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Solace (Mix)

Stars-Night-Sky Photo by Mikko Lagerstedt

“Life can only be remembered backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

The central piece provides the title for this mix: Solace – “Comfort in sorrow, misfortune. Consolation.”
This Fovea Hex track literally breathes consolation in every single note, so it seemed a good starting point for this mix.

It is also one of the few tracks in the mix that are included in its full length.
As usual in my mixes, most of the tracks are only short fragments of the original piece, merged together to create an atmosphere that may be different from what the artist originally intended. The track listing below states the starting times of the ‘samples’ as well as its length in the mix.

Even though there are quite some dark moments in this mix, I hope it may bring some ‘solace’ – if needed.
(If not needed: even better…! It still can be nice to feel a bit melancholic for a while, can’t it?)

Solace - Sequence

mix sequence

This mix was created for Bob Rusche’s ‘X-Ray’ broadcast on the Dutch Concertzender.
The mix was ‘premiered’ on July, 3, 2016. Thanks, Bob!

(photo by Mikko Lagerstedt)


start time – sample length – Artist – Title
Album Title, Year, Label Details

  • 00:00 01:02 Radiohead – Daydreaming
    A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016, XL Recordings XLDA790
  • 00:22 02:32 Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Revenant Main Theme
    The Revenant Soundtrack, 2016, Milan 399 758-2
  • 01:20 03:52 Northaunt – Extinction Event
    Istid I-II, 2015, Cyclic Law 72nd Cycle
  • 03:24 00:44 Radiohead – Daydreaming
    A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016, XL Recordings XLDA790
  • 03:58 03:01 Daniel W.J. Mackenzie – Glass Interlude
    Glass Permanent, 2016, Sound In Silence sis028
  • 05:33 02:45 Xiu Xiu – Nightsea Wind
    Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, 2016, Polyvinyl Record Company PRC-312
  • 06:12 01:51 Jonty Harrison – Going Places: Geoterma Pools at Seltún (Iceland) and Rotorua (New Zealand)
    Voyages, 2016, Empreintes Digitales IMED 16139
  • 07:04 02:07 Lewis Pesacov & Elisabeth Cline – Entr’Acte
    The Edge of Forever, 2016, The Industry Records
  • 08:44 01:30 Poppy Nogood – Frame Shatter
    Music for Mourning, 2016, Preserved Sound PS35
  • 09:22 02:59 J. Peter Schwalm – The Anxt Code
    The Beauty of Disaster, 2016, RareNoise Records RN059LP
  • 11:50 01:33 Mark Lyken – Scar History
    The Terrestial Sea, 2016, Important Records IMPREC437
  • 12:34 01:22 Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet – Under Jord Är Du Kommen
    Järtecken, 2015, Shimmering Moods Records SHM D010-tape2
  • 13:23 00:53 Colin Stetson – Sorrow II
    Sorrow (A Reimagining of Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony), 2016, 52Hz 52HZ001CD
  • 13:53 02:58 Jonty Harrison – Going Places: In Transit Announcement in Airports / Railway Stations in Florence, Pisa, Rome and Castelfiore, Street Demonstration in Montpellier
    Voyages, 2016, Empreintes Digitales IMED 16139
  • 14:17 04:04 Melanie De Biasio – Blackened Cities
    Blackened Cities, 2016, Play It Again Sam PIASL050CD
  • 18:00 02:15 Sercati – The Darkness In My Heart
    Falling On Earth, 2016, self-released
  • 19:53 02:44 Bjarni Gunnarsson – Verlat
    Paths, 2016, Granny Records granny16
  • 20:55 00:22 Radiohead – Daydreaming
    A Moon Shaped Pool, 2016, XL Recordings XLDA790
  • 22:05 01:41 Laurie Anderson – Life Lived Backwards
    Heart Of A Dog, 2015, Nonesuch 7559794888
  • 23:33 03:29 Celer – Terminal Points
    Two Days And One Night, 2016, Sequel SQ05
  • 25:34 02:55 Robert Crouch – Limbo Town (Croatoan)
    A Gradual Accumulation Of Ideas Become Truth, 2016, Line Line_077
  • 27:12 02:33 Markus Mehr – Re-Directed 4
    Re-Directed, 2016, Hidden Shoal
  • 29:12 00:47 Plinth – The Siren Murmur
    Flotsam, 2006, Second Language SL05
  • 29:30 03:00 Chris Watson – Scanuppia
    Cima Verde, 2008, Fondazione Edmund Mach 761118-02708-1
  • 29:58 01:13 Ian William Craig – Leviathan
    Cradle for the Wanting/Half Heard And Fleeting, 2015, Recital R15
  • 31:13 05:24 Fovea Hex – Solace
    The Salt Garden I, 2016, Die Stadt DS116
  • 36:10 01:18 Jacob Kirkegaard – Haus Der Mahre
    Spectral Sounds, 2016, Spectral Sounds
  • 36:24 04:50 The [Law-Rah] Collective – Invocation 5
    Invocations, 2016, Raubbau Raub 036
  • 38:42 02:43 Pierce Warnecke – Shivering As The Warmth Returns
    Memory Fragments, 2016, Room40 RM479
  • 41:08 00:59 Sister Waize – Reverse Shamanism
    Your Syndrome, My Disease, 2015, self-released
  • 41:13 03:52 Ryuichi Sakamoto – Out of Horse
    The Revenant Soundtrack, 2016, Milan 399 758-2
  • 44:53 02:17 Seanïnvey – The Big Travel
    The Path, 2016, Eilean Rec 039
  • 45:40 03:50 No Mask Effect – Punctual
    Double Or Quits, 2016, Psychonavigation PSY 117
  • 47:24 03:20 Dakhabrakha – Vesna Tschili
    Yagudki, 2007, self-released
  • 50:01 05:48 Thomas Köner – Tiento De La Luz 3
    Tiento De La Luz, 2016, Denovali Records den215
  • 55:18 02:13 Ryuichi Sakamoto/Alva Noto – Church Dream
    The Revenant Soundtrack, 2016, Milan 399 758-2
  • 57:06 01:59 Nasa Voyager Recordings – Symphonies of the Planets 3
    Symphonies of the Planets, 1992, Laserlight Digital 12 125
  • 57:14 02:12 Gentle Rain Sound library
  • 58:23 00:39 Clint Mansell – A Whistling Tune From A Lonely Man
    Stoker OST, 2013, Milan 399 456-2


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19 Responses to Solace (Mix)

  1. A Void Podcast (via Facebook) says:

    Incredibly beautiful and utterly blissful mix from Peter Van Cooten over at
    I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I did.

  2. A Void Podcast (via Twitter) says:

    Absolutely flawless mix from @Ambientblog. I hope you enjoy.

  3. Hartmann (via Mixcloud) says:

    Would be nice to see more

    • PvC says:

      Good news: there’s a new mix scheduled for next week, to be published on Headphone Commute and Ambientblog.
      And of course you can also find all previous mixes (almost 70) on – but I assume you already knew that.
      Thanks for listening!

  4. OutsideGirl (via Mixcloud) says:

    2nd Laurie Anderson track I’ve ever heard (after O superman) and of course it’s ace and relevant. What year was it made? Doesn’t matter. Was it part of an installation too? Keep wondering about those or searching for a conceptual album if she ever released it. Not sure where to start.

    • PvC says:

      Thanks! This track comes from her recent album “heart of a dog”, which is the soundtrack from the movie she made as a tribute to her beloved dog.
      Personally, I’d recommend checking out her “United States Live” album set, which is an unsurpassed masterpiece of hypnotic spoken word poetry. Also “Big Science” is an album you shouldn’t miss.

  5. Philip Astore (via Mixcloud) says:

    One with the Universe– nothing matters… “I’m a Melancholy Man!.’

  6. Stijn Swinnen (via Mixcloud) says:

    Pure melancholia. The opening is a masterpiece. And the spoken words intertwined. I like these dark melancholic ambient sounds a lot. One of the best mixes in the genre I have heard lately. Thank you for creating this mix and being so generous to share it with us

  7. Luca Formentini (via Mixcloud) says:

    beautiful and fresh combination of engaging ambient sounds and music landscapes. Very fresh and rich.

  8. Ambient_Landscape (via Mixcloud) says:

    Nice one, Peter! In a word, somber.
    I’ve also been constructing & tinkering using tracks from ‘The Revenant’ soundtrack

  9. Mondo Guano (via Mixcloud) says:

    What an opening! Almost Hitchcockian in its atmosphere. Set me up for a good hour of assured melancholia. Love it.

    • Mondo Guano (via Mixcloud) says:

      The Fovea Hex track was beautiful with elements of Morricone & Eno.
      Thank you.

  10. It’s very nice. Thank’s a lot of !

  11. Tonepoet (via Mixcloud) says:

    I tend to enjoy the mixes with a bit of melancholy and darkness, so this session is sitting quite well with me. Peace.

  12. Kees Franken (via Twitter) says:

    Vandaag al twee keer #xray van gisteren geluisterd. Wat een schitterende ambient mix! Echt genieten! Inspirerend!

  13. Bob Rusche (via Twitter) says:

    Ik ook, top Peter!

  14. DJDecadans (via Twitter) says:

    Letterlijk van A tot Z van iedere noot van deze #Xray genoten. Chapeau!!!

  15. Gabriëlla Vos (via Facebook) says:

    …gedeeld… 😉

  16. PaganRene (via Twitter) says:

    @Ambientblog @bobrusche @Concertzender Hij is mooi, Peter.