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DreamScenes 2017-2

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Music for the last days of Winter….

The february DreamScenes edition may feel darker than usual.
Possibly due to the dark winter days or, perhaps,  the general darkness of current times.
But don’t worry: there’s a sweet surprise at the end. So keep listening!


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7 Responses to DreamScenes 2017-2

  1. Dan says:

    Great playlist, wonderful mood. Any way to download the set for offline listening? I’m often on a bus or a train, would be great to not require connectivity to listen 🙂

    • Hello Dan. Glad you like the mix!
      The DreamScenes editions are mixcloud-only, there is no download available. The reason for this is simple: to protect the artists’ work.
      In DreamScenes I use full length tracks from relatively new albums. I don’t want to hurt album sales; artists are having a difficult time already.
      Mixcloud doesn’t offer downloads for the same reason (and they dó pay royalties).

      But Ambientblog offers a lot of other mixes available that you cán download for offline listening.
      Check for an overview.
      These are downloadable because I use fragments of tracks, not full tracks. And I guess (hope) you would enjoy listening to them too

  2. Jean-Marc Taâlem (via Facebook) says:

    once again, thanks for including a track from “homework – year 1”!

  3. Daniel Kořínek (via Facebook) says:

    Perfect sounds…!!

  4. silentvoyager (via Mixcloud) says:

    perfect mix

  5. Hello, your “DreamScenes look awesome, but how to listen to them? Thank you for giving me the instructions.
    A faithful reader. Bernard Chauvineau *

    • PvC says:

      Hello Bernard.

      At the bottom of every DreamScenes edition should be a Mixcloud player you can use to play the mix.

      If you don’t see that, your browser settings may possibly block iframes on webpages?
      In that case you can find them all on the original Mixcloud page:

      Hope that answers your question?