Various Compilations

SALAAM FOR YEMEN   Hibernate and Dronarivm combine their forces in  this 26 track (almost 2 hours) charity compilation. 100% Of the profits from this album are donated to War Child, to help ‘children and young people to grow up free from fear and violence, to develop to their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future –…

Autistici & Justin Varis – Nine (+ Remixes)

Autistici (David Newman) and Justin Varis present eight ‘synaesthetic’ interpretations of various colours.
They are completed with another eight remixes from different artists that seem put the colours in the perspective of their surrounding landscapes.

Together, these two cd’s are a truely caleidoscopic collection!

Eilean & Dauw Dialog Tapes

In recent years it is not uncommon that artists work together without meeting each other in real life. On-Line collaboration is a common working method: sending work-in-progress to each other until it’s ready.
But as far as I know, two labels collaborating together in this way – matching their artists to work in duos on a collaboration track – has not been done before.

Dialog Tapes, released by Eilean Records and Dauw proves that the sum can indeed be much greater than the sum of its parts.