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Giulio Aldinucci * OSA7029 * Zeger de Vos

Aldinucci - Goccia

Aldinucci - Goccia


Giulio Aldinucci is an Italian experimental electroacoustic composer actively exploring all kinds of soundscapes and field recordings. His earliest releases were released as Obsil, but since 2012 his releases are presented under his own name.

Goccia (the word means ‘drop’) is his latest album for the Home Normal label “balances organic layers with some fantastic melodic synth hooks, flying straight through a maze of frequencies from drones, bleeps, bloops, background music, jingles, jangles, gut-punching subs, and whatever else he can.”

It’s a fantastic and kaleidoscopic sound palette that defies any strict genre definition; it combines ambient soundscapes, field recordings, experimental electronics and sound effect samples into one. At times the album atmosphere can be quite gloomy, especially in the first half, but gradually the music becomes more ‘serene’ – welcoming the ‘drops’ of the Tuscany spring in the closing track Candles. 

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A Sense Of Belonging


OSA7029 – it’s a strange name for a group of artists from Finland. The track titles OSA1 – OSA7 don’t give away much information either. It is unknown who are in this ‘band’, only the name of two supporting artists are disclosed: Canadian mezzo-soprano Debi Wong (on Osa2) and Finnish throat singer Sauli Heikkilä (Osa3).
The title for their debut album, however, tells more about what music to expect.

OSA7029 combines acoustic and electronic sounds, and doing so they manage to create a sense of belonging indeed. 
I’m just not sure of belonging to whát, exactly – but judging the warmth of this music, that question is hardly of any importance.

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Zeger De Vos


Zeger de Vos is a young (and hitherto unknown) Dutch artist who holds a Master’s degree in composition from the University of Huddersfield… Which is the same university where Monty Adkins is Professor of Electronic Music (he was one of Zeger’s examiners).

His (digital only) debut album is released on the Spanish label Seattle Dott Records, and presents four tracks (totalling 32 minutes) of soundscapes created from sound sources like ‘gurgling gas vents in Landmannalaugar (Iceland), the engine of a ferry in New York, The Tanzanian shore or a fence in the Peak District (UK)”.

This may suggest this is an album full of field recordings, but that’s not what it is. The sources are heavily manipulated into full-fledged electro-acoustic soundscapes “inspired by decaying memories and Edgelands.” 

“Atmospheres of melancholy and introspection”, created from “recordings of spaces, objects and instruments with analog- and algorithmic synthesis to create virtual spaces with meditative qualities”. 

A fascinating debut album! I’m sure that there will be a lot more great music from Zeger de Vos in the future!

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Jonty Harrison; Sound Meccano + Jura Laiva; Chris Watson

Flow Moss Northumberland

Jonty Harrison - Voyages

If ‘music is organised sound’, then this new album by Jonty Harrison is far more than a collection of seemingly unrelated field-recordings. It is a composition (or two, actually) in its own right, created by selecting sounds from a variety of locations, spaces, places, scenes and vistas ‘which we may or may not have experienced, but which we somehow recognise’.

The first piece of this acousmatic electroacoustic collection, Espaces Cachés, is a 14 minute ambisonic trip created from the original 30-track commission from Maison des Arts Sonores.
The second piece, called Going / Places is a one hour journey divided into 23 parts. The recordings come from all over the world and are often combined in such a way that they could never have existed on one location simultaneously.

The scenes, ‘one implying imminent motion, the other more restful and tranquil’, take you all over the world – unpredictably jumping between Europe, Iceland, Australia, North America, North Africa and parts of Asia.

“Sounds reach us as they would in everyday life, as if we were ‘there’: from multiple locations in different positions and at different heights and distances. In this sense we are closer to reality; but even the bounds of reality can be stretched by the agencies of motion and memory — unreality, surreality and hyper-reality are but steps along the route that can be taken by the imagination…”

Save yourself an expensive holiday this year: buy this album, put on a quality headphone, close your eyes – and let professor Jonty Harrison guide you to some unexpected corners.


Sound Meccano + Jura Laiva

Continuing the excellent Corollaries series – compiling works resulting from the Active Crossover: Mooste residency (Estonia) curated by Simon Whethampart IV introduces Sound Meccano (Latvia-based Rostislav Rekuta-Dzhordzhevich) collaborating with Jura Laiva (Jurii Santalov, also from Latvia).
All of the Corollaries recordings rely heavily on the environmental recordings of the location, which are often stunningly realistic, and Sireli Aig is no exception.
Adding Jura Laiva‘s guitar drones and glitchesand Mirva Tarvainen‘s double bass and occasional vocals to Sound Meccano‘s field recordings, electronics and sound processing brings a whole new dimension, resulting in impressive soundscapes that are ‘environmental’ as well as ‘musical’.
A fresh taste of the northern hemisphere, available as a Name Your Price download.

Flow Moss Northumberland

While on the subject of field recording: if you’re interested in the bright and lively sounds of nature you might as well check out this free download of Chris Watson – the unsurpassed master of environmental recording.

Not only does he record his material in unexpected locations, the page on which these files can be found is a bit of a surprise too: it’s a blog post on the Bowers & Wilkins site dedicated to their speakers and headphones.
(Which undoubtedly are perfect companions to these binaural recordings, by the way – but don’t worry, this is not gonna be a sponsor-driven blogin the future. It’s really just a coincidence that I found these files offered here).

Two incredibly realistic – and refreshing – recordings, from Northumberland and Suffolk respectively, are offered for free as  high-quality WAV files.
And that’s not all: the download also includes a Dawn Chorus remix by Richard Norris.
The recordings were made and offered on occasion of the International Dawn Chorus Day (May 1).


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Mauro Beltrán; Tatsuro Kojima; Drawing Virtual Gardens; JesterN

Maro Beltrán - Miere De Pier Los Árboles ....

My Spanish isn’t good enough to translate the full title. And since all information on this release is in Spanish (such as the track-by-track info in the booklet), there’s a lot of guessing involved. But that doesn’t really matter, since it’s the music that does the talking.

Mauro Beltrán is a young (21) Spanish composer, already releasing his third album. An album with twelve pieces, together 2 hours and 35 long, and a wide range of style: classical, ambient electronica, cut-up soundscapes, ethnic influences, post-rock.
In Mauro’s own words: “12 Songs that tell nearly 4 years of my lifetime. Just a kid not wanting to grow up, but forced to do it, like everyone else.”
With scarce resources (‘just a crappy PC that explodes every two hours, some cheap guitar and tons of software’), he manages to create quite an eclectic array of styles, but they work together very well… The 24 minute Ojalá Solo Pudiera Recordarnos Cuando Estábamos Sonriendo is my personal favourite, because of its bright melancholic piano theme and the way it dissolves later on.

Mauro Beltrán is not in it for the money, it seems: the album is a (Name Your Price) ‘gift’ for everyone to take it. So why not help making his talent more visible in Spain (and outside Spain also)?

Tatsuro Kojima - Refraction and Reflection

For Tatsuro Kojima, there is no real difference between making music and drawing a picture. Both concern the ‘handling of elements such as hue, saturation, brightness, mass form and texture’. 
The original recordings are field recordings and synthesizer sounds, which are heavily processed and reconstructed.
Some of them ‘retaining none of their original qualities, others are delicate noise, and then there are those which recreate the sounds of nature, such as that of treading on snow or tree branches, or the call of a bird.”
Refraction and Reflection might be called a ‘visual’ album, an album where Kojima ‘tries to bring into harmony both the tactile and the deeply spiritual aspects of sound’.

Drawing Virtual Gardens

Drawing Virtual Gardens is David Gutman, US-born multi-instrumentalist now living in Belgium.
J.J. Bhagee , on the other hand, is not existing in real life, but a made-up person, with a made-up memory.
With these intricate soundscapes, field recordings and soft layers of guitar, Gutman offers ‘a conceptual consideration of the themes of waiting, time, identity, and the transmission and retention of memories’.
Which means that it may subtly – osmotically – mingle with your own memories, too.


When pre-listening to this album (or listening on the vinyl version), you’ll hear the stereo version, but for optimum result the multichannel versions are recommended. For the download versions, you can choose between Stereo and/or  5.1. FLAC or Quad WAV‘s.
The surround versions are spectacular, so if you have the possibility to listen in surround be sure to do so!
But that does not mean the stereo versions are less interesting.

This is not ‘easy’ music to listen to, and it’s not meant that way. The work, and its title, is inspired by (and dedicated to) the music of Olivier Messiaen, and may need something of an ‘acquired taste’ to fully enjoy. The album starts out relatively quiet, but the intensity level slowly increases upt to what the Bandcamp tags appropriately describe as ambient electroacoustic breakcore…!
But if you’re prepared for it, the electronic sound manipulation of Alberto Novello (recorded at the Institute of Sonology at The Hague), together with the Flugelhorn played by Falvio Zanuttini, are amazingly adventurous.
(And, to repeat myself: espécially when heard in surround).

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