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Michel Banabila + Maarten Vos

Banabila Sound Years

Banabila + Vos


Michel Banabila‘s musical tree has many roots. Those of you that have checked out his back catalogue (and I hope most regular readers have done), know that it includes experimental electronics, as well as world fusion, jazz, and many productions for theatre, dance, movies and documentaries.
Every branch of his output is interesting in its very own right, but I dare say that his work for theatre and dance productions may often be his most emotionally engaging, as well as the most accessible for audiences not particularly used to ‘experimentalism’.
There’s an impressive list of his work for theatre [here], in case you might know (listing in Dutch).

In the past Banabila  has regularly worked with Conny Janssen for her well-known dance ensemble Conny Janssen DanstFor their 25th anniversary production Home -currently touring the dutch theatres extensively-  she asked him to create the music in collaboration with Maarten Vosand play it live at every performance.

Maarten Vos is a classically trained Dutch cellist.  who also studied Live Electronics. His work combines the two musical areas, merging the two disciplines into a new one. He has collaborated with many other artists such as Julianna Barwick, Greg Haines, Loney Dear, Machinefabriek, The Kyteman Orchestra, and now of course with Banabila. 
Both artists worked together intensely preparing the soundtrack for Conny Janssens’ anniversary production, and their work is captured on this CD which is currently available at the performances. And hopefully – if stock permits – after the tour has ended.


Even without attending the dance performance it was written for, it’s an impressive and diverse soundtrack. A golden combo of electronics and cello  (Maarten Vos is a cellist primarily, but with a soft spot for modular electronics too), capable of conjuring a  multitude of emotions with diverse musical styles.

Their music constantly evolves, so it is doubtful that the music on the last performance will be the same as on the first. As mature and complete as the music on this album may sound, the music captured on CD can be seen as a ‘basic draft’, simply because the CD had to be manufactured before the tour started. This means that the music will have evolved further and some of the tracks will have seen many reworks over time.
Banabila and Vos have found a solution for this: after the tour ends, the music will be made available via Bandcamp in different versions: a complete version (containing the full CD version and various reworks), and an ‘additional’ version containing the reworks only (for those that have already bought the CD version at the CJD performances).

All this, of course, is about the music soundtrack only. But if you read this before the tour ends and live anywhere near Holland, I advise to go see one of the performances for the full Conny Janssen Danst experience. (If tickets are still available, that is).
For all others: keep an eye on the Bandcamp page to see when the full edition is released (which will be the first week of may).

Banabila Sound Years


Sound Years is a compilation of previously released tracks (with the exception of the previously unreleased opening track Close To The Moon). All are hand-picked by Michel Banabila himself and mixed into two continuous tracks – one for each side of the vinyl album. The selection is taken from various projects: some of them from theatre works, some of the more recent experimental electronic music, an occasional live recording, and a selection of his collaboration works with Oene van Geel and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek).

The oldest tracks are taken from 2005’s Hilarious Expedition, the newest are from 2016. They are selected to create a continuous uninterrupted flow.
The sound is immediately recognisable as Banabila‘s – especially in his trademark use of ‘alien vocal’ samples (like in E.T. and Vuka Vuka!).
The set is a perfect demonstration of Banabila‘s mastership of creating moods and atmospheres. A soft, warm, comfortable selection that is slightly unnerving and ‘outerworldish’ at the same time.

Sound Years can perhaps be seen as Banabila‘s companion to KLF’s ‘Chill Out’ album: a slow walk through quiet (yet alien) landscapes. Unknown, full of surprises, yet always vaguely familiar.

Banabila has claimed that this could very well be his last physical release before going 100% digital. I wouldn’t take his word for that myself, but if it is, this beautifully packed (transparant vinyl) album (with a striking cover photo by Gerco de Ruijteris a ‘perfect goodbye’ to the vinyl medium.

Purchase of this transparent-vinyl album comes with a download that includes the unreleased Close To The Moon track as a separate bonus track.


The vinyl version of this album is available now (and selling fast), but the digital-only version of this album will be released on March, 21.
Three free advance download codes are available for commenters that answer one of these two questions below:

  • Who would you like to see Banabila collaborate with?
  • Can you take a guess about his favourite fruit?

Entries close sunday february 26!

Winners will be drawn randomly.
Thanks to Michel Banabila for providing these download codes!

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Various Various

Evidence of Intense Beauty

Evidence of Intense Beauty


The Audiobulb label succesfully proves the existense of intense beauty with the release of this compilation of ‘pioneers in the field of ambient microsound and modern classical’, each selecting a track that ‘represents their conceptual sense of beauty’.
Among the list of contributors are Clem Leek, Wil Bolton, Sawako, Taylor Deupree, Autistici, Richard Chartier, Ian Hawgood, Marcus Fischer, Monty Adkins, Antonymes, Listening Mirror (to name only a few) .

Paul Dresher once said that human attention and counsciousness works by “holding onto a certain amount of familiarity, and then introducing a certain amount of newness. “‘ When the familiarity and the newness are balanced, the experience may be one of intense beauty.”

“Beauty” is different for everyone of course, it’s in the eye of the beholder. But this music is specifically targeted at an audience that “actively engage with music and who want to be taken on a journey”.
“Each track takes the ingredients of minimalism coupled with a strong sense of tonality to produce a slowly evolving narrative.”
And for that audience, this equals beauty indeed.

With a clear conceptual vision like this, the  17 tracks (98 minutes) are not only ‘evidence of intense beauty’, but also proof of the label’s consistent quality.

Also on Spotify

 Tranquility 6   Tranquility 7


If you were into ‘ambient’ music in the 90’s, you’ll probably know the Silent (Records) label. If you discovered the genre later, you SHOULD know about the label, because it was hugely influential and set many standards in experimental electronics. Its founder and curator, Kim Casconeleft the label in 1996 to work as a sound designer for Thomas Dolby’s Headspace organisation. Without him, the label slowly disappeared until it finally shut down in 1998.

Early 2016, rumours emerged that a ‘renaissance’ was to be expected. One important part of this resurrection is the dedicated Silent Channel webstream on the famous Soma FM internet radio station, playing selections from the Silent catalog.
Another is the release of these two compilations: part 6 and 7 of the From Here To Tranquility series. Part 6 (16 tracks, 104 minutes) is available in a 2-CD version or digital download, while Part 7 is a download-only release because with its 24 tracks running 165 minutes it’s simply too massive for a physical edition.
Both editions are divided in a Light Disc and a Dark Disc, which is some indication about what atmospheres to expect.

“We shade our ambient in sound colors light and dark. Signals in and out of the calm and stillness of what is left unsaid. Treasured roadmaps. Coded experiments. We retouch the mindset of the past and turn to the future.”

The ‘renaissance’ collection simply picks up where the label left, with a lot of references to the original 90’s experimental ambient style while at the same time looking forward into new directions.
Although it is divided in two editions, it feels to me as one huge collection that immediately places the Silent label back in the forefront of experimental ambient music.
Welcome back, Kim!

Also on Spotify

Also on Spotify

Where Words Fail Music Speaks


A sad cause triggered fund-raising charity release: it is intended to help cover the cost of treatment of Ania Mehring, who was diagnosed with Sarcoma Synoviale, an exceptionally malignant tumor.
Ania is the wife of Maciej Mehring, founder of the Zoharum label – a label regularly featured on Ambientblog. Santa Sangre Magazine curated this massive 7 1/2 hour compilation (digital download-only obviously), for which many friends and related artists provided a previously unreleased track.

There are many obscure performers (at least for me) on the list, but many well-known artists too: Robert Rich, Biosphere, Troum, S.E.T.I., Machinefabriek, Phurpa, Cindytalk, Alio Die, Mathias Grassow, Dirk Serries and Celer – the latter closing the album with a beautiful warm and comforting 59 minute track called The Rest Remembered.

The majority of the 62 tracks are (experimental) ambient and drone tracks. Understandably, this is not a happy-go-lucky playlist: most of the music is dark and ominous, with a range from quiet calm to deafening noise. There’s a section of industrial and ‘neofolk’ tracks too. This set may seem a bit of an odd detour from the ambient selections – but they are clustered together (track 17 – 32) so they can easily be isolated to a full album – a collection within the collection.

Even if you probably won’t like all of it, there’s enough material to select a few hours of fascinating music for everyone (well, almost everyone). That’s a good enough reason to pay EUR 9.99 for this set. An even better reason is knowing that you support a good cause buying this album: help Ania get her necessary treatment and help her get better!

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Michel Banabila * Cerfilic * Taâlem

Taalem vijftien

Earth Visitor


June was a very rainy month, which was why Michel Banabila spent a lot of time watching NASA videos about the Juno mission. Or, maybe I’d better rephrase that: after watching the NASA videos he spent a lot of time creating this album which was inspired by the Juno mission.
In retrospect, we can be happy this was no ordinary sunny month, because inspired him to create this great album!

Starting out with a piano theme that demonstrates why his music works very well in theatre and documentary soundtrack settings, the tracks focus on outer space – becoming more abstract while never losing their melodic, human, touch.
Alien electronic soundscapes, sometimes ‘earthened’ with violin samples (performed by Salar Asid), piano, cat meows, and many distorted voice fragments (the kind that unmistakably identifies Banabila‘s work).

With titles like What Creature Is That and We Are The Aliens, this album’s viewpoint is nót only that of earth’s astronaut, but also  of the imaginary  Jupiter inhabitant watching the earth invaders approach.

After working ceaselessly and tirelessly for more than thirty years, recent re-issues of his early work finally gained the international acclaim it deserves (the Bureau B compilation Early Works / Things Popping Up from the Past and Astral Industries reissue of Chi Original Recordings).
But it’s important not to get stuck in the past: Banabila is alive and kicking and still creating an impressive stream of new music!
With his recent albums, Michel Banabila has explored many – often experimental –  territories. Earth Visitor demonstrates he’s also still a master of cinematic ambient!

Note: the download also contains two bonus tracks: Prayer and Space Expo Trailer 2016.

Also on Spotify



The Call Of The Stag At Twilight, as the title translates, is a solo project by Jamie McCarthy, aka Cerfilic. McCarthy is a former member of the Gavin Bryars Ensemble and from the Canadian band The Hidden Cameras.
 presents ‘ambient sounds with the slow and sudden changes of weather systems and cloud formations’.
La Brâme opens with a slow string piece, The Last Thirteen. Strings are the main instruments on this collection (with the occasional exception such as The Internationale Music Box), but they can sometimes gradually dissolve  into the background soundscapes which can get quite abstract as the album progresses.


With its long (shortest is 6’45”, longest is 25’31”), unhurried and ethereal tracks the music reminds me of the work of The Stars Of The Lid (later A Winged Victory For The Sullen).
Which is one simple and effective argument to recommend you to check out this album!

Taalem vijftien


The Taâlem label’s aim is simple: “exploring the different sides of ambient music”. Their statement continues: “as we’re tired of all these ultra-limited & ultra-expensive releases, taâlem discs are unlimited editions and are sold for a cheap price. As long as demand exists, every release is available.”
The label celebrates its 15th year of existence, and it does so with this massive overview of past releases that is free to download.

Vijftien Années
(Fifteen Years,
in an unusual combination of Dutch and French) contains no less that 109 tracks selected from all physical releases – its playtime is more than 11.5 hours!
The collection is almost impossible to digest in one go – not only because of its length but also because of the contents – but when listened in parts it’s an inspiring treasure of experimental, often industrial, ambient soundscapes.
There are quite some familiar names in the collection (Daniel Menche, Aidan Baker, Jeff Stonehouse, Dronaement, Netherworld, Yui Onodera, Chihei Hatakeyama, Celer, Simon Whetham, Nobuto Suda, Strom Noir, Pleq, Yann Novak), but of course a lot of relatively unknown artists, too.
So it’s a great way to explore the label’s output and discover new sounds.

All of the tracks are edited down to about six minutes each (the originals can be much longer). As this is a ‘gift’ sampler and not a ‘real’ release, the tracks have not been re-mastered so there can be some differences in volume.
(Tip for those that download the MP3 version: MP3Gain is a helpful tool to level the overall output volume in a non-destructive way)

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Various Various

Into The White

Dronarivm kicks off the new year with an impressive 21-track (almost 2 hours) sampler, offered as a free (or better: name your price) download!
One short look at the contributors and you know you’re in for something good.
I won’t begin to mention anyone since I would have to include them all – so just check the Bandcamp link for more details.
I am not entirely sure, but as far as I know all tracks are previously unreleased works. Together, they are a perfect overview of what contemporary ambient music – and, more specifically, the Dronarivm label – has to offer.
So why wait?

Eilean 2015

Eilean Records ended 2015 (or started 2016 if you wish) by looking back at the year and presenting this compilation of tracks by artists that were involved with the label in 2015.
But again: all 17 tracks (72 minutes) are previously unreleased!
The limited metal box edition is sold out now, but the beautiful music of the download is exactly the same, fortunately.
The collection includes some less familiar artists, among names like Bill Seaman, James Murray, Ruhe, Lee Chapman and Dag Rosenqvist.



Not one, but two separate collections, from a series that started earlier in 2015: Volume 1 was released in March, Volume 2 followed in December (and Volume 3 will follow somewhere in 2016).
We Are Invisible Now is  ‘a project about absence, memory, silence, seeing without being seen, reconciliation, resolution, stasis, kites, aeroplanes, the last cup of coffee of an entire life, sleep and descent’.
It’s a ‘no-profit’ series: no money is involved and all music is contributed ánd offered for free. An interesting way to discover new artists: the collection involves relatively few familiar names – most of the contributors were hitherto unknown or ‘invisible’.



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DreamScenes 2015-03


Featuring tracks from Boduf Songs, Jeff Bridges, The Notwist,  Jordan De La Sierra and Sinikka Langeland, the March selection is not only hovering on the borders of sleep, but also on the borders of what is called ‘ambient’ music.

Additional atmospheres created by Lauki, Markus Mehr, Ann Deveria, John Kannenberg, Hessien, Jasmine Guffond, Alphaxone, K. Novotny and Field Rotation.


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Various Artists – Touched Two

Touched Two

I really don’t know where to begin here. This “review” is the very first I ever write without having listened to the album at least a few times.

So, more than usual, this is not a review but a recommendation. How can anyone éver review a 255 (two hundred and fifty five) track compilation that presents 22 (twenty two) hours (and 45 minutes) of music from all kinds of of artists and bands from the contemporary electronic, ambient and modern classical field?

Charity compilations come in all forms & sizes, but Touched Two” is one of truly megalomaniac proportions. Even its predecessor, last year’s Touched”  ‘only’ featured half the tracks (123).
(I don’t suppose this means that next year will see a third edition with more than 510 tracks?? Impossible!)

The sheer size of this compilation is the first thing you will notice: be prepared for a massive download of 3.1 Gb for the MP3 version – for the FLAC version you’ll have to reserve more than 12 Gb of disk space.
But, as is always the case: it’s not just the size, it’s what you do with it!

All of these 255 artists have contributed their music for free – all proceeds from this album are donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.
You can help donate by buying this album for GBP 12 (= EUR 16, USD 19) – which is only GBP 0,05 (EUR 0,06, USD 0,07) per track! Or you could pay/donate some more, of course.
A perfect way to end the year!

I guess this is simply enough for a recommendation.
It’s impossible to list all artists, but you can check out the full list (and preview all tracks) on the bandcamp page.
As an appetizer, here’s a (not very representative) selection of some of the better known artists:
808 State, Antonymes, Arovane, Autechre, Bengalfuel, Brambles & Nest,Clem Leek, Dean DeBenedictis, Dub Tractor, Future Sound of London, Hecq, Higher Intelligence Agency, Luke Vibert, Marsen Jules Trio, Mira Calix & Ulrich Schnauss, Offthesky, Olan Mill, Orbital, Plaid, Pleq+Lauki, Porn Sword Tobacco, Port-Royal, Red Snapper, Richard Devine, Richard H. Kirk, Sun Electric, Will Bolton, u-Ziq. 

And that’s just to name a few!

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Various Compilations

Compilation albums are a nice (and often inexpensive) way to get introduced to new artists you’re not yet familiar with. For a label, they’re a great way to present their artist portfolio. Or a way to raise some money to fund new projects.
Or … they may be used as an auditive sleeping pill…
Prepare for over 15 hours of assorted musical selections:

Elements 1-5

To celebrate their five years of existence, the renowned Home Normal label presents a massive five-album compilation set.
64 Tracks with an incredible artists line-up (I won’t even begin to start name-dropping here!). Apart from the five album set, the individual albums are also sold separately.
Profits of each album will go to five different charity organisations: one for each separate album.

According to the website, Home Normal label curator Ian Hawgood will be taking a (well deserved) break after rounding off the Elements compilation sets. Luckily, this does not mean we’ll have to do without this label’s music: this set alone is offering enough to keep on listening for months!

Ambient Sleeping Pill

For those that didn’t know yet, AMBIENT SLEEPING PILL is an internet radio station “streaming music for Sleeping, taking naps, and other more wakeful moments; Tranquil, Deep, Serene; no breaks, no ads, no beats, no new-age cheese.” (!).
In other words: an insomniac’s dream! And a healthy alternative for a sleeping pill, too.
For those that want to take their sleeping pills when off-line, there are currently three compilations available. Needless to say that these albums strictly contain quiet, soothing, drone-based ambient sounds.
(But NO new-age cheese indeed!)
Compilation 3 presents 9 tracks (80 minutes), with contributions by Nobuto Suda, Saito Koji, Erinome, Echo Grid, Not a Number, Purl, Porky214, Summons of Shining Ruins, Niko Bellanti.
For more information, Andrew J. Klimekstation and compilation curator – wrote extensive track-by-track notes on the Bandcamp page.
As the #3 indicates: there’s more where that came from: the previous Compilation 2 and Compilation 1 are both equally interesting. And yes: buying these albums supports running the radio stream!

EarthTones 2

The “Vol. 2” already reveals that this is not an ‘introduction’. It is the second in a series released on Tessellate Recordings, a label curated by Harry Towell, a.k.a. Spheruleus.
Selling this compilation is a way to help funding forthcoming physical label releases. It’s quite a massive set: 25 tracks, 2 hours of music, presented by well-known artists as well as less familiar names. To name just a few: Paper Relics, Darwin Raymond, Grzegorz Bojanek, Strom Noir, Green Kingdom, Rezo Glonti, Specta Ciera, Porya Hatami, Yann Novak, Michael Trommer, Tobias Hellkvist.
Along with their musical contribution, all artists also have included a picture image of their local surroundings, “as a sort of post card to you, the listener”.This is a great insight in the surroundings that have inspired them to create this music. The surrounding earth as a source of inspiration defintely results in a more lighthearted and often optimistic atmosphere. The styles cross different sections of the ambient music scene, but here is some more emphasis on using the guitar as the main instrument.

Soft Recordings

Soft Recordings is a brand new label founded by David Teboul (Linear Bells). To introduce his new label, catalogue # 001 is a 12 track compilation presenting a remarkable array of contributing artists.
Next to Linear Bells, we find familiar names like Leonardo Rosado, Monolyth & Cobalt, Darren Harper, Endless Melancholy, Sima Kim, Radere, Saito Koji, Bengalfuel (and then some).
Judged by this line-up Soft Recordings will be a label to keep an eye on.
Stylistically, most kinds of contemporary ambient music are present here: “drone, experimental, some noise, and a sprinkling of modern classical” .
“‘An introduction to Soft Recordings’ is an evening spent in a mountainside cabin, listening to the storm shake the trees in the darkness. Inside, all is still, hushed, waiting. The fervent glow of firelight, bright against frosted windows.”


This (pay-what-you-want) compilation is an introduction to another brand new (NET-)label. The Ache netlabel is dedicated to “lush soundscapes, dark drones, ethereal ambience, and atmospheric sounds.” Here are six bands/artists each presenting two tracks: Auteurist, Foresight, Swell Sounds, Black Light, Unruhe and Bellow from the Arms.
The names may be less familiar, but the music is as diverse and adventurous as the Soft Recordings collection mentioned above, although the overall sound is somewhat darker.

Ambient Selections 2

Another ‘sequel’ compilation, this time from the Cyan Music label, operating from Melbourne, Australia, run by Gus and Andrew Till and ‘The Gnome’. This compilation focusses on somewhat more melodic, ‘traditional’ ambient music – mainly created using synthesizers – sometimes crossing over to some ‘new agey’ sounds (but fortunately staying on the ‘right’ side of it… whatever that may mean)
I must confess that from the eight contributing artists Robert Rich was the only name I was familiar with, so there are definitely some new names to be checked out here!

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Various Artists – Earthtones


Tessellate Recordings is a new label started by Harry Towell, well-known for curating tons of fine music for the Audio Gourmet netlabel, ánd of course for his own music as Spheruleus.

“Earthtones” is a massive compilation (26 tracks, over 2 hours) of well- and lesser known artists that all contributed a track to this album which is intended to raise funds for the next CD-releases.

Just picking a few names from the contributor list: Caught in the Wake Forever, Wil Bolton, Maps and Diagrams, Savaran, Ekca Liena, Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq), James Murray, Damian Valles, Monolyth & Cobalt, Lauki, Offthesky, Radere, The Inventors of Aircraft. – I guess that’s enough to get you interested….

Not only did the artists contribute a musical track: they also provided “an image of their local surroundings to accompany it to help further drive home the theme”.
The tracks contain these images as a personal ‘track cover image’, so when playing back the album “you’ll transport across the globe and back again, acting as a sort of postcard from the artist to you, the listener”.

Contributors come from all over the world, and together they present a wide array of different styles that are nowadays filed under ‘ambient’.

Tessellate Recordings has made an impressive start with these first two releases, and it’s definitely worth spending a few bucks to help fund their future releases.

Especially when these bucks also get you a compilation album like this!

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…. And Darkness Came.

...and darkness came

The announcement of this charity compilation – the very first release of the popular Headphone Commute weblog – has caused quite a buzz in the ‘ambient’ music community. I’t not very difficult to see why.

Boasting a tracklisting of 87 tracks, it seems that almost everyone artist imaginable has contributed to …. And Darkness Came.
More than six hours of music (and sounds) for just USD 10 (or more, of course) – of which all proceedings will go to Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society to support those affected by the recent Hurricane Sandy.

How’s that for a Christmas present?!

Just one glance on the list of contributing artist is enough to see what an impressive line-up this is. I cannot even begin to name them all, so I will just mention some of the more familiar artists:
Helios, Simon Scott, Kane Ikin, Roel Funcken, Sunn Hammer, Pleq, Autistici, Kreng, Julien Neto, Machinefabriek, Hammock, Lawrence English, Loscil, Peter Broderick, Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, Antonymes, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Dakota Suite, Olan Mill,Clem Leek, Dustin O’Halloran, Christoph Berg, Max Richter, Hauschka, Clint Mansell, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Bersarin Quartett, Brambles, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Ian Hawgood, Radere, Celer
-and that’s not even half the list!!

I guess most listeners will listen to these tracks in random mode, but it’s good to see Headphone Commute took great care to the track sequence:

“The flow of the tracks on the compilation is laid out to traverse the events of the hurricane. First a soft windy breeze, a quiet surrender, then a dark moving mass of wheezing noise until it suddenly subsides into a dark and peaceful stillness. Then the selection oscillates through five stages of grief: denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. In the middle comes a glimpse of light and hope (this is my favorite part – can you guess where?) and the flow takes on an almost lighter mood, until the world, with a few stumbles along the way, falls back into the cycle of the norm… with moments gone but not forgotten…”

Ambient/Soundscape compilations tend to get more and more voluminous every year: for example, think of the (Future) Sequence 1-5 series, or Escala 2.3 for another example.
But who’s to complain if the quality is this good?

Needless to say …. And Darkness Came immediately went to #1 in Bandcamp’s top sellers list on the first day of release. And it will hopefully stay there for quite a while.

2012 has been a very good and productive year for the ambient-electronic-experimental-post-classical-improv music scene – and this charity compilation is easily the best way to conclude it. Or to start 2013 with.

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Various Artists – Escala 2.3

Escala 2.3

It was a rather casual remark from Pleq, promoting his own track on this set, that led me to Escala 2.3 . 

Following his advice, I found an amazing set of 3 albums, presented by the Escalared netlabel and Sísmógrapho Radio 3 from Spain.

46 tracks of new ambient, drone, soundscape and electro-acoustic music – over 4 hours of music in a free download package … you can even choose to download it in MP3, OGG or FLAC format!

Divided into three different parts named “Ice”, “Water”and“Snow”, Escala 2.3presents a wealth known ánd unknown artists.

Just mentioning a few of the “known” artists (which is of course relatively speaking) may give an impression of what can be expected, sonically:
Pleq (thanks again for mentioning this!), Francisco López, Nigel Samways, Kenneth Kirschner, Antonymes, Yui Onodera, Hakobune, Shaula, Spheruleus, Talvihorros, Offthesky & Radere, Konntinent, Leonardo Rosado and Porzellan.

And that’s only 1/3 of what’s offered.

The music offered is as diverse as the artist list, but overall the compilation retains a remarkable coherence.
“A unique compilation to keep abreast of the latest proposals in advanced music that presents a matchless quality among the experimental scene, both because of the artists who make it up and of the included unreleased tracks”.

I do not “just” recommended this set: it’s an obligatory download.
Grab it now and start listening.

Cello + Laptop (Sara Galán + Edu Gomelles) –  The Hunt

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