FrostbYte (Daniel Blinkhorn) – One Dog Night

Discover hitherto unknown sonic regions of Svalbard (Spitsbergen) with the acousmatic compositions from Daniel Blinkhorn, a.k.a. FrostBYte
Available in Stereo as well as in stunning full surround versions.

The title ‘One Dog Night’, refers to ‘an adage once used to describe how cold the temperature could drop at night. If it was a particularly cold night, it may have been appropriate to have one, two, even three of your dogs on the bed with you to help keep you warm as you slept!’

Thomas Köner – Tiento de las Nieves – Cloître

Thomas Köner is perhaps the Jules Verne of ambient-electronic soundscapes: his sounds seem to come from the deepest ocean, the centre of the earth, the vastest spaces imaginable. If you know his work, you will often immediately recognise his sound when you hear it – and maybe feel it before you even hear it.

Knowing his back-catalogue, the choice of a piano as the main instrument for his new album is somewhat surprising. Piano notes are clearly fixed in time, as opposed to the stretched sounds Thomas Köner usually applies. It is, in a way, a bit of a “rigid instrument”.

Yair Elazar Glotman – Northern Gulfs

Glacial Movements – the italian label specializing in “ambient and electronic arctic soundscapes” – is one of those labels where the quality of the releases is so consistently in line with their original mission that they can almost be ordered blindly. Quality glacial music guaranteed!

Northern Gulfs“, the debut release of Yair Elazar Glotman, is no exception to that rule.

Machinefabriek + Esther Kokmeijer – Stillness

Sometimes, a certain kind of ambient soundscapes are referred to as “glacial”. Often, these are dark, slowly evolving soundscapes that evoke a desolate, solitary, atmosphere that can be associated with the vast arctic landscapes (although the sounds are not necessarily ‘cold’).

Stillness, a multimedia project by Esther Kokmeijer (cinematic landscapes) and Rutger “Machinefabriek” Zuydervelt (music) is literally “glacial”, because it documents Esther Kokmeijer’s journey to Antarctica in january 2013 and to Greenland in june 2013.
The video in 5 parts documenting these trips are subtitled “Millions of Winters, two summers” – with a perfectly fitting musical score performed by Rutger Zuydervelt.

Yuya Ota – Arctic April Mother

Arctic April Mother

Presenting “glacial and isolationist ambient”, the Glacial Movements label – run and curated by Alessandro Tedeschi – has presented over 15 albums since 2006, from artists like Lull, Rapoon, Francisco López, BvDub, Loscil, Pjusk, Celer and then some.

Different kind of artists, different kind of sounds, but what they have in common here is the “glacial feel and atmosphere” – which is often described as cold and desolate.

Their latest release (digital only this time)is Arctic April Motherby Yuya Ota from Tokyo.

Thomas Koener – Nunatak – Teimo – Permafrost


It’s not really a shame when you missed these albums when they were originally released in 1990/92/93.
Even though the original label (Barooni) was located in my hometown, I did not notice these releases until they were re-released on Mille Plateaux a few years later

With following album releases, Thomas Köner’s immersive drones found wider attention, and gained more and more recognistion. Albums like Kaamos, Daikan, Unerforschtes Gebiet, Nuuk and, more recently, La Barca) firmly established Köner’s reputation as the absolute master of immersive deep dronescapes.
And thus the interest in his back catalogue also grew. 

Recently, Type Records have re-released Köner’s first three albums on vinyl. For those that prefer the CD format, a 3-CD version of these remastered albums is now also available

So don’t let them pass you by this time: these albums are definitely classics of electronic and drone music!