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Monty Adkins * Halftribe



MONTY ADKINS – MOEROR  Also on Spotify

With its 21’27” length this is not a full Monty Adkins album, but we will not complain about that – especially since Atkins and Crónica offer this single track EP as a free download (as they call it themselves, but I prefer Name Your Price and suggest to leave a donation to the artist and the label).

Moeror is Latin for ‘sorrow’ or  ‘grief’, and is dedicated to the memory of Jóhann Jóhansson. There’s a nostalgic, contemplative piano theme looping over a slightly distorted noise background, but it’s not a repeating loop. At times, the loop changes, starts repeating a part of the theme. The material repeats, “sometimes exactly, at other times with additional processing or temporally shortened.”

Adkins is examining and re-examining every single detail of the loop, over and over again, wondering why “repetition is so psychoemotionally enticing even in melancholic works.”
The answer to that question is hidden in these timeless 22 minutes.



I accidentally misread the title as For The Summer, Or Whatever  – which may not be too strange since I think this music fits every season and not only Summer. But there are definitely associations with the warmer seasons here, such as the birdsong in the title track and the soft wind in The Simple Things.
In this way the album is about the opposite of many other ‘arctic ambient’ releases.

Halftribe is Ryan Bissett, from Northern Ireland but living in Manchester, producer of “deep ambient and down tempo styled music”.
I’m not (yet) familiar with his back-catalogue so I cannot compare, but on For The Summer, Or Forever the rhythms are kept to a minimum, in favour of lush dreamy ambient, perfect for completing a warm summer evening.
Another memorable release on the Dronarivm label!

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Various Artists – Loud Listening


Loud Listening

A lot ambient-electronic have a distinct industrial feel: the hum of giant machines and installations, soothing at some times, ominous – or even threatening – at other. Quiet and reassuring when distant, but loud and agressive when close. 

Though this may not be exactly what you expect of “ambient music”, it definitely is part of the sounds of our surroundings. Until the crisis may stop them, at least.

Loud Listening” is a free (!) compilation from the Crónica label, based on the environmental recording of four Italian soundscape artists: Allesio Ballerini, Enrico Coniglio, Giuseppe Cordaro and Attilio Novellino. 

They recorded the sound of four different Italian industrial sites, aiming “to capture the strength of industrial noises, providing a “loud experience” of mechanical hums, natural drones, metal squeaks, waves of steam and the sounds of raw materials, simultaneously proposing to reflect over the meaning and the high social value of industries and workers in a country where they are often overlooked”.

These recordings, presented as the four opening tracks on this album, were then handed to soundscape artists (all living outside of Italy), who then “reinterpreted” the recordings looking from afar to Italian industry, but perhaps feeling much of the effects of the crisis that is affecting it”.

Among the reinterpreters we find some (more or less) familiar names like Gintas K, @C, Lawrence English, Simon Whetham and Tu’M.

The basic recordings are beautiful in itself, presenting soundscapes from a boatyard, a wheat plant, a 70-ton furnace and a cement, lime and calcium carbonate factory. In the second half of this album, these sounds are altered into a somewhat otherworldy experience.

It may come as some surprise that this album is far less loud than the title suggests – although this conclusion máy depend on what sound levels you’re used to.

Mathias Delplanque – Calme

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