Are you a dedicated music enthusiast that is often annoyed by people talking continuously while your favorite artists performs? You’re trying hard to concentrate but are distracted by their constant chatter?

No need to bother anymore – let this shirt speak for you!

Just relax, and simply concentrate on the performance while sending these barbarians-that-shouldn’t-have-been-there-in-the-first-place this rather subtle message (assuming they are standing behind your back, of course).


If this is the backside, what’s on the front?

For maximum effect, it is recommended to stand at the front of the crowd so everybody gets the message.
People standing in front of you probably won’t look over their shoulder, but if they do they see this:

Why is this here on Ambientblog, which is supposed to be an ad-free site?

People lacking respect to a performing artist have always bothered me, especially at ‘quiet’ concerts. So I decided to create this shirt for myself mainly.
But why just keep it to myself? I know many other dedicated music lovers are annoyed by this obnoxious behaviour too!
So that’s where this on-demand printing option comes in.
There is no stock: the shirts (and/or sweaters) are printed-on-demand. This means most of the costs are for the printing and the on-demand platform itself, but a (small) profit-per-shirt remains which will be used to pay for the cost of keeping up Ambientblog (such as web hosting). (BTW – there is no reference to Ambientblog on this shirt, just the text you see on the image)

So, do yourself a favour:
enhance your personal concert experience
ánd make a small donation to Ambientblog at the same time.




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