DreamScenes 2015-05

It’s probably best to keep awake and try not to fall asleep to the dreamy ambience of this month’s selection by Dasha Rush, Alva Noto, Thomas Newton & Rick Cox, Monty Adkins, Peter Grech, Visionary Hours, Northumbria, Triac and Atrium Carceri.
Because if you do, you’ll miss the rather weird operatic tracks by We Like We (“I Began To Fall Apart”) and the timeless deconstruction of Irish Airs by Fovea Hex.

A very special – and possibly somewhat unexpected – spot is reserved for the track Lo Boièr – Iria from Efren Lopez’ album El Fil Del Llop (“Son of the Wolf”).
This particular track is a reworking of a traditional hymn, with lyrics which refer to a cryptic form whose coded message are about the extermination of the Cathar people by the crusaders sent by Rome in the 12th century.
Its chorus is the cry of alarm that the Cathars used:



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  1. Muttley SE

    Hi Peter, just so you know I thought this was superb, listened about a week ago. Now thought to give feedback (delayed reaction). Loved the ending – the brief spoken passage – and earlier on, I was kept awake comfortably and very astutely by the tonal layering.
    Well done! Another one to add to the list of classic Ambientblog mixes.


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