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Bipolar (HC-PvC) (Mix)


What better way to start a new year with a brand new mix?!?

Mix-wise, 2017 was a quiet year: it has been quite some time ago since I published my last ‘real’ mix (Mind Awake, Body Asleep) – partly due to concentrating on DreamScenes,  which got a re-birth as a monthly radio show on

But in the end of 2017 a long-standing plan finally materialised: a ‘collaboration mix’ with  Mike ‘Headphone Commute‘ Lazarev!
It is especially nice to start 2018 with this occasion, since Headphone Commute celebrates its 10th anniversary this year!

We had no clear concept for this mix when we started, other than ‘each turn takes 5 minutes, we’ll stop at 60, and we’ll see where it gets us’. We were unaware of each other’s tracklist (apart from what our ears told us).
The result is a thrilling ride, where each part is a reaction to the previous section.
Not exactly what we’d call an ‘ambient’ mix, because it’s extremely dynamic. Sections may range from deep sleep sections to exuberant enthusiasm – hence ‘Bipolar’.
It’s like a full life’s story comprised in one hour..

Take a look at the tracklist below (51 Track samples in 60 minutes) and get ready for a fascinating ride. And let us know what you think!

This mix is also published on Headphone Commute
Thanks to Mike Lazarev for all the fun!




  • 00:00 [PvC] Alejandro Dojorewski – Eye Of The Beholder
    // The Holy Mountain [Finders Keepers Records,1973/2015]
  • 00:20 [PvC] Hilmar Öm Hilmarsson, Sigur Ros – Black Dog And The Scottish Play
    // Angels Of The Universe [FatCat Records, 2001]
  • 01:20 [PvC] Dean Hurley – Low Sustained Mystery
    // Anthology Resource Vol. 1 [Sacred Bones Records, 2017]
  • 02:06 [PvC] Bass Communion – Sisters Oregon B
    // Sisters Oregon [Substantia Innominata, 2017]
  • 03:27 [PvC] H_C/Ben Frost – Artist Reflection
    // Artist Reflections [unreleased, 2017]
  • 04:30 [HC] Hlynur A. Vilmarsson – BD (excerpt)
    // Iceland Symphony Orchestra – Recurrance [Sono Luminus, 2017]
  • 06:00 [HC] Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra – Audio Track 5 (Narrowest Sustain Version)
    // Audio Track 5 [Ninja Tune, 2017]
  • 06:30 [HC] Roly Porter – 4101
    // Third Law [Triangle, 2016]
  • 09:00 [HC] Paul Jebanasam – sigma*(y waiting -x)
    // Continuum [Subtext, 2016]
  • 09:17 [PvC] Annelies Monseré – I Will Lock You (UK Mix)
    // Verjaardag [Bluesanct, 2006]
  • 10:03 [PvC] Sarah Davachi – For Voice (edit)
    // All My Circles Run [Students Of Decay, 2017]
  • 11:30 [PvC] Los Angeles Percussion Quartet – Memory Palace V. Claremont (edit)
    // Beyond [Sono Luminous, 2017]
  • 13:10 [PvC] Ryuichi Sakamoto – Walker (edit)
    // Async [Milan, 2017]
  • 13:14 [PvC] Hans Zimmer/Benjamin Wallfisch – Furnace
    // Blade Runner 2049 [Epic Records, 2017]
  • 14:30 [HC] Kreng – Tourniquet (Part One) (excerpt)
    // Works For Abattoir Fermé 2007 – 2011 [Miasmah, 2012]
  • 18:20 [HC] Robert Rich & B. Lustmord – A Point of No Return (sample)
    // Stalker [Fathom, 1995]
  • 18:30 [HC] Marcus Fjellström – Arboretum (ending)
    // Skelektikon [Miasmah, 2017]
  • 19:15 [PvC] Robert Henke – Studies For Thunder
    // Signal To Noise [Imbalance Computer Music, 2004]
  • 20:28 [PvC] Michael Begg – An Act Of Balance
    // Titan – A Crane Is A Bridge [Omnempathy, 2017]
  • 21:50 [PvC] The Beacon Sound Choir – Sea Of Voices (Machinefabriek Rework) (edit)
    // Sunday Songs [First Terrace Records, 2017]
  • 23:16 [PvC] Jon Hopkins – Hunted
    // How I Live OST [Just Music, 2013]
  • 24:30 [HC] Robert Rich & B. Lustmord – A Point of No Return (sample)
    // Stalker [Fathom, 1995]
  • 26:16 [HC] Rødhåd – Withheld Walk
    // Anxious [Dystopian, 2017]
  • 28:07 [HC] Barbarix & Volatile Cycle – Rundled (sample)
    // Monoleth 001 [MethLab, 2016]
  • 29:00 [HC] Jason van Wyk – For Now
    // Opacity [Home Normal, 2017]
  • 29:59 [PvC] Büdie Siebert – Wal-Hall-A
    // Vor Der Flut – Hommage An Einen Wasserspeicher [Eigelstein Musikproduktion, 1985]
  • 30:44 [PvC] Heiner Goebbels – Ye Who Read (edit)
    // Shadow/Landscape With Argonauts [ECM Records, 1993]
  • 31:49 [PvC] Kenji Kawai – Making Of Cyborg (edit)
    // Ghost In The Shell OST [RCA,1995]
  • 32:33 [PvC] Lydia Kavina; Barbara Buchholz – Vakuum-Halluzinationen (for Two Theremins, Violin, And Violoncello) (edit)
    // Touch! Don’t Touch! (Music For Theremin) [Wergo, 2006]
  • 34:30 [HC] Karlheinz Stockhausen – Stimmung Model 6
    // Theatre Of Voices – Stimmung [Harmonia Mundi, 2007]
  • 34:45 [HC] Aphex Twin – XMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 mix]
    // Syro [Warp, 2014]
  • 37:24 [HC] Hecq – Untitled (BK Remix)
    // Steeltongued [Hymen, 2009]
  • 39:25 [HC] Jóhann Jóhannsson – Part 2 / IBM 1403 Printer (excerpt)
    // IBM 1401, A User’s Manual  [4AD, 2006]
  • 39:25 [PvC] Jóhann Jóhannsson – Sun’s Gone Dim And The Sky’s Turned Black (fragment; edit)
    // IBM 1401 – A User’s Manual [4AD, 2006]
  • 39:35 [PvC] [The User] – }.}@}.@.}@}.@.}…… (edit)
    //Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printer [Staalplaat, 2002]
  • 41:14 [PvC] Ryoji Ikeda – Transmission (edit)
    // Dataphonics [Div Voir, 2010]
  • 42:14 [PvC] Neil Pomerleau – Dial-Up Sound
    // unreleased; (
  • 42:23 [PvC] Looped Exodus – Psalm 88 In Morsecode (edit)
    // Souls Have Machines [self-released, 2016]
  • 43:38 [PvC] Atom Heart – My Bird Can Sing
    // Semiacoustic Nature [Rather Interesting, 1995]
  • 44:30 [HC] Chris Watson – El Divisadero
    // El Tren Fantasma [Touch, 2011]
  • 45:20 [HC] The KLF – Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold
    // Chill Out [KLF / Wax Trax / TVT, 1990]
  • 46:20 [HC] The Future Sound Of London – Bird Wings
    // Lifeforms [Virgin / Astralwerks, 1994]
  • 47:00 [HC] Chris Watson – El Divisadero (continued…)
    // El Tren Fantasma [Touch, 2011]
  • 49:00 [HC] The Future Sound Of London – Everyone In The World Is Doing Something Without Me
    // Dead Cities [Virgin / Astralwerks, 1996]
  • 50:05 [PvC] Delia Derbyshire – Dreaming
    // Out Of This World – Atmospheric Sounds and Effects From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop [BBC Records And Tapes, 1976]
  • 50:36 [PvC] Edward Artemyev – Solaris – Station
    // Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker [Torso Kino, 1990]
  • 51:05 [PvC] Jonathan Coleclough, Colin Potter, Bass Communion – Yossaria
    // Jonathan Coleclough & Bass Communion & Colin Potter [ICR, 2003]
  • 52:15 [PvC] Penjaga Insaf – Djalan
    // Sama Sadja [Power & Steel, 2010]
  • 55:08 [HC] Alva Noto – Xerrox Mesosphere
    // Xerrox Vol.3 [Raster-Noton, 2015]
  • 56:15 [HC] Sana Obruent – The Preparation
    // Dyatlov [Blackjack Illuminist, 2017]
  • 57:30 [HC] Max Richter – Whose Name Is Written On Water
    // Sleep [Deutsche Grammophon, 2015]


Download Bipolar Now 137Mb (60:00 min.)

[Alternative download from]


Or: Play this mix on Mixcloud:


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10th Anniversary Celebration!

Ambientblog Anniversary Credit Card

This month, October 2015, Ambientblog celebrates its 10th anniversary.
To celebrate this, I’ve been working on a special project, to be released later this month (on October 21, to be exact).

What better way to celebrate than with a special mix?
‘Special’ – because this time it is created from tracks that are exclusively submitted for this project and unavailable elsewhere…

I don’t want to spoil the surprise yet, so I won’t reveal too much details here.
But this I can tell: the Anniversary Mix will be a longer mix than usual: it features 35 (exclusive) tracks in 136 minutes (two hours and sixteen minutes)!
The mix will be available on this blog, as usual, but the real surprise is that all exclusive tracks will also be downloadable (via Bandcamp), in their full original length… along with the mix.
That’s 3 1/2 hours of exclusive music from various artists from all over the world (5 hours and 45 minutes if you include the mix!)

Since this much music could not fit on a CD (and don’t even mention vinyl!), there will also be a beautiful 8 Gb Credit Card USB edition featuring all of the above, PLUS additional bonus tracks (not included in the download), PLUS all (55!!!) previous Ambientblog mixes.
Which means this little gem holds 62 hours of sonic immersion!

The release is scheduled for October, 21 (the day the first, hesitant, post was published 10 years ago).

And yes – you’re all invited to join this celebration!!


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Siren Song (Mix)


There is one special moment in this mix that defined its name and its theme: it is the moment around 23’30”, when Asne Valland Nordli‘s acapella voice finds its exact spot in the preceding tune by Field Recording. Two records that have nothing to do with each other and yet melt as if they were written at one session.
To me, these are truly magical moments.

At that point, I also realised that this mix was built around mysterious vocals. Vocals that may guide you, or lure you, into distances unknown. Often, but not exclusively, female, and some of them not even human – like the beautiful flute-playing by Jean-Christophe Bonnafous, or the mysterious singing sound of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that was recently discovered during the Rosetta space missions.
With just a little fantasy you can imagine the Philae Space Lander being attracted by the comet’s song – ultimately leading it to an untimely death.

Siren Song Sequence Scheme

(mix sequence)

This mix was broadcast on Bob Rusche‘s X-Ray” (X-Mas edition) on december 21, 2014 (Concertzender) – Thanks Bob & Concertzender!

Start – Length – Artist – Title
(Album Title, Release Year, Label #)

  • 00:00 2:39 Mendel Kaelen – Suñayaca Tãla
    (Sequence 8, 2014, Futuresequence SEQ008)
  • 01:51 01:41 Hildur Gudnadottir – Poka
    (Saman, 2014, Touch TO:96)
  • 03:16 00:54 Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin – End of the World Theme
    (Beasts of the Southern Wild OST, 2012, Thirty3 and a 3rd Records)
  • 03:28 04:06 Giulio Aldinucci – Fieno
    (Aer, 2014, Dronarivm DR-25)
  • 05:56 03:46 Iva Bittová – Fragment VI
    (Iva Bittová, 2013, ECM Records ECM 2275)
  • 07:13 02:55 Ambient Music Therapy – Sleep 3
    (Ultimate Sleep System, 2005, Self-Released)
  • 08:07 02:57 Above, Convenience Store! – Boneyard Stray Dog
    (Building in Search of the Sun, 2013, Sparkwood Records SR01)
  • 10:15 03:54 Penjaga Isaf – Pulang
    (Sama Sadja, 2010, Power & Steel PAS27)
  • 11:52 01:47 Andrew Skeoch & Sarah Koschak – Distant Bellbirds
    (Favourite Australian Birdsong, 2001, Listening Earth LECD 10)
  • 13:25 01:28 Andrew Skeoch & Sarah Koschak – Pied Butcherbirds
    (A Morning in the Australian Bush, 1996, Listening Earth LECD 9601)
  • 14:11 01:06 Ambrose Field – Technoform 7
    (Quantaform Series, 2013, Sargasso SCD28071)
  • 14:45 00:40 Andrew Liles – Tinder Box
    (Black Beauty, 2007, Beta-Lactam Ring Records MT127)
  • 14:54 05:02 Enrico Coniglio – Existenz Minimum
    (Areavirus Topofonie Vol. 1, 2007, Psychonavigation Records PSY 020)
  • 19:32 01:30 Cliff Martinez – Wrong Floor
    (Drive OST, 2011, Sony/Lakeshore Records 88691975162)
  • 20:36 03:21 Field Rotation – The Repetition of History
    (Fatalist The Repetition of History, 2013, Denovali DEN161)
  • 23:30 01:25 Asne Valland Nordli – Veverskens Tid
    (Over Tones, 2014, ECM Records ECM 2315)
  • 24:30 04:01 Darren Harper – Will My Memories of You Hold True
    (Suspended Memory, 2011, Self-released)
  • 26:48 04:06 David Toop – Disposal Chute Inoperative
    (Mondo Black Chamber, 2014, Sub Rosa SR385)
  • 29:39 01:57 Jack Dangers – Blast Off
    (Bathyscape Trieste, 2013, Primary Numbers PRIMA007)
  • 31:03 02:32 Andrew Liles – Aviophilia
    (In My Father’s House There Are Many Mansions, 2006, Fourth Dimension Records FDCD68)
  • 32:50 02:16 Rodolpho Alexis – Parabolic Amphibian Mix (Various Tree Frogs)
    (The Wire Tapper 34, 2014, Wire Magazine Issue 362)
  • 33:37 02:00 Lustmord – Babel
    (The Word as Power, 2013, Blackest Ever Black BLACKESTCD004)
  • 35:17 03:18 Desert of Hiatus – Trepidation’s Skin
    (Inconsolable Grief, 2014, self-released)
  • 37:51 02:56 Alogon – Snow
    (Wound, 2014, Under U.R. 08)
  • 38:49 02:29 Jean-Christophe Bonnafous – Alterina
    (Graines de Berceuses, 2012, Prokosnovénie, Prik144)
  • 39:28 02:23 A Day for Strange Birds – The Night Creeps
    (The Sound Between The Noise, 2014, self-released)
  • 40:40 02:16 Stefkovic van Interesse – Nebelmarsch
    (In the Fields, 2013, Self-Released)
  • 42:35 04:24 Pauline Oliveros – Watertank Software
    (Vor Der Flut – Hommage an einen Wasserspeicher, 1985, Eigelstein Musikproduktion, ES2025/26 CD)
  • 46:37 00:55 Paul Schütze – Sacred Agents
    (New Maps of Hell, 1996, Big Cat ABB 104 CD )
  • 47:02 03:31 Deaf Center – The Day I Would Never Have
    (Owl Splinters, 2011, Type TYPE080 )
  • 50:02 03:15 Mariolina Zitta – Sonar
    (Concert for Bats, Voices and Natural Sounds, 2007, Earth Ear ee6142)
  • 51:46 02:33 Max Eastley – Hydrophone String Installation
    (Installation Recordings 1973 – 2008, 2010, Paradigm Discs PD26)
  • 53:08 05:27 Ian William Craig – Either Or
    (A Turn of Breath, 2014, Recital 8)
  • 57:12 02:27 Mica Levi – Alien Loop
    (Under the Skin OST, 2014, Milan M2-36678)
  • 58:24 00:41 ESA Operations – A Singing Comet
    (ESA Operations Rosetta Mission, 2014, Soundcloud)
  • 59:00 00:47 Jon Hopkins – Distant Fire
    (How I Live Now OST, 2013, Just Music TAO056)

Download “Siren Song” Now  (59:40 min; 136Mb)
[Alternative download from]

[DTS – Surround Version also available]

Or: stream it directly from Mixcloud:


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Birthday News: FREE GIVEAWAYS!


On Tuesday, October 21, it is exactly NINE years since the very first post on this blog.
And also five years since its name was changed to
It is also the day this weblog (and all of its content) will be migrated to a new software platform.

To celebrate this, I have 30 FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD CODES to give away!

From its very first days and its various incarnations, this weblog has run on the Pivotx software. Pivotx has served well, but gradually also became a bit outdated and slowly stopped being actively developed. Time to choose a new platform…

In the last weeks we have been working on the migration of the site content – which was quite a lot of work because there was no easy tool to migrate the database (content, comments, etc.) automatically….
(Thanks a million times to Edu Hackenitz, without whom it probably wouldn’t have worked out at all!)

The new version will be ‘live’ on next tuesday, October 21. That’ll be the last day ambientblog looks like this:

Old Site

Seemingly random fact:
In the same month I started ambientblog, I bought a Squeezebox digital music player and started to stream all (and I mean all!) my music digitally.
As a result, Last.Fm has logged every single track I have ever played since then (apart perhaps from some I played in my car audio system).

What has thát got to do with the site-relaunch?
Well: on the chart presenting my all time favourite artists, three dutch ambient music artists are prominently featured: Michel Banabila, Machinefabriek and Matthew Florianz.
I am very proud that these three artists have donated download codes for some of their albums (for free) for this special occasion!!

Subscribe to the new email notification list to win one of these album downloads!
The winners of a download code will be (randomly) chosen from the new email subscriptions to the blog in the 48 hours following the launch of the new site.
You can enter your mail address to get notifications about new posts, and if you do so in the first 48 hours you will automatically participate.
Of course you can always unsubscribe at any time later – but of course I hope you won’t!

It’s your chance to win one of these albums (listed alphabetically):

Machinefabriek – Drum Solos

Machinefabriek – Stroomtoon II

Matthew Florianz – GrijsGebied

Matthew Florianz – Koude Handen

Michel Banabila – Float

Michel Banabila – Music for Viola and Electronics

Michel Banabila – Zoomworld


(BTW – you cannot specify your preference – prizes are also chosen randomly!)

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Name Change


You may have noticed the name of this weblog has changed from ‘DreamScenes’ to ‘AmbientBlog.Net’.

Nothing else has changed, all other links/locations/entries remain as they were.

The new name is, of course, the same as the starting URL:
You may want to bookmark that link if you’re interested.

Why this change?

When I chose the name ‘DreamScenes’ for this weblog, it referred to one of the first ambient mixes I created for dutch radio broadcasting organisation NPS, way back in 2002.
I did not realise then that is also would become the name of a Windows Ultimate Screensaver Utility later.
This may have caused some unwanted search results in either case.
That’s one reason.

But another reason is the fact that FOLIO, the radio show on which I could compile this kind of music, will cease to exist in november 2009.
This sad fact marks the end of 10 years of creating ambient mixes for dutch NPS.

At this moment I don’t know what and I don’t know how yet, but I’m sure the end of Folio will not be the end of my ‘passion’ for ambient electronic music.
It’s probably gonna find another way out…

Maybe I will start publishing audio podcasts aside this weblog…
Maybe new ambient mixes may find another home online…
I’ll just see what interesting opportunities may pop up in the near future…
(If you have got any suggestions: please let me know).

But for now I thought this was a good moment to change the name of this weblog. So it’s from now on.
The name will hopefully also make it a bit easier to remember the home page address.

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Stimmhorn – Melken


Overtone singing and ALPENHORN blowing….a combination you will probably NEVER hear on your local radio station (unless you’re swiss).

This track, Melksuite, is definitely a good first candidate for the ‘Weird Department’. The album from which this is taken is called ‘Melken’, and was released in 1997.

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Arvo Part – Lamentate


Referring to Arvo Pärt’s music as ‘ambient’ is a bit like swearing in church, I guess.
But still, there are similarities. Listen, for example, to Da pacem Domine, and you’ll probably be remembering some of the earlier ambient works of Brian Eno (Music for Airports 2/1, to be specific).

The Hilliard Ensemble as always guarantee a flawless and heavenly performance.

Be prepared that the main part of this album, Lamentate, is really something else. This music for piano solo and orchestra was inspired by ‘Marsyas” by Anish Kapoor – a giant weird piece of art exhibited in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London.

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