John Kannenberg – Cordolium

“Cordolium” – literally: ‘Heartfelt grief’: from cor (“heart”) + dolor (“pain, sorrow”) – is a (digital download only) album presenting seven “Laments for the heart in flux”.

The basic material comes from field-recordings from all over the world but they are edited and processed in such a way that the track become true compositions:
“Audio poems of love, loss, longing and heartache in all its forms”.

Kate Carr – Fabulations

At the end of every year, everyone remotely involved with music seems to be obsessed with creating all kinds of ‘end-of-year’ lists. Releasing an album in the very last week of the year means it’ll probably fall through the cracks of those lists: too late for the 2014 list, and to early for next year’s.
I have no doubt that Kate Carr’s “Fabulations” would’ve been included in many lists if it had been released earlier.
But now that it hasn’t: just forget about your lists and start listening.