Mauro Beltrán; Tatsuro Kojima; Drawing Virtual Gardens; JesterN

Catching up some more:
an eclectic collection from young spanish composer Mauro Beltrán, ‘tactile’ music from Tatsuro Kojima, fragile yet virtual memories from Drawing Virtual Gardens, and an astonishing (surround) set by JesterN best described as ‘ambient electroacoustic breakcore’.

Ghost Road Stroll (Mix)

This mix is made to be published in the excellent series of mixes on the “Sounds of a Tired City”, part of the larger website with the same name.
It is published exactly on its first year’s anniversary, so it’s in fact a birthday present too!

Inspired by the site name, I decided I wanted to try to create a sonic ‘walk’ through a ‘tired’ city.
A mix with a lot of scene changes… like walking through an unknown city on a (quiet sunday?) morning – finding hidden surprises and marvels around every corner..

Grounding Sounds #7

GS image logo

I am extremely honoured to present a guest mix for the Grounding Sounds series, which, “drawing inspiration from the famous Back To Mine compilations, showcases the music that captured experimental artists and labels”.

But: I must warn you beforehand: this mix contains NO ambient music at all – with a possible exception of the opening track “Spider & I” by Brian Eno.
It is a rather eclectic selection of all kinds of unrelated genres, because I deliberately chose to stay away from ambient music for this ‘classic mixtape-style’ selection of some of my all-time favourites.