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Banabila Exclusive: Dissolve (Free Download)

Installation View


Ambientblog is very proud to present this exclusive download from Michel Banabila: a 38 minute soundscape created for Gerco de Ruijter‘s installation called Dissolve

Dissolve  is an installation by landscape photographer and filmmaker Gerco de Ruijtershowing landscape images filmed in the Alamosa Valley, Colorado, near the Great Sand Dunes. The shore of the mountain lake is shown in time-lapse images of one full day, from early morning darkness to nightfall, comprised into 4 minutes.
Using animation technique, the reverse image is added, so the mirrored landscape changes position with the real at about three-quarters of the movie. From there, the next sequence starts in mirrored mode until it is swapped into its original mode. This way, the images are shown in endless succession.
The landscape and its mirrored image are tilted 90 degrees, so ‘form and landscape are interwoven in a poetic, abstract experience‘.

Dissolve was premiered on the Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) in March 2017, as part of the Expanding Animation exhibition, presenting installations that combine animation, film and fine arts.

Dissolve   Dissolve   Dissolve   Dissolve
(click images for full size)

Because the tilted landscape image is detached from its natural context the eight minute installation can induce a meditative state which is deepened by the soundscape Michel Banabila created especially for this installation. The length of the film (8 minutes) is different from that of the soundscape (38 minutes), so the soundtrack is slightly different with every iteration of the loop.

Banabila‘s Dissolve soundscape reminisces some of Brian Eno’s generative works: repeating notes that appear at irregular intervals, embedded in multi-layered drones and deep rumbling sub-bass sounds. Indeed: ‘music that is as ignorable as it is interesting.’ It’s a soundscape one can lose itself in, an atmosphere enhancer that can be put on repeat – and thus it’s a perfect companion to De Ruijter’s detached landscape stills.
One could argue that this is not a ‘characteristic’ Banabila piece: he never before, to my knowledge, released a full-album-length ambient piece like this. (Until now, his X-Rated Manggha Mix was the longest ambient track with its 18:24 minutes).

It seems Banabila feels at home in whatever style he choses: in his works for films, dance and theatre, his more ethnic oriented collaborations, his present day focus on more experimental electronics, ánd in long-form ambient soundscapes.

The Dissolve installation is not the first time that Gerco de Ruijter and Michel Banabila worked together: many of Banabila‘s album covers are graced with stills from de Ruijter‘s aerial landscape photography. Floatand the recent Sound Years  are fine examples.
They also produced various other film and installation pieces together, like Crops, Grid Corrections and Ringdijk/Dike-Ring.
(An overview can be found here on this Banabila Blogpost)

Dissolve   Installation View


Download Dissolve-FLAC (286MB)

Download Dissolve-MP3 (94MB)

This download contains Banabila‘s 38:30 version of Sound for Dissolve, and includes stills from the original video installation by Gerco de Ruijter. 

Please note that this download is intended for personal use only.
For non-personal and/or commercial use such as radio-broadcasts, soundtracks or any other kind of publication, please contact Michel Banabila (music) or Gerco de Ruijter (video stills) first.

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Birthday News: FREE GIVEAWAYS!


On Tuesday, October 21, it is exactly NINE years since the very first post on this blog.
And also five years since its name was changed to
It is also the day this weblog (and all of its content) will be migrated to a new software platform.

To celebrate this, I have 30 FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD CODES to give away!

From its very first days and its various incarnations, this weblog has run on the Pivotx software. Pivotx has served well, but gradually also became a bit outdated and slowly stopped being actively developed. Time to choose a new platform…

In the last weeks we have been working on the migration of the site content – which was quite a lot of work because there was no easy tool to migrate the database (content, comments, etc.) automatically….
(Thanks a million times to Edu Hackenitz, without whom it probably wouldn’t have worked out at all!)

The new version will be ‘live’ on next tuesday, October 21. That’ll be the last day ambientblog looks like this:

Old Site

Seemingly random fact:
In the same month I started ambientblog, I bought a Squeezebox digital music player and started to stream all (and I mean all!) my music digitally.
As a result, Last.Fm has logged every single track I have ever played since then (apart perhaps from some I played in my car audio system).

What has thát got to do with the site-relaunch?
Well: on the chart presenting my all time favourite artists, three dutch ambient music artists are prominently featured: Michel Banabila, Machinefabriek and Matthew Florianz.
I am very proud that these three artists have donated download codes for some of their albums (for free) for this special occasion!!

Subscribe to the new email notification list to win one of these album downloads!
The winners of a download code will be (randomly) chosen from the new email subscriptions to the blog in the 48 hours following the launch of the new site.
You can enter your mail address to get notifications about new posts, and if you do so in the first 48 hours you will automatically participate.
Of course you can always unsubscribe at any time later – but of course I hope you won’t!

It’s your chance to win one of these albums (listed alphabetically):

Machinefabriek – Drum Solos

Machinefabriek – Stroomtoon II

Matthew Florianz – GrijsGebied

Matthew Florianz – Koude Handen

Michel Banabila – Float

Michel Banabila – Music for Viola and Electronics

Michel Banabila – Zoomworld


(BTW – you cannot specify your preference – prizes are also chosen randomly!)

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Restive – Generative 2


Ever since Brian Eno himself introduced the SSeyo Koan Generative Music software (way back in 1996!!) I have been interested in the Generative Music concept: music that is ever-changing, evolving from a single “seed”, consistent through musical parameters defined by the ‘artist’, the creator that has to refrain from influencing the ‘path’ of the music once it has left off.

For his release Generative Music I, Brian Eno chose the most radical medium possible: a diskette containing the software, only reproducable when using the correct hardware (the SoundBlaster AWE32 soundcard: I actually bought one of those just to be able to reproduce Eno’s Generative Music!!).
Which sadly means you’ll have a hard time now to reproduce this music as it was intended then.

This represents the dilemma for musicians creating Generative music. Apart from using it in sound installations, there is no way to distribute the music in its generative form, since every recorded medium stops it from being generative (= different with every new performance).

Which does not mean that a recorded ‘instance’ of generative music is not interesting to listen to….on the contrary. But, like a photograph compared to movement, it is a ‘frozen’ capture of an ongoing (musical) process.

Enter Restive with “Generative 2”which can be freely downloaded from the website (along with quite a lot of Restive’s other albums, and some additional generative tracks on 2.1).

Not much is known about this artist, except that he’s from Cape Town, South Africa, and creating experimental electronic music since 2004.
Neither is he very elaborative of the generative creation process he’s using, apart from the simple statement that it is created with semuta soundscape machine by servovalve. ï»¿

I am not familiar with that software, but the results on this album are very very impressive to my ears.   
Generative 2 presents 20 tracks, all exactly 3 minutes in length, of fascinating electronic soundscapes.
These sounds feel like they are generated using large objects in installation settings, heavily treated afterwards.
It’s hard to imagine them being created by ‘just’ software. There is a distinct industrial feeling, and though all different tracks fit together perfectly, there is not a boring moment on the album: I even found myself listening to it ‘on repeat’.

Since I do not know anything about the software, I don’t really know whether the credits for these sounds should go to the artist, to the software, or both.
I guess it’s both, since usually it’s not just about the tools but about how creative you re in using use them.

Whatever the creation process involved, I found this Generative 2 album a pleasurable repeated listen – also because it’s distinctly different from most other current releases in the electronica field.

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Language of Landscape – Memories Fade

Language of Landscape

For those of you that like their minimal ambient backgrounds combined with piano music (like Helios/Goldmund, Max Richter or Nest) this is a great gift: the 45 minute album “Memories Fade Under a Shallow Autumn Snow” by Language of Landscapes is saved from oblivion and now offered as free (!) download by the Phantom Channel label.

The three tracks presented here were originally created for a five-part monthly 3″ CD series, which started july, 2009. Each release was limited to 5 (FIVE) copies only – needless to say they were quickly sold out.

After completing the three tracks presented here (every track about 15 minutes), the series was discontinued due to ‘various pressures, including time restrictions’.

So this almost left this beautiful music completely unheard…
‘Less is more’, especially in this kind of music, but taking that credo to a release policy like this might prove a few steps too far…

But lucky for all those who missed it, it was the intention to release it as a free digital download after the project completed. And now here it is for everyone to hear!

Language of Landscapes are Chris Tenz and Cory Zaradur (aka Chris & Cory).
They have plans for solo projects and for future collaborations…so remember their names!

Memories Fade Under a Shallow Autum Snow can be downloaded from various places, including bandcamp,  or
It’s best to start there, so you can also check the other releases Phantom Channel has to offer.

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Miserere (Mix)


First, let me give my best wishes for 2010 to all of you!!

What better way to start the new year than with a brand new mix ánd a brand new design (thanks Ingmar from Planet KL!)?

The design change is symbolic, in a way: after publishing a lot of mixes in 2009, all of wich were created for radio broadcast, it is now time to take a further step and start publishing new mixes.
Miserere” is the first of these brand new mixes to be published.

Miserere” has taken its name from the concluding piece: Gregoria Allegri’s Miserere, as performed by the Tallis Scholars.
For me, this polyphonic church music, written in 1638 for two choirs (positioned on opposite sided of the church), is an example of music close to perfection.

It may not be an obvious choice for an “ambient-electronic” mix – but if you have heard my previous mixes you know that I like to stretch the boundaries a bit and “ambient” as well as “electronic” are definitions that may not always fit the style.

While working on this mix, I soon felt that this piece had to be the conclusion, and that it should not be combined with other pieces of music or environmental sounds.

It is the coda of the mix before, where human voice seems to struggle to be heard in threatening, artificial landscapes: Meredith Monk‘s wordless syllables in the beginning, Jónsi and Alex‘ boys choir in the middle and finally the concluding Miserere. Inbetween, the sounds are dark, brooding, threatening.

This mix turned out to be quite dark, compared to the others published before – maybe due to the winter days of year it was created in. But, in a way, it is also quite “romantic”.

The Landscapes are Artificial and Fearsome, the Dream sometimes comes close to a Nightmare.
But in the end, there’s always Hope..

This mix was created in november/december, 2009.

Miserere: Mix Sequence


  • 0:00 Robert Hampson – Ahead Only the Stars
    Vectors, 2009 Touch TO:71
  • 0:10 Meredith Monk – Liquid Air
    Mercy, 2002 Ecm 1829
  • 1:14 Don Peyote – The Guardian
    Eternal Now, 2009 Don Peyote Recordings DPY1CD004
  • 3:02 Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori – The Rookie
    Halo 3 ODST Soundtrack, 2009 Something Else
  • 6:47 Kreng – Slaapliedje
    L’Autopsie Phénomenale de Dieu, 2009 Miasmah MIALP010
  • 7:16 The Caretaker – I Saw Your Face in a Dream
    We’ll all go riding on a Rainbow, 200x v/VM Test records VVMTCD15
  • 7:29 Thomas Köner – 31 46 N 35 12 E Hour Ten
    – La Barca, 2009 Fario cd09
  • 9:43 Nigel Samways – City of Gas Streetlamps
    Veilleur de Nuit, 2009 Experimedia EXP051
  • 10:09 Rafael Anton Irrisarri – Still
    Musique Pour Statues Menhirs, 2009 Arbouse recording arbou26
  • 12:58 Michel Banabila – Tape (Mix 2)
    Changing Structures, 2009 soundcloud
  • 13:22 Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Flat
    And in the endless Pause there came the sound of Bees, 2009 Type Type64LP
  • 16:02 Jónsi & Alex – Sleeping Giant
    Riceboy Sleeps, 2009 Parlophone 5099996300220
  • 17:00 Michel Banabila – Zeer Duister (voor Peter van Cooten)
    Not on album, 2007 unreleased
  • 17:29 Kreng – Mythobarbital
    L’Autopsie Phénomenale de Dieu, 2009 Miasmah MIALP010
  • 19:06 Benjamin Dauer – Murmur
    Ceci N’Est pas une Pipe, 2009 Public Space Labs PS010
  • 21:20 Taylor Deupree – 6 A.M.
    Favourite Places 1, 2007 Audiobulb 2007 AB016
  • 22:33 Robert Hampson – Ahead
    – Only the Stars – Vectors, 2009 Touch TO:71
  • 24:04 Franz Hautzinger – Deep T.
    Gomberg II, 2007 Loewenhertz 018
  • 25:25 Franz Hautzinger – Fahne
    Gomberg II, 2007 Loewenhertz 018
  • 26:20 Murcof – Isaías IV
    La Sangre Illuminada, 2009 Intolerancia Records
  • 28:11 Exuviae – Wane and Flicker
    Intrinsic Luminance, 2009 Endless Ascent ea007
  • 30:15 Jónsi & Alex – Boy 1904
    Riceboy Sleeps, 2009 Parlophone 5099996300220
  • 33:22 Sleep Research Facility – Dark Side of the Lune
    Au Clair de La Lune, 2009 Infrequency 005
  • 34:05 Else Marie Pade – Illustrations – The Palace of the Sea King
    Water-colours of the Sea, 2009 Dacapo Records 8.226544
  • 34:44 Netherworld – Jostedaal
    Zaum, 2009 Psychonavigation Records PSY029
  • 37:02 Else Marie Pade – Illustrations – The Palace of the Sea King
    Water-colours of the Sea, 2009 Dacapo Records 8.226544
  • 37:41 Ronald van der Meijs – Under the Dream
    Private collection, 2009 unreleased
  • 39:05 Lawrence English – Quiet Planigale
    Favourite Places 2, 2009 Audiobulb AB026
  • 43:27 Clint Mansell – We’re Not Programs, Gerty, We’re People
    Moon OST, 2009 Black Records CMCD001
  • 44:15 Elegi – Fandens Bre
    Varde, 2009 Miasmah MIACD009
  • 45:18 Hildur Gudnadottir – Unveiled
    Without Sinking, 2009 Touch TO:70
  • 45:31 Hildur Gudnadottir – Elevation
    – Without Sinking, 2009 Touch TO:70
  • 47:35 Last Days – Thoughts of Alice
    The Safety of the North, 2009 n5MD MD166
  • 50:12 Wixel – Jotunheimen
    Norway, 2009 (august)
  • 51:08 Scanner – Leoni
    Consegnaci, Bambina, I Tuoi Occhi, 2009 Horus Music
  • 51:37 Robert Henke – Indigo_Transform
    Indigo_Transform, 2009 Imbalance Computer Music ICM 08
  • 52:46 Mathew Adkins – Sea Soundscape
    – [60] Project, 2008 Impreintes digitales IMED0898
  • 55:00 Roland Etzin – On the Bus
    Recorded in the Field by…, 2006 Gruenrekorder Gruen033
  • 55:13 Elian – It was over, just like that
    And Then, One Day, It was over, just like that, 2008 Trans>Parent Radiation Trans012
  • 55:20 Murcof – Eugenio
    La sangre Iluminada, 2009 Intolerancia Records
  • 56:30 The Caretaker – Past Life Regression
    Persistent Repetition of Phrases, 2008 History Always Favours the Winners HAFTWDL003
  • 57:07 The Gentleman Losers – Oblivion’s Tide
    – Dustland, 2009 City Centre Offices TowerblockCD043
  • 57:50 Aaron Ximm (The Quiet American) – Starboard
    Maritime Suite, 200x self-released
  • 58:00 The Tallis Scholars – Gregorio Allegri – Miserere (3 fragments)
    Allegri: Miserere, 2005 Gimsell Records GIMSE401

Download Miserere Now 100Mb (60 min.)

[DTS – Surround Version also available]


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Mark Tamea Mix

A special mix to conclude 2009.
This also is the last upload of the mixes that were created for radio.
2010 will start off with new mixes exclusively created for this weblog.

tessellation cover

Like “Sounds of Spellborn” (published last week) this mix is different from most previous mixes, in that it does not include many different artists, but concentrates on the music of one single artist: Mark Tamea.

Tamea is a composer from England, currently living in Nijmegen (Holland).
His music is a fascinating combination of electronics, environmental sounds, musique concrête, acoustical and modern classical music.

When I hear the music he creates, I can imagine the wondrous feelings Alice must have had when exploring Wonderland: landscapes vaguely familiar yet alienating, a new surprise at every corner…


His latest CD is ‘Tessellation’ (2008). Tessellation defines the recurring pattern in tiles – in graphic art this is best known by the work of M.C. Escher.
One reviewer
said “It has the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile” – and that is exactly how I feel about it.

Apart from music from Tessellation, this mix also features work from older Tamea albums:  Buried Traktora, The Paignton Anomaly en Distant Suns.

This Mark Tamea mix was created for dutch radio in march 2009. Quite a lot of listeners reacted to this broadcast – but the very best compliment to this mix came from Mark Tamea himself when he wrote me: “You managed to surprise me with my own music!”
Well – Tamea’s music certainly surprised me, too!
And for now I do expect it will also surprise you!



  • Eg Nog Ra
    (Distant Suns, 1996, EQ:RA)
  • The Forest Star
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • The Cell Assailed
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • A Brain Shaped Hole Where A Head Used to Be
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • Witch Become Child
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  •  The Orgeo Crux
    (Ressonus Net. Vol.1, 2008, Ressonus records ress03)
  • Planked and Shored
    (Mark Tamea & Kymatik: The Paignton Anomaly, 2008, Non Serviam/Paradigm)
  • What we Know, Triplicate
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  • Odium
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  • Mogahm
    (Distant Suns, 1996, EQ:RA)
  • Tisedni
    (Dur-as-Sulh, 2001, Paradigm PD15)
  • Legolum (EQ:RA Mix)
    (Buried Traktora, 2007, EQ:RA)
  • A Pool of Uniformed Intent
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)
  • Split, Ranged and Trussed
    (Tessellation, 2008, EQ:RA EQ:RA006)

Download Mark Tamea Mix Now 96Mb (57 min.)
January 2010 Update:
Mark Tamea’s new album, ‘Metonymy‘, is now released and available at AtmoWorks.

Mark Tamea - Metonymy (cover)


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Sounds of Spellborn – Alternate (mix)


The Chronicles of Spellborn‘ came with so much interesting soundscapes, that I decided to create a second mix, an alternate version to the first one published last week.

Basically, the ingredients and the atmosphere are the same, but different tracks and samples are chosen.
In fact, both of these mixes can be played together and be listened to as one (two-hour) mix.

Read the information in the previous podcast entry for more details about this mix and about the Chronicles of Spellborn game.



  1. Spellborn Intro English (voice: Anna Drijver)
  2. Arena – Tune
  3. Music  Menu: The Chronicles of Spellborn
  4. Character Creation
  5. Deadspellstorm – Armada
  6. Trialcave  lvl 45 – Ambience
  7. Death
  8. Chamber of Whispers
  9. Shop – Rune Ambience
  10. Ringfell – Exploration
  11. Green District – Amsell
  12. Raftyards
  13. Parliament – Hoggsridge
  14. Ritual Fight Music
  15. Ancestral Quest – Ormuburu Lair
  16. Music – Credits (Lullabye)
  17. Ringfell – Holy Ground
  18. Shop – General Store
  19. Shop – Forge Ambience
  20. Green District – Day Park
  21. Quartestone Exploration – Palace and Oracle
  22. Deadspellstorm – Drydock Inside
  23. Slywood – Tavern Ambience
  24. Mines and Dark Places
  25. Parliament – Sorrowmist
  26. Mount of Heroes – Cave Wind
  27. Mount of Heroes – Entering Cave
  28. Trialcave – Outer Burial Grounds
  29. Trialcave – Mine Ambience
  30. Ringfell – Hearth
  31. Slywood – Exeto’s Lair
  32. Mount of Heroes – South
  33. Slywood – Tavern Ambience
  34. Mount of Heroes – Mines
  35. Ringfell – Tombs Area
  36. Ringfell – Lower Exploration Music
  37. Quarterstone – Oracle Day Roads
  38. Slywood – Day Ruins
  39. Demon Army Camp – Wheel of War
  40. Statue District

Music by Jesper Kyd
Ambient atmospheric soundscapes by Matthew Florianz

Download Spellborn (Alternate Mix) Now 89Mb (58 min.)


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Sounds of Spellborn (mix)

If you have listened to previous mixes on this weblog, you may have grown accustomed to the kind of format that they share. This one has a different approach.

I noticed that a lot of people are unfamiliar with ambient music, but still get exposed to it more than ever: in movie soundtracks, and even more: when playing games. It may not be recognised as ‘music’ at all, but more as sounds to create/enhance an environment – but still: that’s what ambient music is about, isn’t it?

When The Chronicles of Spellborn was released early 2009, I decided to create a special mix from a selection of the sound and music that comes with it.

Spellborn Logo

The Chronicles of Spellborn‘s musical soundtrack was created by Jesper Kyd, while the ambient/environmental sounds were created by dutch ambient music artist Matthew Florianz.  

“Whereas Time is the leading element in movies, it’s Location in games. That’s why these media are so fundamentally different. Sound design in games means creating landscapes, surroundings, atmospheres and the movement within it. In games, the player decides where to move next, thus creating their own mix” (Florianz)

Unfortunately, after it’s release, Spellborn ‘slipped through the cracks’, as it did not get the attention it deserved, in spite of critical acclaim. It is now under redevelopment, and while it is, the current version is available to download and play for free.

This mix is intended for gamers ánd non-gamers to listen to the music without the game context. I’ve chosen parts and samples from the soundtrack (which is over 20 hours of immersive sounds!) without relation to the gameplay and story development.

I don’t know what the future may bring regarding this online game, but The Chronicles of Spellborn deserves to be remembered for its great soundtrack!

This mix was created in february 2009.

Please note that this is part 1 of a 2-part mix. Part 2 can be found [here].



  1. Chelicerata
  2. Spellborn Intro English (voice: Anna Drijver)
  3. Parliament – Gravesbow
  4. Character Creation
  5. Tutorial Intro (voice: Anna Drijver)
  6. Atheneum – Largeroom
  7. Lullabye (Music Credits)
  8. Mount of Heroes – Night Research
  9. Tomb of the Ancestors – Burial Grounds
  10. Slywood – Bealemeadow
  11. Dungeon Entrance
  12. Arena – Inside
  13. Arena – Inside Low
  14. Arena – Inside Lower
  15. Ringfell – Shorathmesa
  16. Ringfell – Shorathmesa – Shrine of Currents
  17. Ringfell – Night – Shorathmesa Marsh
  18. Slywood Tavern Ambience
  19. Tavern – Drowning Maiden
  20. Tavern – The Gleaming Cauldron
  21. Parliament Tunnel Suspence
  22. Parliament Tunnels
  23. Mount of Heroes – Howlers
  24. Ringfell  – Smokespires
  25. Tavern – Drowning Maiden
  26. Ringfell – Day Shorathmesa Forest
  27. Ringfell – Lower Exploration Music
  28. Exarchyon – Shardship Explodes
  29. Trialcace lvl 50 – Rune
  30. Exarchyon – Cutscene
  31. Parliament – House Shroud
  32. Slywood
  33. Tavern
  34. Tavern – The Grim Lie
  35. Tavern – Traiter’s Rest
  36. Mount of Heroes – Research Day
  37. Deadspell Storm Music
  38. Tutorial Strange (voice: Anna Drijver)
  39. Music Menu: The Chronicles of Spellborn
  40. Quarterstone – Graveyard Night No Music
  41. Slywood – Graveyard

Music by Jesper Kyd
Ambient atmospheric soundscapes by Matthew Florianz

Download Sounds of Spellborn Now 89Mb (59 min.)


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Dream Calibration (mix)


Nonstop Ambient Montage: from Alva Noto to Arvo Pärt, via Arve Henriksen and Jacaszek, with short stops at Christopher Bissonnette, Entia Non, Kraken, Goldmund, and many, many others.

This mix was created may/june 2009.
Image by Weirena

This is the last of the ‘ambient montages’ that were created for radiobroadcast.
Until now, 24 mixes are published on this weblog, counting 26 hours of continuous ambient/electronic/experimental music.

In the remaining weeks of this year some ‘different approach’ mixes will be published additionally: one focussing on game music and another focussing on the work of one composer.

Then, in 2010, on to the next phase….


  • The Green Kingdom/Gogooo – Miniature Forest
    Miniature Forest – 2008 – SEM Label – IOD 004
  • Goldmund – Apalachee
    The Malady of Elegance – 2008 – Type – Type 039
  • Michael Trommer – Frau Straubinger
    Tree Line – 2008 – Serein – SER 018
  • Autistici – Attaching Softness to a Shell
    12K Promo Sampler – 2007 – 12K – 12kP001
  • Náhvalur – Laveer
    – Aboideau – 2008 – Mystery Sea – MS46
  • Kraken – C 03
    Nachtschade – 2008 – Spectre – S30
  • Angus MacLaurin – Sea Shanti
    Glass Music – 2000 – BubbleCore – BC032
  • Vibration Institute – Environment
    Two Dream Calibration – 2008
  • Christian Hoy Knudsen – Plankton
    Hav – 2000 – Council of Nine – COFN002CD
  • Christopher Bissonnette – A Touch of Heartbreak (edit)
    In Between Words – 2008 – Kranky – KRANK 118
  • Jacaszek – Lament
    Treny – 2008 – Miasmah – MIACD007
  • Nighel Samways – There’s a Long Raincloud Deep Inside
    Veilleur de Nuit – 2009 – – EXP051
  • Harold Budd – Of Many Mirrors
    A Song for Lost Blossoms – 2008 – Darla Records – DRL198
  • Arvo Pärt – Für Lennart in Memorian
    In Principio – 2009 – ECM New Series – ECM 2050
  • Rudi Arapahoe – Dionysian Birds
    Echoes from One to Another – 2008 – Symbolic Interaction – SIC015
  • Elian – It was over, Just Like That
    And Then it was over Just like That – 2008 – Trans>Parent Radiation – Trans012
  • Amir Baghiri – Halley
    Planet X – 2006 – BlueBox – BB002
  • Entia Non – Perfunctory Jousting
    Lilt – 2008 – Test Tube – tube122
  • Kraken – C03
    Nachtschade – 2008 – Spectre – S30
  • Alva Noto – Monophaser 2
    Xerrox Vol. 2 – 2009 – Raster-Noton – R-N 103
  • Yui Onodera – Le Jardin
    Le Jardin – 2007 – Taâlem – alm45
  • Chris Watson & BJ Nilsen – Austrvegr
    Storm – 2006 – Touch – Tone 27
  • Audela – Part 3
    Audela2007Plague Recordings – Plague 002
  • Arve Henriksen – Famine’s Ghost
    Cartography – 2008 – ECM – ECM 2086
  • Janek Schaefer – Broadstairs Children’s
    Piano MUS*****C – 2008 – Crónica – 032
  • Atom TM– Weisses Rauschen (Ausleitung)
    Liedgut – 2008 – Raster-Noton – R-N099

Download Dream Calibration Now 79Mb (59 min.)


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Utsura – Utsura (mix)


Utsura-Utsura” is a japanese expression indicating the ‘fluctuation between alert wakefulness and a state of half-sleep’. Or at least: I was told that it means something like that…can anyone confirm this?

True or not, this is exactly what this hour-long mix is about: between being awake and half asleep. Sigur Rós, Arve Henriksen and Helios may be your grip to reality in this somewhat abstract, sometimes hallucinatory sound.

This mix was created in january/february 2009.


  • 0.00 – FM3 – Loop 3
    (Buddha Machine v. 20; 2008)
  • 1.07 – Andrey Dergatchev – Piano
    (The Return; 2005, ECM 1923)
  • 3.25 – [none] – 4 Figure Counting 10 Rough Tones
    (Conet Project; 1997, Irdial ird059)
  • 3.58 – Alan Howarth – Into the 8th Dimension
    (Real Hollywood Sound Effects; 1997, GNP Crescendo GNP8054)
  • 4.34 – The Caretaker – Poor Enuncration
    (Persistent Repetition of Phrases; 2008, Install INST002)
  • 5.50 – Daniel Lara – Kaaiatae
    (; 2008, -)
  • 7.30 – Horchata – Basement
    (Isolated House; 2008, dark winter dw047)
  • 9.22 – Esther Venrooy – Arthur
    (Shift Coordinate Points; 2006, Entr’Acte 30)
  • 10.14 – Colin Potter and Paul Bradley – Cavity
    (Behind your very eyes; 2003, ICR icr37)
  • 12.15 – Nomad Palace – Northern
    (Favourite Places; 2007, Audiobulb ab016)
  • 12.55 – Aaron Ximm (the Quiet American) – Starboard
    (Maritime Suite; 1999, Echolocations 2)
  • 14.20 – Akira Rabelais – 1483 Caxton Legg, He put away not the wodenes of his flesh (+ various short Spelle mixes)
    (Spellewauerynsherde remixes; 2004, unreleased, private collection)
  • 17.07 – Evan Bartholomew – Reborn, we fluctuate and fade
    (Caverns of Time; 2007, Somia 001)
  • 19.15 – Arve Henriksen – Sorrow and its opposite
    (Cartography; 2008, ECM 2086)
  • 20.30 – FM3 – Loop 1
    (Buddha Machine v. 20; 2008, Buddha 02)
  • 21.17 – Controlled Dissonance – Theme for Spooly
    (This is what it sounds like when drones cry; 2006, Intelligent Machine Prod. IMP021)
  • 22.45 – Lawrence English & Ai Yamamoto – Longing
    (Plateau; 2008, Post Everything PS07)
  • 23.57 – Arsenije Jovanovic – Athos – Montana Sacra
    (Athos – Montana Sacra; 2006, CCnC Records)
  • 26.42 – Arve Henriksen – Recording Angel
    (Cartography; 2008, ECM ecm2086)
  • 29.41 – Chris Watson – Cima Verde
    (Cima Verde; 2008, Fondazione Edmund Mach 761118-02708-1)
  • 29.15 – Esther Venrooy & Heleen van Haegenborgh – Interior View
    (Mock Interiors; 2008, Entr’Acte E55)
  • 31.22 – Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry – Vryashn
    (Vryashn; 2008, Gears of Sand GOS 40)
  • 33.52 – The Caretaker – I saw your face in a dream
    (We’ll all go riding on a rainbow; 2003, V/VM Test Records VVMTCD15)
  • 35.45 – Cory Allen – Gesemi Tropisms
    (Gesemi Tropisms; 2005, trans>Parent Radiation TRANS004)
  • 37.35 – Náhvalur – Remora
    (Aboideau; 2008, Mystery Sea MS46)
  • 38.58 – Blindman Saxophone Quartet – Four2 – polyphony with aleatoric time shifting
    (Multiple Voice; 2002, Universal Music 472596-2)
  • 42.38 – Hilary Jeffery – Announcement
    (Solo Trombone & Electronics 2; 2007, FMR 210-0906)
  • 44.08 – Sigur Rós – Straumnes
    (Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust; 2008, EMI 228 7282)
  • 45.16 – Ruth Anderson – I Come Out of Your Sleep
    (Sinopah; 1998, Experimental Intermedia XI 118)
  • 48.18 – [none] – Kones Kones
    (Conet Project; 1997, Irdial ird059)
  • 49.34 – Angus Maclaurin – Sea Shanti
    (Glass Music; 2000, Bubble Core Records BC-032)
  • 50.23 – David Kristian & Ryosuke Aoike – Kenzobutsu
    (Ghost Stories; 2007, Cocosolidciti CDC014)
  • 51.49 – Helios – Hollie
    (Caesura; 2008, Type Type042)
  • 56.17 – FM3 – Loop 3 + 1
    (Buddha Machine v. 20; 2008)
  • 56.26 – [none] – Ready Ready
    (Conet Project; 1997, Irdial ird059)

Download Utsura UtsuraNow 91Mb (59 min.)
[Surround-version (DTS.Wav) here]


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