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Banabila Exclusive: Dissolve (Free Download)

Installation View


Ambientblog is very proud to present this exclusive download from Michel Banabila: a 38 minute soundscape created for Gerco de Ruijter‘s installation called Dissolve

Dissolve  is an installation by landscape photographer and filmmaker Gerco de Ruijtershowing landscape images filmed in the Alamosa Valley, Colorado, near the Great Sand Dunes. The shore of the mountain lake is shown in time-lapse images of one full day, from early morning darkness to nightfall, comprised into 4 minutes.
Using animation technique, the reverse image is added, so the mirrored landscape changes position with the real at about three-quarters of the movie. From there, the next sequence starts in mirrored mode until it is swapped into its original mode. This way, the images are shown in endless succession.
The landscape and its mirrored image are tilted 90 degrees, so ‘form and landscape are interwoven in a poetic, abstract experience‘.

Dissolve was premiered on the Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) in March 2017, as part of the Expanding Animation exhibition, presenting installations that combine animation, film and fine arts.

Dissolve   Dissolve   Dissolve   Dissolve
(click images for full size)

Because the tilted landscape image is detached from its natural context the eight minute installation can induce a meditative state which is deepened by the soundscape Michel Banabila created especially for this installation. The length of the film (8 minutes) is different from that of the soundscape (38 minutes), so the soundtrack is slightly different with every iteration of the loop.

Banabila‘s Dissolve soundscape reminisces some of Brian Eno’s generative works: repeating notes that appear at irregular intervals, embedded in multi-layered drones and deep rumbling sub-bass sounds. Indeed: ‘music that is as ignorable as it is interesting.’ It’s a soundscape one can lose itself in, an atmosphere enhancer that can be put on repeat – and thus it’s a perfect companion to De Ruijter’s detached landscape stills.
One could argue that this is not a ‘characteristic’ Banabila piece: he never before, to my knowledge, released a full-album-length ambient piece like this. (Until now, his X-Rated Manggha Mix was the longest ambient track with its 18:24 minutes).

It seems Banabila feels at home in whatever style he choses: in his works for films, dance and theatre, his more ethnic oriented collaborations, his present day focus on more experimental electronics, ánd in long-form ambient soundscapes.

The Dissolve installation is not the first time that Gerco de Ruijter and Michel Banabila worked together: many of Banabila‘s album covers are graced with stills from de Ruijter‘s aerial landscape photography. Floatand the recent Sound Years  are fine examples.
They also produced various other film and installation pieces together, like Crops, Grid Corrections and Ringdijk/Dike-Ring.
(An overview can be found here on this Banabila Blogpost)

Dissolve   Installation View


Download Dissolve-FLAC (286MB)

Download Dissolve-MP3 (94MB)

This download contains Banabila‘s 38:30 version of Sound for Dissolve, and includes stills from the original video installation by Gerco de Ruijter. 

Please note that this download is intended for personal use only.
For non-personal and/or commercial use such as radio-broadcasts, soundtracks or any other kind of publication, please contact Michel Banabila (music) or Gerco de Ruijter (video stills) first.

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Anniversary Collection: “Rope To The Sky” (Mix)

Rope To Te Sky artwork (Arash Akbari)

The first, somewhat hesitant, posts on this blog were published exactly 10 years ago. The weblog was called DreamScenes then, but it was the same blog you’re reading now.

To celebrate this, this mix is a part of a very special Anniversary Project.
It’s ‘special‘ because it’s different: this time it’s not compiled from existing tracks, but from tracks that were exclusively submitted for this purpose!   

35 brand new exclusive tracks by 30 artists … in a mix that is much longer than usual: 2 hours and 16 minutes!
I guess there’s no need to say that I am very very proud to be able to celebrate this anniversary in this particular way!

“Thanks to all artists for trusting me with a knife.”

Due to the nature of a ‘mix-collage’, only parts of the original tracks are used. That’s a bit of a waste if the original tracks are exclusives…
That is why, for the first time, Ambientblog presents its very own release available on Bandcamp: The AMBIENTBLOG ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.
This full collection consists of all 35 tracks in their original length (3 hours and 35 minutes) AND the “Rope to the Sky” Mix (2 hours and 16 minutes).
That’s almost six hours of brand-new music!

Anniversary Credit Card.

USB credit card version available now!

But that’s not all:
There’s even more: a limited physical edition of this collection is also available: a 8 Gb USB CREDIT CARD presenting all of the above, PLUS:

  • 29 EXTRA bonus tracks (not included in the download version) (1 hr 34 min)
  • ALL 55 previous ambientblog MIXES: 55 hr 23 min (!!) of cinematic ambient immersion
  • Full track details for all mixes
  • Video versions of ‘Parallax’ and ‘Rust’

Yes, read that again: this little gem holds OVER 60 HOURS of music!
If you want to check the tracklisting details, check them here on Discogs.

I can’t really express how proud I am to present this release. But I think you can guess.

But anyway: if the mix is enough for you, or if you want to hear an impression of the full tracks of the collection, you can listen/download/stream it here in the usual ways:

Rope To The Sky - Sequence

Track Listing

Start Length Artist Title


DOWNLOAD ‘Rope To The Sky’ Now 314 Mb (2:16:36 min.)
[Alternative download from]
[DTS – Surround Version also available]

STREAM the Mixcloud version:



Widzjende Treast
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snie dea fallen ljocht
wat fingers net yn ‘e tiis bringe
sinne fiele wol
besykje net mei lichte stap
foar de wyn út te dwarreljen
hast mei in stim de tinne dûns
gled streake
waan dy it suver wjerbyld
fan de widzjende treast
oan it tou nei de himel
op myn wang de skimmel
foar it oare jier
Swaying Solace
words by Jan Kleefstra

Snow light fallen dead
that fingers do not entangle
sun wants to feel
do not attempt with a light step
to flutter out before the wind
with your voice you have smoothed over
the thin dance
imagine the purest counterpart
of the swaying solace
by the rope to the sky
on my cheek the fungus
for the following year
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10th Anniversary Celebration!

Ambientblog Anniversary Credit Card

This month, October 2015, Ambientblog celebrates its 10th anniversary.
To celebrate this, I’ve been working on a special project, to be released later this month (on October 21, to be exact).

What better way to celebrate than with a special mix?
‘Special’ – because this time it is created from tracks that are exclusively submitted for this project and unavailable elsewhere…

I don’t want to spoil the surprise yet, so I won’t reveal too much details here.
But this I can tell: the Anniversary Mix will be a longer mix than usual: it features 35 (exclusive) tracks in 136 minutes (two hours and sixteen minutes)!
The mix will be available on this blog, as usual, but the real surprise is that all exclusive tracks will also be downloadable (via Bandcamp), in their full original length… along with the mix.
That’s 3 1/2 hours of exclusive music from various artists from all over the world (5 hours and 45 minutes if you include the mix!)

Since this much music could not fit on a CD (and don’t even mention vinyl!), there will also be a beautiful 8 Gb Credit Card USB edition featuring all of the above, PLUS additional bonus tracks (not included in the download), PLUS all (55!!!) previous Ambientblog mixes.
Which means this little gem holds 62 hours of sonic immersion!

The release is scheduled for October, 21 (the day the first, hesitant, post was published 10 years ago).

And yes – you’re all invited to join this celebration!!


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Michel Banabila – 47 Voice Loops + Gardening (Extended)


47 Voice Loops

Two surprising new albums by Michel Banabila, both based on some of his earlier work yet remarkably different from most albums in his extensive catalogue.


The original basic track for 47 Voice Loops can be found on the free (!) download album In Other Words (track called “MltVz8”.)
In reaction to some listeners comments, Banabila decided to create longer versions of this track. The result is now available as a separate album which clearly demonstrates these listeners were right!

As the title indicates, the basic ingredients for these tracks are 47 layered and looped recordings of Michel’s own voice – and since each loop has a different length the result is a choral work in endless variations in which the same combination of fragments will hardly ever be repeated (a generative music principle often used by Brian Eno).

Although the originating process and the philosophical fundaments may differ, those of you that paid attention at experimental music history class will probably immediately recognise The Great Learning, Paragraph 7 as composed and performed by Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra in 1971 – a piece that Banabila acknowledges to be one his greatest musical influences ever.

The result is “MltVz9” – a mesmerisingly calm vocal ocean, whispering messages probably only your subconscience will understand…

But it does not stop there.
The second version of this track repeats the process but with the loops heavily processed and mutilated, feeling like washes of instrumental noise unrelated to human vocal. Next, the album concludes with a mix of these two versions, in which the voices seemingly struggle with their unnatural counterparts.

Throughout his work, Michel Banabila has always been experimenting with all aspects of the human voice. This album is his ultimate hommage to the composer and the musical score he has admired for all his life.

“47 Voice Loops”



Gardening Extended

The first version of Gardening was released in august 2012 as a digital only release. The compositions of structured field recordings, based on found sounds and recorded objects also shows a radically different side of Michel Banabila.

This album is now also available as a limited edition digipack CD, and the reason that I menton it again is because it now also includes additional remixes based on the original tracks by: Machinefabriek, Radboud Mens, Lukas Simonis, Zenial, Naoyuki Sasanami and…. (surprise!) even one created by me…!
It’s probably needless to say that I am very very proud that Michel Banabila included my own humble remix along with some other remixes from artists that I do greatly respect!.

Please note that the download version of the album does NOT contain the remixes: the remixes are exclusively limited to the physical CD version, which is a limited edition of 100 copies only.
Also, the Bandcamp page only previews the original tracks, not the remixes.

So, the track featured below is an ambientblog exclusive preview of the Gardening Trigger Mix by Peter van Cooten, created for Banabila’sGardening – Extended Version


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Paul Sharma – Safar


Paul Sharma is a british painter and musician who was raised in India.
Regular visitors and podcast subscribers will probably remember the exclusive tracks he presented earlier this year: the electronic Raga tracks called “Embers” (vocal and instrumental version) 

His new EP, called Safar (meaning ‘Journey’ in the Urdu language) is now presented on the Test Tube netlabel.  

On Safar, Paul Sharma combines traditional indian music with western scales and composition.  Compared to Embers (which as a single track was as long as the full four track EP), the tracks are considerably shorter and somewhat more “western” in sound (which also means they are somewhat less ‘ambient’ in style).  
The instrumental track “Journey”  blends bluesy guitar sounds and electronics. All three other tracks feature the beautiful vocals of Rajesh David (who was also featured on Embers).

Anyone interested in indian as well as electronic music should definitely listen to this release. It’s a free download, so no reason not to check it out! 


In addition to the Test Tube release, Paul offers alternate versions of two of the ‘Safar’ tracks exclusively on It may be hard to hear the difference at first, but when you listen and compare closely,  you’ll discover that these versions are somewhat ‘stripped down’ compared to the EP-versions. A bit more “ambient-oriented”, maybe.

Thanks, again, to Paul Sharma for offering these tracks for download!!

Safar – alternate version:

DOWNLOAD “Safar”: 11 Mb (7 min.)
(Right-click and Save As)

Voices – alternate version:

DOWNLOAD “Voices”: 14 Mb (8 min.)
(Right-click and Save As)

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Machinefabriek – Ax / Still

‘The Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness’.
Usually this refers to Funk Godfather James Brown, but if anyone else deserves this credit it would be Rutger ‘Machinefabriek‘ Zuydervelt.

From 2004, he has been releasing a steady stream of music, most of them self-released (often on 3-inch CDR’s with handcrafted artwork). 

Though in itself his work is quite uncompromising, it did not stay unnoticed for long. Machinefabriek soon became one of Europe’s most important and acclaimed electronic artists.

Apart from all self-released titles, his work was released on labels like Lampse, Type, Kning Disk, Dekorder, Korn Plastics. Next to his solo-work, there’s also numerous collaborations with people like Peter Broderick, Wouter van Veldhoven, Soccer Committee, Adrian Klumpes, Aaron Martin – and a lot lot more well known (and less well known) musicians working in the field of improvisational electronic music (or lo-fi, or shoegaze, for that matter).

Most of Machinefabriek’s music can be recognised immediately: it always has a delicate balance between subtlety and grittiness. It’s carefully layered, sometimes downright noisy, but always with a lot of open space.

But it’s not only the music that is interesting. Zuydervelt has also proven that there is a future in creating non-compromising music, way off the beaten track, by relying on your own taste and vision (and perseverence). He’s  one of the new generation of artists, knowing that subcultural ‘niche’ music needs other ways of distribution.

And apart from all that: he’s also a very nice and friendly person.
That’s why I’m very very proud to present this previously unreleased Machinefabriek track called ‘Ax‘ (obviously referring to the guitar sound used to create this track).
Ax‘ is kindly donated by Rutger himself to be exclusively premiered on!

Grab your chance and download it below!
And don’t forget to thank Machinefabriek by paying a visit to or by attending one of his performances.

Machinefabriek – Ax
DOWNLOAD: 8 Mb (5:06 min.)(Right-click and Save As)


NOTE 15-01-2010:
Ax‘ is now released on the new 3″-CDR ‘Nerf – so it’s no longer ‘exclusive to ambientblog’.

For your additional download, listening and collecting pleasure, Rutger has also offered the track ‘Stil‘ to download from ambientblog.

is the closing track of Slaapzucht (2007), now out of print and unavailable as a legal download elsewhere. 22 minutes of beautiful drone slowly building tension. It’s classic Machinefabriek Material.

Thanks again, Rutger!!

Machinefabriek – Stil
DOWNLOAD: 44 Mb(22:39 min.) (Right-click and Save As)


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"Friederich Remixed" by Banabila


In december 2008, dutch musicians Frans Friederich and Michel Banabila met each other performing on the ‘RadioLines’ performance, organised by the (now almost deceased) radio programs Folio and Supplement.

Three musicians performing simultaneously, while live-mixed by one of the radio-makers. The musicians had no influence on the resulting mix in any way (there even was a possibility they were playing their parts without it being heard at all).
(The musicians brave enough to take this risk were Michel Banabila, Frans Friederich and Floris van Bergeijk – the resulting music can be found and downloaded [here].)

For edition “P” of Frans Friederich‘s Recyclopedia, a series of 26 multi-styled CD’s (one for every single letter of the alphabet), Michel Banabila created a beautiful remix, inviting dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans to play the additional trumpet part.
This track is unclassifiable: it’s jazz, pop, electronic, fourth world and maybe even more.
It is also a perfect example of what can happen when open-minded musicians work together for the sake of music, not caring about whatever expectations there may be!

The ‘Recyclopedia’ project is a large-scale Do-It-Yourself project, that probably will never find it’s way to a larger audience (Friederich’s website is written completely in dutch, for example).
I’m proud to present this beautiful track to an international audience!

“Friederich Remixed” (2009)
Frans Friederich: tibetan bowls (klankschalen)
Michel Banabila: electronics, percussion, voice
Eric Vloeimans: trumpet

Frans Friederich’s “Recyclopedia website:
Michel Banabila website:
Eric Vloeimans website:

RadioLines info & downloads:

More tracks like this can be found on Michel Banabila’s Soundcloud Page!

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