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May box set

As music became digital and distribution lost the need of a physical medium, a strong counter-reaction also grew: the need to be able to ‘hold’ something, to collect items, enjoy its beauty and perhaps be satisfied with the idea that you have found something that others haven’t.
The return of interest in vinyl albums may be the simplest form to fulfill that need (strongly pushed by the record industry that recognized a chance to regain their position in the market they were so afraid to lose).

But, especially in the niche market that is ambient/experimental music where releases are mostly very limited, a number of ‘labour-of-love’ DIY-labels emerged that handcrafts the artwork of their releases with such unbelievable detail that each release – vinyl, CD, cassette or even USB sticks – becomes a piece of art in itself. It’s not always easy to say if in these cases the artwork supports the music of if the music is an ‘extra’ to the package.

Some of these labels have gained a cult-status among followers which means that their releases are often sold out on pre-order alone on the very same day they are announced.
I’m not sure if ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records (or the Pantheon label, which may be easier to remember) has already gained such a status and dedicated following; I had not heard about this label until recently. But one look at their release-package is enough to recognise the passion these releases are packaged with. Individually, or in stunningly beautiful wooden box editions.

ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records / Pantheon is based in St. Petersburg, and run by Tim (PiedPaper, Microphones in the Trees who also runs the blog) with his wife Mila.
Below is their release batch for May, a great example of what you may expect from their releases (the header photo shows the boxed editions):

Pantheon Records May Box Set + Bundle

Rhucle A Little Long Day


Rhucle (Yuta Kudo from Tokyo) may very well be the most familiar name from this batch: his discography covers almost 50 albums since 2013!
The eleven tracks (61 minutes) included on this ‘Little Long Day’ are like a walk in a Japanese garden (some might even say this is ‘a walk in the park’).
There’s water flowing from every corner, the atmosphere is that from a long and sunny day.

“Using synthesizers, field recording, piano and many other sampling sources he creates a vivid slow-paced ambience full of nature sounds and sparkling resonances.”

Strongly advised for “Passive Listening”: playing this music in the background while relaxing on a summer evening and/or starry night, preferably (but not necessarily) in a green garden.



Perfectly timed in this May Set is this album dedicated to the three months of summer: June, July and August.

EugeneKha (Evgenij V. Kharitonov, from Moscow) was a completely unknown artist for me, so I was surprised to find out that his discography boasts over 145 albums (!).
His work is multi-faceted in more than one way: apart from being a musician and sound artist he is also a poet and author of numerous literary publications and books.
He actively developed and popularized a musical aesthetic of lowbit (low bitrate), and thus became known as “The father of Russian Lo-Bit”.

The music on Three Months is not an example of that lo-bit – on the contrary! This is a widescreen ambient joyride created with a multitude of synth workstations as well as acoustic instruments like jew’s harp, flutes, ocarina, didgeridoo and percussion. Ánd field recordings, of course… it’s summer, after all.

“It has many different moods and details, spanning from rhythmic tribal ambiance and field recordings all the way do deep organic drones.”



Pool Of Light is Anton Bogdanov – originally from Russia but now living in Shenyang, China. Pool of Light is in fact the translation of the Chines characters 光淵 (which Google Translate poetically converts to ‘glimmerdeep’!). All tracks on Abyss have Chines Characters as a name, translating to Burn, Memory, Circle, Dim and Abyss.

Three long tracks, alternated with two short ones, where Bogdanov creates layered drone landscapes using guitar drones and traditional Chinese instruments like bows and Zhongruan (a chinese tenor lute).

The “trancendental journey which brings plenty vivid images to mind” is far more intense than Rhucle’s garden walk mentioned above (especially in the longer tracks), and thus requires a more dedicated listening session. But it’s a rewarding trip, “opening doors to a peaceful contemplation”.

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Gail Priest * Cicely Irvine * Eilean 58

Gail Priest

Gail Priest


This is my first encounter with Gail Priest, a Sydney based experimental sound artist. But it is not her first work: she has released solo albums on Flaming Pines, Metal Bitch (what’s in a name…) – a split LP with Kate Carr among these.

Heraclitus in Iceland is the result of a 2016 residency in Olafsfjordur, Iceland, where ‘the ubiquity of water (melted ice) got Gail thinking about the adage “you cannot step twice into the same river”, attributed to the 5th Centurt BC philosopher Heraclitus the Obscure‘.

Each track on the album is equipped with a Heraclitus quote – thought with many layers that sometimes also refer to the music itself: ‘the hidden harmony is better than the obvious’, ‘it is in changing that things find repose’.


All compositions are based on field recordings from around the small and remote fishing village (click the link to see where the basic sounds for the different tracks were recorded), but by combining them with vocal and instrumental improvisations this is clearly a musical album with the environmental recordings as one of the instruments.

Carefully balanced, original instrumentation and beautiful vocalisations: this album is a refreshing surprise and another proof that Iceland is a huge source of creativity and inspiration for those open to it.

Cicely Irvine


OK. Here’s the obligatory disclaimer: Eilean Records release + released in september 2017 (while I was on holiday) + waiting on my desk for too long = Sold Out.
(Or maybe not completely: Experimedia (US) or Stashed Goods (UK) still seem to have some in stock!)
But there’s still the digital download release (and who knows about possible future re-releases).

Take note of Cicely Irvine‘s debut album. 44 Minutes of beautifully varied soundscapes recorded between 2007 and 2017 in ‘bedroom studios’ in Gothenburg and Stockholm.
Created on a rich array of instruments like piano, pump organ (sounds like a church organ – must’ve been some bedroom!), guitar, glockenspiel, musical box, sansula (= kalimba), saw, melodica, violin, bass, flute, bells, etc. etc.

From engaging musical miniatures to more abstract sketches,  all radiating the kind of warmth and intimacy that somehow is connected to the cold countries of the northern hemisphere.

Eilean 58


Apart from their stream of quality releases throughout the year, Eilean Records has a great habit to close the year with a compilation filled with all the artists that were featured that year. That in itself is not uncommon, but what makes these compilations so special is that all artists are featured with an exclusive track not on the earlier releases.

The 2017 end-of-year compilation features 21 artists on 16 tracks (70 minutes).
The performing artists this year: Cicely Irvine, Ben Rath, Stijn Hüwels/Danny Clay, Francesco Giannoco/Giulio Aldinucci, Sonmi451, Toàn, Bill Seaman, Monolyth & Cobalt, Daniel W J Mackenzie, Josko/Spheruleus, Monty Adkins, Tatsuro Kojima, 9T Antilope, Sound Meccano/Jura Laiva, Jacek Doroszenko/Josh Mason/Nathan McLaughlin.

To top it off, the CD version (which will probably also be sold out before the release date… we’re getting used to that) is packed in a nice metal box and includes a poster and cover art stickers. (Of course (also as usual) there’s also a digital download available for those that missed or don’t want a physical copy).

Like any compilation album should, this is a good sample of what Eilean Records has to offer. The album presents different musical approaches, but because the label has a  clear aesthetic vision the tracks fit together on the album nicely without becoming too uniform.

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Vapor – A Miasmah mix by Erik K. Skodvin


I don’t usually promote concerts and festivals on Ambientblog, simply because they are of local interest only.

The Miasmah Label Night, for example, this weekend in Leuven (October 9) and in Dordrecht  (October 10) – featuring Kreng Trio, James Welburn, Simon Scott and Svarte Greiner may be of interest to many blog visitors, but is probably only within travelling reach for those of you coming from the Netherlands or Belgium.

The reason for this particular exception is this special mix, created by Miasmah label owner Erik K. Skodvin a.k.a. Svarte Greiner.
It’s a compilation of Miasmah releases demonstrating the label’s constant quality in the (almost) 10 years of its existence.
A treat for all those that can visit the label nights this week, but maybe even more for those who can’t!


  • Volcano The Bear – Horse
    (from Commencing, 2015, to be released)
  • James Welburn – Hold
    (from Hold, 2015)
  • Encre – Plexus II
    (field recording excerpt from Plexus II, 2006)
  • Eric Thielemans – River
    (from Sprang, 2014)
  • Svarte Greiner – White Noise
    (from Black Tie, 2013)
  • Kreng – Monkey side A
    (excerpt from Works for Abattoir Férme, 2012)
  • Andrea Belfi – Su Linee Rette
    (from Natura Morta, 2014)
  • Simon Scott – Ashma
    (from Navigare, 2009)
  • Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti – Stained
    (excerpt from Gramercy, 2012)
  • Kaboom Karavan – Road Map
    (from Short Walk with Olaf, 2007/2013)
  • B/B/S/ – Gather Part 2
    (from Half Moon 7″, 2013)
  • Kreng – Stef in Rome
    (from Monster 10″, 2012)
  • Elegi – Søvnens Kvelertak
    (from Sistereis, 2007)
  • Gabriel Saloman – Mine Field
    (from Soldier´s Requiem, 2013)
  • Gultskra Artikler – Krovinka Moya
    (from Kasha Iz Topora, 2007)

Download VAPOR Now 144Mb (59:52 min.)

by Erik K. Skodvin (Svarte Greiner)

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TAPU 25 Anniversary Mix

This mix is especially created to celebrate the 25th release on Michel Banabila’s Tapu Records (which will be released later this year).

In this mix (in fact a follow up of Streets, Dreams and Memories), all tracks & samples are chosen from the Tapu Records catalogue and so it displays the versatility of Banabila’s work – as solo artist as well as in collaboration with others.

A limited edition (100) physical Audio CD with this mix will be included with every physical release order from Banabila’s Bandcamp.

Also, a VIDEO version (presenting the covers in sync with the mix, as well as including the impressive Geert Mul video for Crowds‘), can be downloaded for free (link below).

  • 00:00 Crime Scene
    (Hilarious Expedition, 2005, TRBOP 1)
  • 00:57 SMS-ing
    (Hilarious Expedition, 2005, TRBOP 1)
  • 01:39 Shortwave
    (Hilarious Expedition, 2005, TRBOP 1)
  • 02:15 In Other Words
    (In Other Words, 2011, TRBOP 11)
  • 02:59 All the Voices Around Me
    (Changing Structures, 2011, TRBOP 7)
  • 05:00 Vreemd Gesprek (1)
    (Hilarious Expedition, 2005, TRBOP 1)
  • 05:30 In Other Words (Radbound & Bilaa Remix)
    (Zoomworld, 2013, TRBOP 17)
    with Radboud Mens
  • 06:47 Something Unspoken
    (Changing Structures, 2011, TRBOP 7)
  • 09:54 Deep in the Forest
    (Route Planner, 2011, TRBOP 9)
    with Mete Erker
  • 14:09 Banabila & Machinefabriek – Antennas
    (Travelog, 2013, TRBOP 21)
    with Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek)
  • 16:10 Lapidarium (piano version)
    (Fields of Flowers, 2011, TRBOP 8)
    with Jasper Soffers
  • 18:18 Banabila & Radboud Mens – Timestamp
    (EP, 2013, TRBOP 20)
    with Radboud Mens
  • 23:42 Harbour Set
    (0+1+0+1+0+1, 2011, TRBOP 5)
  • 27:06 Signals to Earth
    (Gardening, 2013, TRBOP 14/15)
  • 28:44 Sana’a
    (Float, 2014, TRBOP 22)
    with Yasar Saka, Salar Asid, Eric Vloeimans), Julia Ohrman
  • 33:24 Sunbeams
    (More Research from the Same Dept, 2014, TRBOP 23)
  • 38:25 Monochrome Pictures
    (The Latest Research …., 2011, TRBOP 6)
  • 40:50 Playground
    (Gardening, 2013, TRBOP 14/15)
  • 40:56 Eyes of the Witness
    (Sum Dark 12, 2012, TRBOP 13)
  • 46:25 Drops
    (Banabila-Erker-Machinefabriek-Zenial, 2013, TRBOP 16)
  • 49:32 Cloud Ensemble – Here and There
    (Cloud Ensemble, 2014, TRBOP 24)
    with All N4tural, Grzegorz Bojanek, Oene van Geel, Radboud Mens, Yuko Parris, Rutger Zuydervelt
  • 56:27 Salar’s Dream
    (Hilarious Expedition, 2005, TRBOP 1)
    with Salar Asid
  • 1:00:23 Machinery Aesthetics
    (The Latest Research …., 2011, TRBOP 6)
  • 1:01:00 Spiritus Sanctus
    (In Other Words, 2011, TRBOP 11)
  • 1:02:48 The Late Hour
    (Zoomworld, 2013, TRBOP 17)
  • 1:03:49 Ears Tell Us Where We Are In Space (String Version)
    (Float, 2014, TRBOP 22)
    with Goran Kamil
  • 1:05:54 Early Morning Light
    (Float, 2014, TRBOP 22)
    with Eric Vloeimans
  • 1:07:49 Crowds
    (Banabila-Erker-Machinefabriek-Zenial, 2013, TRBOP 16)
    video by Geert Mul
  • 1:14:08 End


Stream the audio version from Mixcloud:


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Oe + Coniglio; Yannick Franck; Tone Color


Taalem is a Paris-based label – “exploring the different sides of ambient music through 3” CD-R’s and FLAC downloads – with a somewhat different release policy:
“As we’re tired of all these ultra-limited & ultra-expensive releases, taâlem discs are unlimited editions. As long as the demand exists, every release is available.” Some fine examples from their recent releases:

Inner Frost

21 Minutes (2 Tracks) of Glacial ambient created by ∅e (Fabio Perletta: guitar, loops) and Enrico Coniglio (guitar, field recordings, sampler).
The (december 2013) release was especially postponed because the music perfectly fits the winter season. The opening sounds of a harsh winter storm might give you some extra chills.
But in summer, this wide musical landscape full of fascinating details may help you cool down when desired!

The Utmost Night

Out of the cold, into the dark of night with Yannick Franck from Belgium. A single 24 minute industrial drone, merging electronics, drums, analog synths and vocals (?) with ambience recordings of naturally reverberated locations from Ghent’s industrial harbour. Slowly evolving yet inevitable increasing in tension, the quiet start builds to a inescapable wall of noise.

Tone Color

Compare this set of CD-R’s and you’ll understand what Taalem means by ‘different sides of ambient music’.
Compared to the two releases mentioned before, Tone Color (Andy Lomas, from Manchester UK) presents a much warmer and less desolate sound. The six tracks on “Today Will Die Tomorrow” are created using guitar, field recordings and synth sounds, processed through max/msp to create a lovely comfortable atmosphere.

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Various Artists – 15 Shades of White

15 shades of white

In their relatively short existence (about 1.5 year now), the Moscow based Dronarivm label (curated by Bartosz ‘Pleq’ Dziadosz) has quickly worked itself to the upper category of quality labels focussing on contemporary ambient and modern classical music.

15 Shades of White“, a collection of 15 tracks (or 17, counting the bonus tracks with the digital download) – “different in atmosphere and sound but united by a common winter mood” – demonstrates why.

It could be sufficient just to mention the contributing artists here, because even if you’re only remotely familiar with the contemporary ambient/modern classical scene you’ll know enough:
Anne Chris Bakker (by the way, you díd check out his Tussenlicht“, I hope?), Talvihorros, Kreng, Ben Lukas Boysen, Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, Sophie Hutchings & Peter Hollo, Jacaszek, Marsen Jules, Peter Hawgood & the Green Kingdom, Orla Wren, Kaboom Karavan, Marcus Fjellström, Strië, Frozen Vaults, Olan Mill and, for the bonus tracks: Tobias Hellkvist and Zuku.

“Winter is a favorite season of philosophers and introvert dreamers, a territory of remembrances and quiet reflections, where nonlinear time allows to bring together the disparate fragments of memories and create a multi-layered collage of pieces of the future, present and past.
Neoclassical pianos, hypnotic strings, light strokes and soft undertones leave a quirky musical pattern on the glass of eternity.”

15 Shades of White” is not a label sampler compilation with tracks from other albums: as far as I know all tracks included are exclusively created for this compilation album.

As stated, the atmospheres and sound are different, yet there is something else that connects these tracks – they seem to share a musical vision and a passion for these sounds.
Dronarivm operates at the heart of a very lively musical community.

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William Basinski and Richard Chartier


Aurora Liminalis cover

With about 60 releases since 2000, the LINE (L-NE) IMPRINT label has built a firm reputation as “a programmatic sound platform with a strong inclination towards the visual arts and multimedia, born from the desire to take the tactile qualities of audio installations from the gallery space to listeners’ living rooms.”

Curated by Richard Chartier, LINE not only releases impressive sound art CD’s, but also DVD’s and Artwork Prints.

With its focus on audio/multimedia installations, mostly electronic by nature, LINE aims at the more ‘serious’ –  investigative – listener: this is definitely no ‘pop-ambient’ label. If you insist on comparisions, the label may be best compared to Raster-Noton, in style and artistic approach.  

At the start of 2013, LINE announced an impressive series of new releases, of which the new collaboration by William Basinski and Richard Chartier may obtain the most attention.
But in fact, the other releases deserve your attention as much. I’ve combined the four latest releases in these two posts, demonstrating the versatile output of the LINE label.

Mentioning William Basinski will probably immediately raise associations with his Disintegration Loops, a project about analogue tape deterioration which became history linked to the terrifying 9-11-2001 events, found its way into the Metropolitan Museum and recently was re-released in a massive box set with (O, Conceptual Irony!) remastered versions of the original (deteriorated) recordings.

But there’s a lot more in the Basinski discography apart from that.
Having worked together on the 2008 release ‘Untitled 1-3’, this is the second collaboration with Richard Chartier.
Aurora Liminalis
may translate as ‘liminal light’ – of which the further interpretations may differ depending on what you want to hear.“… the aural equivalent of undulating trails of light. Disintegrating spatial shifts incorporating the two artists’ distinct sonic palettes mesh to create a slow, deep ebb and flow… like some melting spectral transmission.”

Stylistically, this is nothing like Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Loops’. But that is not entirely unexpected, since “Untitled 1-3” didn’t sound like them either).
The album starts from absolute quiet and slowly emerges, luring you to follow it while it grows into a deafening (yet still quiet somehow) noise. This is clearley not intended to be a background ambient drone: its subtleties only reveal if you carefully listen behind what’s going on up front. The result is organic: it is impossible to distinguish what is Basinski’s or Chartier’s specific input – a perfect blend of two sound artists interacting.

William Basinski & Richard Chartier – Aurora Liminalis (Fragments)



Richard Chartier – Recurrence
The very first LINE release was Richard Chartier’s “Series“, a work that explored “an implied silence that is not silent. a quietness that belies the activity and energy of the sounds.”

“Recurrence (series)”, the 51 minute second track of this album, reworks original elements from these recordings to an entirely new composition.
“Drawn to the original sounds Chartier felt that they could be re-composed. The form they have taken contains isolated and discreet events strewn across the sound field, creating a strange landscape and altered sense of space.”
It was presented on different occasions as a multi-channel event: listen to these sounds and try to imagine a 30-channel version of it!!
The album opens with the 20 minute track “Recurrence (Room/Crosstones)” which focusses on “room tones and other low frequency wave recordings”.And these are low frequencies indeed! Preferrably played back on a decent sound system since it won’t perform well on any average portable headset..

Richard Chartier – Recurrence (Series)(Fragment)


[Read Part 2 of the LINE special HERE]

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Maps and Diagrams – Get Lost

Maps and Diagrams

The traditional record industry is still having major trouble finding its place in the new age of music distribution.
But while they’re fighting what seems to be a death struggle, the artists that did not rely on this business in the first place seem to have settled for two different kinds of distribution.
The first is of course DIY independent digital distribution: you may have noticed that most of the releases mentioned here are distributed through Bandcamp.
On the other hand, there are the ‘labour of love’ labels, run by people definitely not into it “for the money”, releasing extremely limited physical releases mostly packed in hand-crafted artwork so delicate and complex that it would be impossible to create more than 50 copies of a release.

One of these labels is Time Released Sound  –  “a lovingly hand made, limited edition release music label that is as much an art project as it is a musical outlet”.
“Focusing primarily on classically infused and folk based ambient and electroacoustic sounds by the artists we know, love and admire, we will be striving at all times to produce visuals and packaging for these fine releases that are as original and uniquely beautiful as the music itself.” 

If you take some time to look at the TRS Releases, you will understand why most of these releases sell out very quick!
This may be frustrating for collectors that find out too late … but fortunately the limited releases are followed by a less limited digipack release.

Such as this particular example: Maps and Diagram‘s “Get Lost”  (which was TRS’s fifth release).

Maps and Diagrams (Tim Martin) has been releasing albums on a number of labels, such as Expanding Records and Handstitched Recordings. 

Get Lost (which came with a mini compass included in the limited release!!), is ‘a combination of live-instumentation and original and resampled and sequenced electronic sounds. Added to these successfully intricate patterns of waves and static are field recordings and live synthesizer.”  

The fourteen relatively short tracks (the full album is somewhat short of an hour) indeed feel like travelling different landscapes.

When trying to describe the music on this album, I simply cannot find better words than those of the accompanying notes:
“And like any voyage, either purposeful or directionless, the songs on this release proceed in an ever changing yetperfectly smooth and continuous manner. As we and our ship are now out on the waves, the sound swells, then dips, thenswells fuller and finally flattens slowly and melodically into an extended peaceful calm…then just as we realize that we are insight of land, the wind begins to rise again!”

Maps and Diagrams – Timelines

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Various Artists – "Hidden Landscapes"


Hidden Landscapes

The Audio Gourmet netlabel, run by Harry Towell – a.k.a.Spheruleus- quickly became one of the major netlabels on the ambient music scene.  At time of writing, their impressive catalogue presents about 30 releases, most of them E.P.’s, around 15 minutes long, and thus created to fit your daily coffee/tea break perfectly. 

Though Audio Gourmet have a clear policy about what they want and what they don’t want (no beats!), the musical horizon broadens with every release. For example, the forthcoming release by Paper Relics  (Harry and Stuart Towell), ‘Recovered Artefact’would be better described as ‘improv folk guitar’ than ambient music.

There are some beautiful sounds to discover on the Audio Gourmet download page. Of course there’s music by Spheruleus, but there’s also Maps and Diagrams, Herzog, Carl Sagan’s Ghost, Ibreathefur, Entia Non (and many others).

Audio Gourmet is definitely not into it for the money, since all releases can be downloaded freely from their website.

Distributing their E.P.’s for free using the Bandcamp download system is a great idea, but unfortunately (though understandably) Bandcamp changed their download policy to accomodate only a limited number of free downloads. 

One way Audio Gourmet make sure the downloads stay is to backup them to, but another (and maybe even better idea) is to release a full length compilation album in collaboration with the Hibernate Recordings label. 
This compilation should provide funding the Bandcamp download costs, so buying Hidden Landscapes is in fact also a donation to help keep other releases available for free.

Hidden Landscapes offers “fourteen pieces of music in which the artists were briefed to compose something particularly wintery to match the mood of the colder season. (…) Perhaps once the ice melts and the temperature begins to rise, parts of this album will reveal themselves to you and sound different in the warmth”.

Hidden Landscapes is not only a perfect introduction to what Audio Gourmet has to offer, but it’s also a beautiful overview of the current state of ambient-drone-soundscape scene. Guitar drones as well electronic, comfortable sounds as well as harsh noises, familiar names as well as new ones to discover: Offthesky, Maps and Diagrams, Ibreathefur, Hessien, Machinefabriek, Green Kingdom, M. Ostermeier – and that’s only half of them!  

Spheruleus – Frost

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Ian Hawgood – Slow Films in Low Light

A Film

Headphone Commute recently published a beautiful mix created entirely of tracks published on the Home Normal label. Although all tracks in the mix are interesting enhough to check out the full CD’s, I had to restrain myself when visiting the label website.

So I decided to start by ordering the latest release by Ian Hawgood (also Home Normal’s label owner): “Slow Films in Low Light“.

“Slow Films in Low Light” is a collection of reworkings of Ian Hawgood’s (now deleted) album “Soundtrack To A Film In My Head Which Will Never Get Made”. All tracks are “Films” recreated by a lot of Hawgood’s musical friends, and the result is a good overview of the kind of music Home Normal stands for.

I’m not familiar with the original album, so I cannot compare the tracks to their originals, but the reworkings and remixed do stand up for themselves, presenting a broad range of music compelling enough to further investigate the Home Normal releases (so be warned!).

The 14 “Slow Films” include tracks from Danny Norbury, Pan Am Scan,  Geskia!, Hannu, Miko, The Green Kingdom, Library Tapes, Ten and Tracer, Chihei Hatakeyama, Federico Durand, The Remote Viewer, Color Cassette, Yuri Miyauchi and He Can Jog (the latter presenting a vocal track featuring Nick Sanborn).

With all these artists freely spending their time and contributing their talent to this project, Hawgood decided that all proceedings of this release would go the Archway Foundation, a UK charity organisation ‘who serve those hurt by loneliness’.
In fact, that could be said about the music itself, too. This diverse set of contemporary ambient/experimental music never sounds ‘dark’ or ‘lonely’. It’s adventurous, exciting and worth investigating….in the way the kid on the cover photograph may feel.

By the way: “A Film by Cheihei Hatakeyama” is also included as the opening track in the “Subversion Guest Mix”

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