Eilean & Dauw Dialog Tapes

In recent years it is not uncommon that artists work together without meeting each other in real life. On-Line collaboration is a common working method: sending work-in-progress to each other until it’s ready.
But as far as I know, two labels collaborating together in this way – matching their artists to work in duos on a collaboration track – has not been done before.

Dialog Tapes, released by Eilean Records and Dauw proves that the sum can indeed be much greater than the sum of its parts.

Kenneth Kirschner – Compressions & Rarefactions

It was Brian Eno who once described ambient music as ‘music that is as ignorable as it is interesting’ – but it may very well be Kenneth Kirschner taking this concept to the extreme.

“Time, space, repetition, pattern, the very very big and the very very small. There’s an effort to be a part of the continuum and to recognize it, to try to remove the self if possible in a recognition of the bigger things. Also, neither of us is afraid of the dark.”

Michael Fahres; Miguel Isaza; Naviar Series 006; Circuit Integré Vol. 1

Michael Fahres presents a radically different vision on ‘environmental music’;
Miguel Isaza manages to find a balance between the temporal and the eternal;
Naviar Records demonstrate that a community can generate strong (or even stronger) results;
and: the introducton of a new series exploring the lively Polish experimental electronic underground scene.

Mike Cooper; J Butler; Tambour; Lunae Lumen

Mike Cooper’s Fratello Mare is a journey you’d better not begin unprepared: it’s exploring the beauty of the Pacific yet somehow also resembles Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…!?

Furthermore: some music to calm down to: guitar pedal soundscapes by J. Butler, and two short neo-classical EP’s by Tambour and Lunae Lumen