A Zoharum Quartet

Zoharum is a Polish label founded in 2007, specialising in experimental music. Their catalogue, close to 100 releases, is often dedicated to the promotion of Polish artists, new as well as renowned, but they are also releasing works from other artists. New albums as well as re-releases: a wealth of a collection to explore if you’re into ambient, industrial, experimental, electroacoustic, IDM, or all other kinds of music adventurous and unpredictable.

Rapoon. Taylor Deupree. James Murray. Red Sector A. Jason Grier.

Originally released in 1995, this is considered a landmark album in the impressive catalogue of Rapoon (Robin Storey) releases. It became out of print long ago, but now receives a well-deserved expanded re-release: the double CD features a (near) 40 minute live recording for KFJC Radio (San Francisco) from 1996, next to the remastered version of the original album.

Rapoon; Aquavoice; Marek X Marchoff

Zoharum is a Polish label releasing experimental music since 2007, its catalogue boasting over 70 titles now, a wealthy collection to explore. It’s remarkable how flourishing the experimental and electronic music scene seems to be in Eastern Europe (Poland, in the case of Zoharum)!
Not all Zoharum artists come from Poland: among the many unknown artists and bands, Rapoon (Robin Storey, UK) might be the best-known.