Various Compilations

SALAAM FOR YEMEN   Hibernate and Dronarivm combine their forces in  this 26 track (almost 2 hours) charity compilation. 100% Of the profits from this album are donated to War Child, to help ‘children and young people to grow up free from fear and violence, to develop to their full potential and contribute to a peaceful future –…

Marsen Jules – Sinfonietta – At GRM

Marsen Jules’ (Martin Juhls’) new album ‘Sinfonietta’ is released barely a month after he released ‘At GRM’ on his own label.

It is interesting to note the difference between these two albums, as well as their similarities: in a way, the albums relate to each others like day relates to night.
But they also have a lot in common: in both albums, the notion of time is completely irrelevant.

Memum; Chris Russell; Sava Marinkovic; Halcyon Chamber; Past Disappears
– shortlist –

A shortlist with a tinge of Christmas, but also looking forward to the fresh air of spring…

New albums from Memum, Chris Russell, Sava Marinkovic, Halcyon Chamber and – to conclude – a free christmas present from the Dronarivm label artists.

Anne Chris Bakker – Reminiscenses

A few months ago I wrote some words about Anne Chris Bakker‘s beautiful album Tussenlicht“, a self released limited edition CD-R. (If you haven’t checked this one yet: the digital edition is still available!)

It’s a pleasant surprise to find that his new (first “official”) album Reminiscenses is now released on Dronarivm, the (Moscow-based) contemporary ambient and modern classical music label curated by Pleq and Dimitry Taldykin.

Various Artists – 15 Shades of White

In their relatively short existence (about 1.5 year now), the Moscow based Dronarivm label (curated by Bartosz ‘Pleq’ Dziadosz) has quickly worked itself to the upper category of quality labels focussing on contemporary ambient and modern classical music.

15 Shades of White“, a collection of 15 tracks (or 17, counting the bonus tracks with the digital download) – “different in atmosphere and sound but united by a common winter mood” – demonstrates why.

Aaron Martin + Christoph Berg – Day Has Ended

With only a few releases, the relatively new Moscow-based label Dronarivm found its status as one of contemporary ambient music’s most important labels.

With the release of Day Has Ended“, with Aaron Martin and Christoph Berg contributing four tracks each, that status is definitely confirmed – if not enhanced.

Philippe Lamy + Pleq (3 Titles)


Philippe Lamy (France) is an artist combining various art-forms. He’s a painter, but also teaches ‘plastic arts’ at the School of Architecture in Toulouse. He started creating music about ten years ago, “feeling that his paintings and music resonate together”.
His soundscapes indeed resemble paintings: they are incredibly detailed, almost organic, including a wide dynamic range of sounds.

His latest solo album,SlowFast, is recently released, following up two recent collaboration projects with well-known Polish artist Pleq.

Listening Mirror – On the Passing of Chavela

Chavela Vargas“hailed for her haunting performances, and called ‘the rough voice of tendernes'” passed away august 5, 2012, at the age of 93.
She was an inspiration to many, but obviously also to Jeff Stonehouse,  a.k.a. Listening Mirror: 
“When I awoke, one Sunday morning, to learn of her passing, I took a deep breath, played ‘Paloma Negra’ one more time in her honour, and reached for my guitar…………”