there’s something in this project that reminds me of William Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Loops’: the intricate beauty of the music itself gets almost unbearably tragic once you realise what it describes.

Dean Hurley - Anthology Resource Vol. 1


I must admit I have mixed feelings about the Twin Peaks series. But if there’s one thing that keeps me going through series 3, it’s the sound design.
Not the weird-ish Roadhouse dream-pop songs usually ending every edition (though they are nice in their own way, I assume a soundtrack compilation will follow later), but the ominous background drones and otherworldly ambient soundscapes colouring the atmosphere.

Most of these are created by (or under supervision from) Dean Hurley, sound and music supervisor for both Inland Empire and Twin Peaks, The Return, and closely working together with David Lynch for more than 12 years. Apart from his work with Lynch he also produced artists like Lykke Li, Zola Jesus and The Veils. 

Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△ is not the official soundtrack of Twin Peaks, The Return: that one will be released in september and feature different music. Thís  is the ‘abstract counterpart’ that focuses on Hurley’s sound design: “from ethereal tones to sputtering electricity to densely brooding musical cues.”

The  Vol. 1 suggests there’s more to come. Count me in!



The collaboration by Fabio Perletta and Asmus Tietchens seamlessly fits next to the Twin Peaks soundscapes from Dean Hurley. Of course the music on this album is not intended this way, but the effect of the quiet sustained drones is almost the same (especially when played not-too-loud in the background, as a soundtrack to your own environment): it alters the atmosphere, suggesting there are unexpected things about to happen.

“Built upon liminal forms and atonal passages, the six near-silent pieces of the work traverse empty space by means of elementary sonic emissions en drifting nano-structures.”

The two artists prove to be a perfect match, and clearly have the experience you need to create an album as restrained as this: near-silent soundscapes that describe empty spaces.
Asmus Tietchens
 (Hamburg) has released over 80 albums on which “he continues to explore the possibilities presented to him by specific sound sources (ranging from water sounds to pure sine wave tones)”. Fabio Perletta often crosses the boundaries between pure electronics and musique concrète“using the sound as a vehicle for conceptual investigation and sensorial stimulation – with a deep attention to details and use of silence and near-audible sound”.

So, Twin Peaks fan or not: if you like unobtrusive, atmosphere-altering electronic drone music you must definitely check out this album!

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Solace (Mix)

Stars-Night-Sky Photo by Mikko Lagerstedt

“Life can only be remembered backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

The central piece provides the title for this mix: Solace – “Comfort in sorrow, misfortune. Consolation.”
This Fovea Hex track literally breathes consolation in every single note, so it seemed a good starting point for this mix.

It is also one of the few tracks in the mix that are included in its full length.
As usual in my mixes, most of the tracks are only short fragments of the original piece, merged together to create an atmosphere that may be different from what the artist originally intended. The track listing below states the starting times of the ‘samples’ as well as its length in the mix.

Even though there are quite some dark moments in this mix, I hope it may bring some ‘solace’ – if needed.
(If not needed: even better…! It still can be nice to feel a bit melancholic for a while, can’t it?)

Solace - Sequence

mix sequence

This mix was created for Bob Rusche’s ‘X-Ray’ broadcast on the Dutch Concertzender.
The mix was ‘premiered’ on July, 3, 2016. Thanks, Bob!

(photo by Mikko Lagerstedt)


start time – sample length – Artist – Title
Album Title, Year, Label Details

  • 00:00 01:02 Radiohead – Daydreaming
    A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016, XL Recordings XLDA790
  • 00:22 02:32 Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Revenant Main Theme
    The Revenant Soundtrack, 2016, Milan 399 758-2
  • 01:20 03:52 Northaunt – Extinction Event
    Istid I-II, 2015, Cyclic Law 72nd Cycle
  • 03:24 00:44 Radiohead – Daydreaming
    A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016, XL Recordings XLDA790
  • 03:58 03:01 Daniel W.J. Mackenzie – Glass Interlude
    Glass Permanent, 2016, Sound In Silence sis028
  • 05:33 02:45 Xiu Xiu – Nightsea Wind
    Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, 2016, Polyvinyl Record Company PRC-312
  • 06:12 01:51 Jonty Harrison – Going Places: Geoterma Pools at Seltún (Iceland) and Rotorua (New Zealand)
    Voyages, 2016, Empreintes Digitales IMED 16139
  • 07:04 02:07 Lewis Pesacov & Elisabeth Cline – Entr’Acte
    The Edge of Forever, 2016, The Industry Records
  • 08:44 01:30 Poppy Nogood – Frame Shatter
    Music for Mourning, 2016, Preserved Sound PS35
  • 09:22 02:59 J. Peter Schwalm – The Anxt Code
    The Beauty of Disaster, 2016, RareNoise Records RN059LP
  • 11:50 01:33 Mark Lyken – Scar History
    The Terrestial Sea, 2016, Important Records IMPREC437
  • 12:34 01:22 Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet – Under Jord Är Du Kommen
    Järtecken, 2015, Shimmering Moods Records SHM D010-tape2
  • 13:23 00:53 Colin Stetson – Sorrow II
    Sorrow (A Reimagining of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony), 2016, 52Hz 52HZ001CD
  • 13:53 02:58 Jonty Harrison – Going Places: In Transit Announcement in Airports / Railway Stations in Florence, Pisa, Rome and Castelfiore, Street Demonstration in Montpellier
    Voyages, 2016, Empreintes Digitales IMED 16139
  • 14:17 04:04 Melanie De Biasio – Blackened Cities
    Blackened Cities, 2016, Play It Again Sam PIASL050CD
  • 18:00 02:15 Sercati – The Darkness In My Heart
    Falling On Earth, 2016, self-released
  • 19:53 02:44 Bjarni Gunnarsson – Verlat
    Paths, 2016, Granny Records granny16
  • 20:55 00:22 Radiohead – Daydreaming
    A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016, XL Recordings XLDA790
  • 22:05 01:41 Laurie Anderson – Life Lived Backwards
    Heart Of A Dog, 2015, Nonesuch 7559794888
  • 23:33 03:29 Celer – Terminal Points
    Two Days And One Night, 2016, Sequel SQ05
  • 25:34 02:55 Robert Crouch – Limbo Town (Croatoan)
    A Gradual Accumulation Of Ideas Become Truth, 2016, Line Line_077
  • 27:12 02:33 Markus Mehr – Re-Directed 4
    Re-Directed, 2016, Hidden Shoal
  • 29:12 00:47 Plinth – The Siren Murmur
    Flotsam, 2006, Second Language SL05
  • 29:30 03:00 Chris Watson – Scanuppia
    Cima Verde, 2008, Fondazione Edmund Mach 761118-02708-1
  • 29:58 01:13 Ian William Craig – Leviathan
    Cradle for the Wanting/Half Heard And Fleeting, 2015, Recital R15
  • 31:13 05:24 Fovea Hex – Solace
    The Salt Garden I, 2016, Die Stadt DS116
  • 36:10 01:18 Jacob Kirkegaard – Haus Der Mahre
    Spectral Sounds, 2016, Spectral Sounds
  • 36:24 04:50 The [Law-Rah] Collective – Invocation 5
    Invocations, 2016, Raubbau Raub 036
  • 38:42 02:43 Pierce Warnecke – Shivering As The Warmth Returns
    Memory Fragments, 2016, Room40 RM479
  • 41:08 00:59 Sister Waize – Reverse Shamanism
    Your Syndrome, My Disease, 2015, self-released
  • 41:13 03:52 Ryuichi Sakamoto – Out of Horse
    The Revenant Soundtrack, 2016, Milan 399 758-2
  • 44:53 02:17 Seanïnvey – The Big Travel
    The Path, 2016, Eilean Rec 039
  • 45:40 03:50 No Mask Effect – Punctual
    Double Or Quits, 2016, Psychonavigation PSY 117
  • 47:24 03:20 Dakhabrakha – Vesna Tschili
    Yagudki, 2007, self-released
  • 50:01 05:48 Thomas Köner – Tiento De La Luz 3
    Tiento De La Luz, 2016, Denovali Records den215
  • 55:18 02:13 Ryuichi Sakamoto/Alva Noto – Church Dream
    The Revenant Soundtrack, 2016, Milan 399 758-2
  • 57:06 01:59 Nasa Voyager Recordings – Symphonies of the Planets 3
    Symphonies of the Planets, 1992, Laserlight Digital 12 125
  • 57:14 02:12 Gentle Rain Sound library
  • 58:23 00:39 Clint Mansell – A Whistling Tune From A Lonely Man
    Stoker OST, 2013, Milan 399 456-2


Download Solace Now 137Mb (59:35 min.)

[Alternative download from]

(DTS-version here).

Or stream it from Mixcloud:



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Secret 41 (Mix)

Secret 41

Because of the drones, atmospheric field recordings and insect sounds, this mix will be labeled as an ‘ambient’ mix by most listeners.
And of course it is…. but at the same time it isn’t. It simply isn’t ‘unobtrusive’ enough to be ‘ambient’.

This one feels more like a cinematic soundtrack, even more than most of my previous mixes. An hour-long journey of scene changes, meandering between *Kitsch* and *Kult*, using short samples to create ‘continuity cuts’, and constantly changing focus (like the auditive equivalent of the ‘rack focus’ technique in filmmaking).
The result is in fact more psychedelic than ambient.
Depending on the listener, of course.

The course is somewhat set by two returning fragments from larger works – (‘Just’ by Trio Mediaeval / David Lang and Kancheli‘s ‘Chiaroscuro’).
But it is entirely unpredictable where you will find yourself in the end…

Secret 41 - Sequence

And, eh, oh yeah – about the title:
This particular mix was created as a submission to Secret Thirteen‘s ‘New Blood‘ invitation to send in ‘kaleidoscopic mixes’ for their mix series (that’s why their logo is in the image). The ’41’ refers to the number of track samples that are used in this mix.
Of course it wasn’t chosen (in fact they never responded to the entry) – which didn’t really surprise me: this mix is obviously too far off from what they were looking for (read that as: not weird, extreme & obscure enough for their taste).
I probably shouldn’t have bothered sending it at all – but it was fun to experiment with some unusual combinations!

For enhanced immersiveness, you can also download the DTS-version to play on your surround sound system.

[Start Time] [Sample Length] [Artist] – [Title]
[Album, Year, Label]

  • 00:00 01:59 Tatsuro Kojima – Kokoro Asu Wa Yoi Hi
    (Refraction and Reflection, 2015, Audiobulb AB063)
  • 00:25 01:55 Trio Mediaeval, David Lang – Just (After Song of Songs)
    (Youth OST, 2015, Indigo Film 399 773 – 2)
  • 01:54 01:35 Agnieszka Waligorska & Pekka Sirén – Achinech
    (Islas Resonantes, 2009)
  • 02:00 02:08 Ugasanie – The Phenomenon
    (Eye of Tunguska, 2015, Cryo Chamber CRYO 021)
  • 03:33 01:53 Norn – Droom Van Zinken Naar Het Holst Van Een Naamloze Diepte
    (Usotsuki, 2015, Moving Furniture Records MFR023)
  • 05:04 01:02 Alan Howarth – Space Ambience
    (Real Hollywood Sound Effects, 1997, GNP Crescendo GNPD 8054)
  • 05:35 01:33 Alan Howarth – Interdimensional Vortex
    (Real Hollywood Sound Effects, 1997, GNP Crescendo GNPD 8054)
  • 06:15 01:42 Mette Henriette – & The Silver Fox
    (Mette Henriette, 2015, ECM 2460/61)
  • 07:30 01:24 Stéphane Marin – Bourrasque
    (Matins D’Ariège, 2015, Galaverna GAL 0122)
  • 08:15 01:37 Michel Banabila – The End of The Web
    (Feedback + Modular + Radiowaves, 2015, Tapu Records 011TR)
  • 09:16 00:36 Michel Banabila – Fan
    (Eyes Closed, 2015, Tapu Records 010TR)
  • 09:38 02:25 Various (Bigo & Twigetti) Artists – Another Direction
    (Variables, 2015, Bigo & Twigetti)
  • 11:38 01:47 Elian – Red
    (Cutting Up The Sun, 2015, Longstoryshort Recording Company TLSRC2)
  • 12:57 02:50 David Toop – Caberima Night Insects, Birds And Moths
    (Lost Shadows In Defence Of The Soul – Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 015 Sub Rosa SR379)
  • 13:30 01:52 – ASMR Whisper
    (online stream)
  • 14:20 02:50 Jacaszek & Kwartludium – From A Seashell
    (Catalogue Des Arbres, 2014, Touch TO:94)
  • 17:03 01:58 Giya Kancheli – Chiaroscuro
    (Chiaroscuro, 2015, ECM Records 2442)
  • 18:28 03:01 Mathias Delplanque – Débris (For Ephraim Wegner)
    (Siebzehn Bis 8, 215, Crónica 096)
  • 20:50 03:19 Sonmi 451 – Limbic Lobe
    (The Limbic System, 2015, Time Released Sound TRS050)
  • 23:13 04:21 Michael Begg / Human Greed – Da Pacem (Apres Pärt)
    (Hivernant, 2015, Omnempathy OMCD06)
  • 27:08 00:38 Trio Mediaeval, David Lang – Just (After Song of Songs)
    (Youth OST, 2015, Indigo Film 399 773 – 2)
  • 27:40 00:55 Kronos Quartet – Flugufrelsarinn
    (Plays Sigur Ros, 2007, Nonesuch 307452)
  • 28:04 02:16 Sakana Hosomi – Ma.Org Re.Mx
    (Ma.Org.Pa.Git Re.Mx, 2015, Crónica 092)
  • 28:04 03:16 Kreng – Bargaining
    (The Summoner, 2015 Miasmah MIACD030)
  • 30:43 02:30 Thomas Ragsdale – The Uncertainty Principle
    (Bait, 2015, This Is It Forever TIIF002)
  • 32:58 00:50 Thomas Newman & Rick Cox – Goldmine Nectarine
    (35 Whirlpools Below Sound, 2014, Cold Blue Music CB0040)
  • 33:13 00:38 Louis Sarno – Bobé Spirits Calling
    (Song From The Forest, 2014, Gruenrecorder GRUEN150)
  • 33:30 02:41 Dronny Darko & Protou – Primate (50 Million Years Ago)
    (Earth Songs, 2015, Cryo Chamber CRYO019)
  • 34:44 00:56 Larry Clinton – Deep Purple (Reprise)
    (Lost River OST, 2015, Italians Do It Better)
  • 35:35 02:17 Glass Candy – Shell Game
    (Lost River OST, 2015, Italians Do It Better)
  • 37:44 02:53 Alva Noto – Xerrox Spark
    (Xerrox Vol. 3, 2015, Raster-Noton R-N 159)
  • 40:00 02:15 Woob – Intervision Intermission
    (Ambient Disaster Movie, 2014, Bigamoebasounds BAS017)
  • 41:46 02:40 Todd Tobias – Teluk Dalam
    (Tristes Tropiques, 2015, Tiny Room Records TR005)
  • 42:53 05:17 Kristoffer Oustad – Row Me Over
    (Filth Haven, 2015, Malignant Records TumorCD84)
  • 45:33 03:11 Porcje Rosolowe – Metua Tympanis
    (Insects 4-7, 2015, Crónica 093)
  • 47:11 05:07 Masaya Kato – IV
    (Trace Of Voices, 2015, Time Released Sounds TRS-49)
  • 51:47 03:26 Arve Henriksen – Sanmyake
    (Sakuteiki, 2001, Rune Grammofon RCD2021)
  • 54:08 03:47 Chris Dooks & Darren McClure – Ayr Scaffold Resonance
    (Site-Specific Works, 2015, Bandcamp)
  • 55:25 00:24 Trio Mediaeval, David Lang – Just (After Song of Songs)
    (Youth OST, 2015, Indigo Film 399 773 – 2)
  • 55:46 01:44 Mark Lyken & Emma Dove – Chenrey Hoose
    (Mirror Lands, 2015, Time Released Sounds TRS055)
  • 57:20 02:40 Giya Kancheli – Chiaroscuro
    (Chiaroscuro, 2015, ECM Records 2442)


Stream from Mixcloud:

Or Download Secret 41 Now 137Mb (60:00 min.)
[Alternative download from]
(DTS-version here).

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Entropic (Mix)

Cropped Paint Splates over Butterflies Dreams

…. slowly evolving to a state of inert uniformity …. retracing information that was lost from the message … searching for the uniformity in what seems to be randomly disordered …

en·tro·py (ĕn′trə-pē)

  • A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.
  • A measure of the loss of information in a transmitted message.
  • The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.
  • Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.
  • For a closed thermodynamic system, a quantitative measure of the amount of thermal energy not available to do work.

This mix is simultaneously published on Headphone Commute:
“Welcome to another Headphone Commute podcast. You’re in for a treat! Peter van Cooten has been contributing countless reviews and mixes and there’s no sign of him slowing down! And that’s a great thing, because we certainly love the soundscapes that PvC introduces our ears to, with his intricate selection of layers, textures and most importantly, story-telling. The latter is what makes up a great selector, elevating him on par with the artist themselves, where the collage of sounds becomes more than just a mix, but a brand new piece of music. Enjoy!”

Entropic Sequence Scheme

start time sample length  Artist – Title
Album Title, Release Year, Label details

  • 00:00 2:54 Johnny Jewel – The Dead Zone
    Lost River OST, 2015, Italians do it Better
  • 02:06 1:22 Miharu Koshi & Haruomi Hosono – Halconia Voice
    Ex Machina OST, 2007, Commons RZCM-45702/B
  • 02:35 3:44 Alva Noto – Xerrox Mesosphere
    Xerrox Vol. 3, 2015, Raster-Noton RN-159
  • 04:43 3:04 Jean-Paul Dessy – O’Clock
    O’Clock, 2014, Cypres CYP 4642
  • 07:27 2:10 Jeff Stonehouse – Pathway
    Ghosts, 2015, Taâlem alm108
  • 07:45 1:01 Kreng – Anger
    The Summoner, 2015, Miasmah MIACD030
  • 08:45 1:40 Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie – The Endless Battle of the Maudlin Ballade Part 3
    Travels in Constants Vol. 24, 2105, Temporary Residence Limited TIC24
  • 10:20 0:53 Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie – The Endless Battle of the Maudlin Ballade Part 1
    Travels in Constants Vol. 24, 2015, Temporary Residence Limited TIC24
  • 11:02 2:10 Filip Szyszkowski – Water Stones (feat. Filip D. Jensen)(CellIII)
    Mother of Ants, 2015, Unquiet Records UNQUIET004
  • 11:53 3:01 Max Richter & Daniel Hope – Shadow 5
    Vivaldi – The Four Seasons Recomposed, 2014, Deutsche Grammophon 479 2776
  • 13:43 1:38 Disasterpeace – Anyone
    It Follows OST, 2015, Milan 36729
  • 15:12 1:59 Monolake – Void
    Silence, 2009, Imbalance Computer Music ML025
  • 16:03 2:31 Chris Dooks & Darren McClure – When the Planes Leave Town
    Site Specifie Works, 2015, Bandcamp
  • 17:13 0:44 Wolfgang Rihm – Sieben Passions-Texte für Sechs Stimme: III Velum Templi Scissum Est
    Astralis & Other Choral Works, 2012, Harmonia Mundi HMC 902129
  • 17:15 3:32 Pelican Daughers – The Bicycle Ride
    50 Years of Sunshine, 1993, Silent SR9333
  • 18:13 2:29 Jacques Tremblay – Empathies Entropiques 7. Rêve Libanais
    Chroniques d’une Seduction, 2008, Empreintes Digitales IMED 0897
  • 19:49 5:35 Frequent Sync – Windwalker
    Familiar Fields, 2009, Seedsound SEED026
  • 20:08 2:54 Erik K. Skodvin – Pitch Dark
    Flare, 2010, Sonic Pieces 009
  • 21:49 7:37 Peter Grech – Where They Cross Over
    Sung of the Black Canyon, 2015, Bandcamp
  • 27:45 4:54 Jacob Kirkegaard – Fool’s Fire
    5 Pieces, 2015, Posh Isolation 143
  • 30:09 4:30 New Composers & Brian Eno – Long SQ
    Smart, 1999/2015, Psychonavigation PSY106
  • 33:00 1:43 Kate Carr – Underwater
    Overheard in Doi Saket, 2014, 3Leaves 3L030
  • 34:00 4:04 Tattered Kaylor – Taken to Booroomba
    Sombre Nay Sated, 2013, Stadisfield SF-1101
  • 35:14 3:48 Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – Tama
    Zero Time, 1971, Embryo Records SD 732
  • 38:09 2:47 Terje Isungset – Glacial Motion
    Meditations, 2015, All Ice Records 1407
  • 40:04 1:32 Ulises Conti – H
    Los Griegos Creían Que Las Estrellas Eran Pequeños Agujeros Por Donde Los Dioses Escuchaban A Los Hombres, 2014, Flau FLAU41
  • 40:33 3:06 Norn – Maanmeer Vrÿ
    Usotsuki [うそつき], 2015, Moving Furniture Records MFR023
  • 42:47 3:52 John Puchiele Ensemble – Thinking
    Life Cycle, 2013, Antediluvian Records ARJPE001
  • 45:00 2:39 Bjarni Gunnarsson – Portholes
    Processes & Potentials, 2013, 3Leaves 3L025
  • 46:52 0:57 Sussan Deyhim & Hirin Nestat – Turbulent
    Soliloquy, 2008, Venus Rising
  • 47:34 2:26 Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones – Ma Dressing
    Parole De Navarre, 2006/2010, Denovali DEN60
  • 49:12 4:17 Johnny Jewel – Spellbound
    Lost River OST, 2015, Italians do it Better
  • 52:27 6:08 London Docks – 400 Clouds Pt. 1
  • 58:35 End

Download Entropic (Mix) Now 135Mb (58:35 min.)
[Alternative download from]
[DTS – Surround Version also available]

Stream the Mixcloud version:


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Veroníque Vaka; Dirk Serries; Robert Scott Thompson; Damián Anache


Originally from Montréal, Canada, Veroníque Vaka moved to Iceland to become infected with whatever creative virus it is that the geysirs breathe into the air.
Erlendis (the word translates to ‘a place that is foreign to you’) is her relatively short debut EP (released on Moderna Records), – on which she presents the beautiful music she created with some gifted –sons and –dottirs.
It has all the classic qualities, we’ve come to know of music from Iceland: an intriguing combination of string ensemble, piano, wind instruments, field recording and voice: all with in mind ‘the purity and breathing of acoustic instruments and their sensibility’.
Ánd of course a strange, somewhat alienated atmosphere. 
The album is co-produced and mixed by Alex Somers, known for his work with Jónsi & Alex, Sigur Ross and Damien Rice. 


Dirk Serries - Disorientation FlowDIRK SERRIES – DISORIENTATION FLOW
If you limit your search to just Dirk Serries you’ll find only a handful of album releases, but add one of his many aliases (Fear Falls Burning, VidnaObmana, Continuum, Microphonics, Stream of Consciousness, Yodok III) and his discography expands to frightening proportions.
Disorientation Flow presents Serries in his most basic form: fully improvised and recorded in real-time with an electric guitar and just a handful of effects. It “touches upon the introspective character of  Serries’ musical language. String-like chords, subtle waves and dynamic warm drones are the sonic ingredients, playing with notation of extended time and isolation.”


In his extensive discography that goes all the way back to 1991, Robert Scott Thompson has explored many different facets of electronic music. His sound can sometimes reflect ‘old-school’ ambient artists like Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno or Steve Roachbut it can also choose a direction to reflect the more experimental music by musique concrête artists like Francis Dhomont or Todd Dockstader.
His latest album is a good example of his musical versatility: starting out with the acousmatic sounds of small rocks and pebbles, but slowly drifting into more ethereal ambient textures (and back again).
It’s exactly that combination of choices that makes Thompson stand out from the contemporary electronic music mainstream.
He “manages to refrain from the harsher electroacoustic sounds, while still capturing the tension inherent in that school. Combined with a modern ambient approach, his recordings often take on pleasant overtones, albeit with darkness on the horizon.”
The album title Palimpsest refers to the fact that this new material is created using material that has been developed for previous Robert Scott Thompson projects.

Capturas del Unico Camino

The deluxe edition of Damián Anache‘s debut CD Capturas del Único Camino… comes in a hand-cut carton box, also including art prints dedicated to Damián Anache‘s creative influences: John Cage, Brian Eno, Erik Satie and Alan Watts. This includes extensive information about the score, unfortunately (for me) all written in Spanish (Anache comes from Argentina).
There’s also a more moderate standard CD release – but for those that don’t need a physical copy the digital download release is available as a free (!) high resolution (48/24 FLAC) download!
The soundscape (recorded in Ambisonic-UHJoffers a natural kind of Generative Music –  the ‘chance music’ generated by computer algorithm which is constantly changing and slightly different at every occasion.
Generative Music was extensively explored by Brian Eno and has since then become a computer music genre in itself (remember Sseyo Koan software? That was over 20 years ago!!)
Capturas… may be ‘computer music’ because of its use of complex software algorhythms, but Anache uses the software to control acoustic sounds of instruments, voice and recordings of water.
The result is a bright natural, ever-changing yet also constant sound painting – a pleasure to have it playing in the background. Or, of course, for ‘accompanying a lull or relaxation, offering a beautiful object for passive contemplation.’

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Alva Noto – Xerrox Vol. 3

Xerrox Vol. 3

Xerrox Vol. 3 is the third part (duh!) in what is going to be a five part series inspired by the process of copying.
All three parts have their subtitle: “Old World” (Xerrox Vol. 1, 2007), “New World” (Xerrox Vol. 2, 2009) – and  now Vol. 3 is labeled: “Towards Space” .

It took five years to release this part of the Xerrox series. There were other Alva Noto releases in that time, but this one returns to the basic concept of copying (sometimes referred to as Xerroxing):
“using the process of copying as a basis, the xerrox series deals with the manipulation of data by means of endless reproduction. Due to the inherent vice of the procedure that becomes especially visible when copies are made from copies, everyday sound are so much altered that they can be hardly associated with the source material anymore. As a result, entirely new sounds are created that, being copies of originals, become originals themselves.” 

When comparing this third album to its predecessors in the same series, it seems that the sounds here are somewhat more ’emotional’ than before.
I don’t mean to say that the previous editions were without emotions (because they weren’t) – but there ís a difference… It’s as if the copying process has been made secondary to conveying more personal emotions this time.
As if the copies have become originals, maybe?

No doubt this can also be related to Alva Noto‘s source of inspiration: his childhood film memories from the 1970’s including Tarkovsky’s Solaris and La Isla Misteriosa Y el Capitán Nemo.
The combination of the xerroxed sounds, detached from its originals, with the quiet, unhurried melodic arrangements indeed breathes the same mysterious atmosphere that has made Solaris into one of the greatest movies of all time.

While the concept of the repeated copying as a continuous process sounds somewhat theoretical, the result is suprisingly personal: “a personal reflection of dreams, an imaginary journey through emotional landscapes”.
A suprise also for Carsten Nicolai himself: “I have to admit that this emotional output is a surprise even for myself”.

If Xerrox were intended to be a trilogy, this would have been the perfect finale.
But it does not stop here, and with two more parts to go we can only wonder where Alva Noto will go from here. I guess the only one possible destiny can be the future
 … and – no doubt – far beyond.

Also on Spotify


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Ghost Road Stroll (Mix)

Sounds of a Tired City #32

This mix is made to be published in the excellent series of mixes on Sounds of a Tired Citypart of the larger website with the same name.
It is published exactly on its first year’s anniversary, so it’s in fact a birthday present too!

Inspired by the site name, I decided I wanted to try to create a sonic ‘walk’ through a ‘tired’ city.
A mix with a lot of scene changes… like walking through an unknown city on a (quiet sunday?) morning – finding hidden surprises and marvels around every corner..

But is it a city we are walking in?
Sometimes it sounds more like a tired village, or a tired park, or a tired forest… Or a tired highway…
(The title of this mix comes from the recurring part from Janek Schaefer‘s Asleep at the Wheel” installation project called Ghost Road Soundtracks“).

Well, maybe it’s a walk wherever you want – just let the music and your imagination take you to where it wants to go.

…If you like it, please help it find an audience…

Cardiff Custom House Bridge

Much thanks to Sounds of a Tired City for publishing this mix! And congrats on this first anniversary!

Ghost Road Stroll - Sequence

start time – sample length – Artist – Title
(Album Title, Release Year, Label details)

  • 00:00 02:57 Boduf Songs – Grows in the Small World of Nerve
    Stench of Exist, 2015, Flenser Records, FR-50
  • 01:20 02:30 Edward Artemyev – Stalker-Meditation
    Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, 1990, Torso Kino CD 5001
  • 03:42 01:45 Terje Isungset – The View
    Meditations, 2015, All Ice Records ALL ICE 1407
  • 05:17 01:46 Bruce Langhorne – Windmill
    The Hired Hand Soundtrack, 1971/2004, Blast First Petite PTYT 2002
  • 06:00 03:00 Claudio Puntin, Gerdur Gunnarsdottir – Sofdu Unga Astin Min
    Ylir, 2001, ECM 1749
  • 08:32 03:23 Ross Douglas – On Finding the Last Known Sanctuary
    Levers & Cogs, 2015, self-released
  • 10:40 05:11 New Composers – The Pendulum of Tranquility
    Boring Music, 2015, Psychonavigation Records PSY100
  • 11:40 06:40 Janek Schaefer – The Ghost Road
    Asleep at the Wheel..Ghost Road Soundtracks, 2011, AdiOh! Recordings AudiOh!34
  • 16:12 02:43 Weerthof – Kien
    Places, 2014, Lomechanik LOMEK025
  • 18:30 00:34 Janek Schaefer – The Ghost Road
    Asleep at the Wheel..Ghost Road Soundtracks, 2011, AdiOh! Recordings AudiOh!34
  • 18:46 02:55 Piano Interrupted – Darkly Shining (John Lemke Rework)
    The Unified Field Reconstructed, 2015, Denovali DEN 226
  • 20:40 03:15 Thomas Tilly – Hyla Nana
    Script Geometry, 2014,  Aposiopèse APO 09
  • 21:52 03:43 Wndfrm – Alpental Cascade
    Elements Five, 2014, Home Normal HOMEN059
  • 23:29 04:30 Sonae – Wandering
    Far Away is Right Around the Corner, 2015, Monika Enterprise M82
  • 27:00 03:46 Atrium Carceri – Old Tunnels
    The Old City OST, 2015, Cryo Chamber
  • 28:00 04:55 Jasmine Guffond – RR Variation
    Yellow Bell, 2015, Sonic Pieces 021
  • 31:27 01:30 Rip, Rig & Panic – The Blue Blue Third
    God Plus, 1982, Cherry Red CDMRED 572
  • 32:53 03:01 Dat Rayon – Auto Parts
    Motor City, 2014, Zoharum 062-2
  • 34:03 03:22 Don Hill – Shakuhachi Pan (in 3D)
    Insight Treks (Sound Never Ages), 2015, self-released
  • 35:02 08:06 Deathprod – Optical
    Stator, 2015, Touch TO:99
  • 40:45 06:37 Biosphere – Space is Fizzy
    Stator, 2015, Touch TO:99
  • 45:30 06:14 Chris Dooks – (S)Tarland
    Tiny Geographies Soundtrack, 2013, self-released
  • 51:08 02:11 Goldmund – In a Notebook
    The Malady of Elegance, 2008, Type 039
  • 52:25 03:00 Janek Schaefer – The Ghost Road
    Asleep at the Wheel..Ghost Road Soundtracks, 2011, AdiOh! Recordings AudiOh!34
  • 53:52 03:44 Snoqualmie Falls – Journey’s End
    Past Disappears, 2014, Dronarivm 
  • 56:42 02:06 unknown – La Jaula D’Oro End Title
    La Jaula D’Oro OST, 2013, Animal de Luz Films
  • 58:48 End

Download Ghost Road Stroll now 135Mb (58:48 min.)
[Alternative download from]

[DTS – Surround Version also available]
Stream directly from Mixcloud:


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Mental Health Hotline (Mix)


“Mental Health Hotline” is the second ‘collaborative dialogue’ created together with Christophe ‘Klankschap’ Ywaska.
(The first was Both Were Moving, 2012).

Each selection a reaction to the previous addition means the story may have some unexpected turns and views… especially with over 50 samples crammed into this adventurous hour of sound!

Be prepared for a dazzling – and possibly somewhat disorienting – joyride…


  • 00:00 Lee Patterson – Between the Erasmus Bridge and the Maastower (A)
    (Klankstappen – Of Steel and Water; 2012)
  • 01:20 Jan Bang – Singers Ashes (A)
    (Narrative from the Subtropics, 2014)
  • 02:22 Valentin Silvestrov – Campana Testament (A)
    (On Photography, 2005)
  • 04:07 Lee Patterson – Between the Erasmus Bridge and the Maastower (A)
    (Klankstappen – Of Steel and Water; 2012)
  • 04:15 Frans Friederich – Word of Shaman (Arno Peeters Remix) (A)
    (Recyclopedia W, 2012)
  • 07:00 Ben Vida – Tztztztzt Part 4 (K)
    (Slipping control, 2014)
  • 07:23 Ekin Fil – Long Still (K)
    (Reds, 2014)
  • 08:17 Petrels – Winchester Croydon Winchester (K)
    (Haeligewielle, 2011)
  • 10:33 Olafur Arnalds – Runaway (K)
    (Gimme shelter, 2014)
  • 11:06 Mia Wasikowska – I’m not formed by things by myself alone (K)
    (Stoker, 2013)
  • 11:14 Thomas Tilly – Crossroads, Phasing (A)
    (Script Geometry, 2014)
  • 11:35 Felix Hess – Palengue (A)
    (Frogs 4, 1985)
  • 11:42 Lucy Claire – Paelistin  (A)
    (Sequence 6, 2013)
  • 13:31 Robin Arnott – Into Darkness (A)
    (Antichamber, 2013)
  • 14:10 Hills and Valley – Bells (A)
    (Sequence 4, 2012)
  • 15:21 Ruben Garcia – Totem (A)
    (Somewhere on the Edge, 2012)
  • 15.54 Vijay Iyer  – Mutation ii rise (K)
    (Mutations, 2014)
  • 16:06 Erik K Skodvin – Amber and Glass (K)
    (…And Darkness Came, 2012)
  • 17:40 Coil – Is suicide a solution (K)
    (Black Gold (Collected Rarities), 1999)
  • 18:55 Mica Levi – Andrew Void (K)
    (Under the Skin, 2014)
  • 19:07 Ø – Metsan Sydan (K)
    (Konstellaatio, 2014)
  • 20:28 Simon Fisher Turner – Gasherbrum / Broad Peak (A)
    (The Epic of Everest, 2013)
  • 21:22 Geir Jenssen – Chinese Basecamp – Near a Stone Shelter (A)
    (Cho Oyu 8201M, 2006)
  • 24:08 Olan Mill – Land Cycle 4 (K)
    (Land Cycle, 2014)
  • 24:46 A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos VII (Greenhouse Re-Interpretation) W_Ben Frost (A)
    (Atomos VII, 2014)
  • 28:17 Dat Rayon – Ghia (A)
    (Motor City, 2014)
  • 29.36 Holly Herndon – Interlude (A)
    (Movement, 2012)
  • 29:41 Adrian Aniol – Obscura (A)
    (Obscura, 2013)
  • 30:51 Sense – MK Symphony  (A)
    (Still Life, 2014)
  • 31:11 Alva Noto – Pax (For chain music) (K)
    (For 2, 2010)
  • 31:25 The Black Dog with Black Sifichi – Mental Health Hotline (K)
    (Unsavoury Products, 2002)
  • 32:00 Marcus Fjellström – Lm-116 (K)
    (Library Music 1, 2011)
  • 34:20 David Toop – Watchtower Data (A)
    (Mondo Black Chamber, 2014)
  • 35:09 Pjusk – Sløret (A)
    (Solstøv, 2014)
  • 37:40 Deadwood – Malum in Se (A)
    (Sheolic, 2014)
  • 38:00 Dictaphone – Poem from a Rooftop (A)
    (Poems from a Rooftop, 2012)
  • 39:28 Rebekka Karijord – Morula (K)
    (Music for Theatre and Film, 2014)
  • 40:15 Valerio Tricoli – In your Ruins is my Shelter (K)
    (Miseri Lares, 2014)
  • 40:28 Elodie – La prediction (K)
    (Traces éphèmeres, 2014)
  • 41:02 Kreng – …And then in the Morning (K)
    (And then in the Morning,2014)
  • 42:23 The Caretaker – Emptiness (K)
    (A Stairway to the Stars, 2001)
  • 42:45 Andrew Liles / Daniel Menche – Metamorphosis (A)
    (The Progeny of Flies, 2008)
  • 44:07 Andrew Liles / Daniel Menche – Pupa (A)
    (The Progeny of Flies, 2008)
  • 45:02 Johann Johannson – The Priest’s Basement (A)
    (Prisoners OST, 2013)
  • 46:27 Kink Gong – Baozo Khen (A)
    (Voices, 2013)
  • 47:29 Mica Levi – Death (K)
    (Under the Skin, 2014)
  • 48:50 Peter Zummo & Arthur Russel – Sci-Fi (K)
    (Zummo with an X, 1985)
  • 49:36 Excepter – i zone (K)
    (The Stand, 2014)
  • 50:58 Bass Communion – Loss (Part 2) (A)
    (Loss, 2006)
  • 52:23 Arve Henriksen; Ellis Vanberg – Ukjend Katedral (A)
    (Ellivan, 2009)
  • 53:56 Bersarin Quartett – Zum Greifen Nah (remix by Hecq) (A)
    (Hecq – Conversions, 2014)
  • 57:47 End

Download MENTAL HEALTH HOTLINE Now 132Mb (57:47 min.)
[Alternative download from]
Stream on Mixcloud:


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