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Mauro Beltrán; Tatsuro Kojima; Drawing Virtual Gardens; JesterN

Maro Beltrán - Miere De Pier Los Árboles ....

My Spanish isn’t good enough to translate the full title. And since all information on this release is in Spanish (such as the track-by-track info in the booklet), there’s a lot of guessing involved. But that doesn’t really matter, since it’s the music that does the talking.

Mauro Beltrán is a young (21) Spanish composer, already releasing his third album. An album with twelve pieces, together 2 hours and 35 long, and a wide range of style: classical, ambient electronica, cut-up soundscapes, ethnic influences, post-rock.
In Mauro’s own words: “12 Songs that tell nearly 4 years of my lifetime. Just a kid not wanting to grow up, but forced to do it, like everyone else.”
With scarce resources (‘just a crappy PC that explodes every two hours, some cheap guitar and tons of software’), he manages to create quite an eclectic array of styles, but they work together very well… The 24 minute Ojalá Solo Pudiera Recordarnos Cuando Estábamos Sonriendo is my personal favourite, because of its bright melancholic piano theme and the way it dissolves later on.

Mauro Beltrán is not in it for the money, it seems: the album is a (Name Your Price) ‘gift’ for everyone to take it. So why not help making his talent more visible in Spain (and outside Spain also)?

Tatsuro Kojima - Refraction and Reflection

For Tatsuro Kojima, there is no real difference between making music and drawing a picture. Both concern the ‘handling of elements such as hue, saturation, brightness, mass form and texture’. 
The original recordings are field recordings and synthesizer sounds, which are heavily processed and reconstructed.
Some of them ‘retaining none of their original qualities, others are delicate noise, and then there are those which recreate the sounds of nature, such as that of treading on snow or tree branches, or the call of a bird.”
Refraction and Reflection might be called a ‘visual’ album, an album where Kojima ‘tries to bring into harmony both the tactile and the deeply spiritual aspects of sound’.

Drawing Virtual Gardens

Drawing Virtual Gardens is David Gutman, US-born multi-instrumentalist now living in Belgium.
J.J. Bhagee , on the other hand, is not existing in real life, but a made-up person, with a made-up memory.
With these intricate soundscapes, field recordings and soft layers of guitar, Gutman offers ‘a conceptual consideration of the themes of waiting, time, identity, and the transmission and retention of memories’.
Which means that it may subtly – osmotically – mingle with your own memories, too.


When pre-listening to this album (or listening on the vinyl version), you’ll hear the stereo version, but for optimum result the multichannel versions are recommended. For the download versions, you can choose between Stereo and/or  5.1. FLAC or Quad WAV‘s.
The surround versions are spectacular, so if you have the possibility to listen in surround be sure to do so!
But that does not mean the stereo versions are less interesting.

This is not ‘easy’ music to listen to, and it’s not meant that way. The work, and its title, is inspired by (and dedicated to) the music of Olivier Messiaen, and may need something of an ‘acquired taste’ to fully enjoy. The album starts out relatively quiet, but the intensity level slowly increases upt to what the Bandcamp tags appropriately describe as ambient electroacoustic breakcore…!
But if you’re prepared for it, the electronic sound manipulation of Alberto Novello (recorded at the Institute of Sonology at The Hague), together with the Flugelhorn played by Falvio Zanuttini, are amazingly adventurous.
(And, to repeat myself: espécially when heard in surround).

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Ghost Road Stroll (Mix)

Sounds of a Tired City #32

This mix is made to be published in the excellent series of mixes on Sounds of a Tired Citypart of the larger website with the same name.
It is published exactly on its first year’s anniversary, so it’s in fact a birthday present too!

Inspired by the site name, I decided I wanted to try to create a sonic ‘walk’ through a ‘tired’ city.
A mix with a lot of scene changes… like walking through an unknown city on a (quiet sunday?) morning – finding hidden surprises and marvels around every corner..

But is it a city we are walking in?
Sometimes it sounds more like a tired village, or a tired park, or a tired forest… Or a tired highway…
(The title of this mix comes from the recurring part from Janek Schaefer‘s Asleep at the Wheel” installation project called Ghost Road Soundtracks“).

Well, maybe it’s a walk wherever you want – just let the music and your imagination take you to where it wants to go.

…If you like it, please help it find an audience…

Cardiff Custom House Bridge

Much thanks to Sounds of a Tired City for publishing this mix! And congrats on this first anniversary!

Ghost Road Stroll - Sequence

start time – sample length – Artist – Title
(Album Title, Release Year, Label details)

  • 00:00 02:57 Boduf Songs – Grows in the Small World of Nerve
    Stench of Exist, 2015, Flenser Records, FR-50
  • 01:20 02:30 Edward Artemyev – Stalker-Meditation
    Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, 1990, Torso Kino CD 5001
  • 03:42 01:45 Terje Isungset – The View
    Meditations, 2015, All Ice Records ALL ICE 1407
  • 05:17 01:46 Bruce Langhorne – Windmill
    The Hired Hand Soundtrack, 1971/2004, Blast First Petite PTYT 2002
  • 06:00 03:00 Claudio Puntin, Gerdur Gunnarsdottir – Sofdu Unga Astin Min
    Ylir, 2001, ECM 1749
  • 08:32 03:23 Ross Douglas – On Finding the Last Known Sanctuary
    Levers & Cogs, 2015, self-released
  • 10:40 05:11 New Composers – The Pendulum of Tranquility
    Boring Music, 2015, Psychonavigation Records PSY100
  • 11:40 06:40 Janek Schaefer – The Ghost Road
    Asleep at the Wheel..Ghost Road Soundtracks, 2011, AdiOh! Recordings AudiOh!34
  • 16:12 02:43 Weerthof – Kien
    Places, 2014, Lomechanik LOMEK025
  • 18:30 00:34 Janek Schaefer – The Ghost Road
    Asleep at the Wheel..Ghost Road Soundtracks, 2011, AdiOh! Recordings AudiOh!34
  • 18:46 02:55 Piano Interrupted – Darkly Shining (John Lemke Rework)
    The Unified Field Reconstructed, 2015, Denovali DEN 226
  • 20:40 03:15 Thomas Tilly – Hyla Nana
    Script Geometry, 2014,  Aposiopèse APO 09
  • 21:52 03:43 Wndfrm – Alpental Cascade
    Elements Five, 2014, Home Normal HOMEN059
  • 23:29 04:30 Sonae – Wandering
    Far Away is Right Around the Corner, 2015, Monika Enterprise M82
  • 27:00 03:46 Atrium Carceri – Old Tunnels
    The Old City OST, 2015, Cryo Chamber
  • 28:00 04:55 Jasmine Guffond – RR Variation
    Yellow Bell, 2015, Sonic Pieces 021
  • 31:27 01:30 Rip, Rig & Panic – The Blue Blue Third
    God Plus, 1982, Cherry Red CDMRED 572
  • 32:53 03:01 Dat Rayon – Auto Parts
    Motor City, 2014, Zoharum 062-2
  • 34:03 03:22 Don Hill – Shakuhachi Pan (in 3D)
    Insight Treks (Sound Never Ages), 2015, self-released
  • 35:02 08:06 Deathprod – Optical
    Stator, 2015, Touch TO:99
  • 40:45 06:37 Biosphere – Space is Fizzy
    Stator, 2015, Touch TO:99
  • 45:30 06:14 Chris Dooks – (S)Tarland
    Tiny Geographies Soundtrack, 2013, self-released
  • 51:08 02:11 Goldmund – In a Notebook
    The Malady of Elegance, 2008, Type 039
  • 52:25 03:00 Janek Schaefer – The Ghost Road
    Asleep at the Wheel..Ghost Road Soundtracks, 2011, AdiOh! Recordings AudiOh!34
  • 53:52 03:44 Snoqualmie Falls – Journey’s End
    Past Disappears, 2014, Dronarivm 
  • 56:42 02:06 unknown – La Jaula D’Oro End Title
    La Jaula D’Oro OST, 2013, Animal de Luz Films
  • 58:48 End

Download Ghost Road Stroll now 135Mb (58:48 min.)
[Alternative download from]

[DTS – Surround Version also available]
Stream directly from Mixcloud:


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Grounding Sounds #7


GS image logo

I am extremely honoured to present a guest mix for the Grounding Sounds series, which, “drawing inspiration from the famous Back To Mine compilations, showcases the music that captured experimental artists and labels”.

But: I must warn you beforehand: this mix contains NO ambient music at all – with a possible exception of the opening track “Spider & I” by Brian Eno.
It is a rather eclectic selection of all kinds of unrelated genres, because I deliberately chose to stay away from ambient music for this ‘classic mixtape-style’ selection of some of my all-time favourites.

“I confess I hesitated at first when Harry (Towell) asked me to join the Grounding Sounds Mixtapes series, for the same reason I never make any end-of-year list: there simply is too much to choose from! 

Ask me again next week and the list of “favourites” may be completely different!
But the idea stuck, and I thought it’d be nice to create a ‘classic’ (head/tail) mixtape once again instead of a complicated ambient mix-collage – just like back in the old days, creating compilation cassette tapes for friends.
I decided to stay away from ‘ambient/electronic’ music for this mix: there’s enough of that at
So this mix may be a bit of a surprise for the regular visitor!

It starts quiet, it ends quiet, but it has a lot of eclectic kind of party sounds inbetween – featuring some (SOME!) of the tracks that never fail to enjoy me. …
Hope you’ll enjoy them too! Have fun!”

“Our policy is to be open minded and free from rules.”

Details and track-by-track notes can be found HERE

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