Olivier Alary * Selffish

On ‘Fiction – Non-Fiction’, Olivier Alary presents a multi-faceted overview of his recent soundtrack compositions – with a special unreleased track called ‘Discipline’ as additional bonus listening on Ambientblog.

Next to that, Selffish (yes: two ff’s) presents his new album on the Serein label, which is every bit as beautiful as you’ve come to expect from this label’s output.

Various Various

A collection of various compilations:
The Audiobulb label proves that intense beauty does exist * The renaissance of the Silent Records label continuing the From Here To Tranquility series * and a massive charity compilation titled Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Nest – Body Pilot


Starting out as a netlabel, distributing free releases such as the original Nest EPSerein took an unexpected sudden turn and resurfaced as a ‘standard’ label. 
Re-Told”  – a remastered version (with additional tracks) of the original Nest EP – was their incredible “initial”release and immediately set themselves a difficult high standard.

Re-Told was immediately and widely recognised as a classic release and got sort of legendary status for all those that found it. (To modestly illustrate this: the short review from 2009 has been on top of the ‘most read’ ambientblog list ever since).

(Only) Three other releases have followed since this initial masterpiece – and then, finally, a new Nest release calledBody Pilot”  was announced.

Olan Mill – Pine

Olan Mill is the name of the duo (Alex Smalley and Svitlana Samoylenko) presenting Pine, the long-awaited second release of the british Serein label.  

Serein started out as a net-label a few years ago. Following the succes of their Nest-release they reformed completely, and re-released their greatest succes as “Retold” – one of the most praised (re-)releases of 2009/2010. (BTW – the Serein website does not mention it, but most of their netlabel releases – including the original NEST EP – can still be found on archive.org.)

Following up a release like that is not an easy task. But Olan Mill lives up to the expectations, without simply ‘copying’ the Nest success formula.

Nest – Retold

The Serein netlabel was founded in 2005 and released quite an impressing batch of quality ambient and electronic music. In 2007, Serein released it’s ‘flagship title’: the Nest EP.

Nest is the collaborative project of Otto Totland (Deaf Center; Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein Label owner).

The beauty of their music was quickly recognised, the blogosphere caught on and the EP was features in a lot of favourites-lists that year. 

Then, early 2009, the Serein site closed down.

The Inventors of Aircraft – Unknown Language

The Serein netlabel once again lives up to their expectations. With their latest release, ‘Unknown Language’ by The Inventors of Aircraft, the label now offers 17 free album downloads. All of which are quality ambient music, albeit in different styles. 
The latest one (#17) is “Unknown Language” by “The Inventors of Aircraft”.

Nest – Nest

Ambient music collectors no longer visit the local record shop to find the latest releases. Most of the times, the titles are not even stocked. Still, the genre is lively and growing bigger than it ever was. Not through the ‘old’ distribution channels and brick and mortar shops, but through the internet mostly. This weblog only covers a small tip of the iceberg of the music available.