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Synaptic Research (Mix)

Greg Dunn - Cortex in Metallic Pastels

For this mix I aimed to create a dreamlike and timeless atmosphere – dark (but not too dark). It is calm, yet there are many shifting scenes, many passing landscapes and some conflicting emotions… When it ends, (I hope) it feels as if it was much longer than it actually was …

Like with most previous mixes, I didn’t know where this new one would head to when I started.
But I knew I wanted to include one tiny fragment of the sound of a ‘brain seizure set to music‘ by Stanford scientists Chris Chafe and Josef Parvizi. In a fascinating contrast to what it actually represents, the musical sound they chose to represent the brain seizure sounded like tiny aliens in a retro-scifi movie to me.

In “Hypnogogmatist”, David Toop further investigates the tricks your mind can play – especially in the few seconds between feeling drowsy and falling asleep:

“In the dream, I was at my mothers’ house, my childhood home.
All the rooms were full of sleeping people.
I seemed to be suffering some process of disintegration, as if my psyche was breaking down to different timeframes, losing its coherence and unity.
There was a presence in the house…”

The fantastic artwork is by Greg Dunn, who is combining neuroscience with minimalist Japanese Sumo-E style painting to create his “Neuron Art”.
“Neurons (the cells that comprise your brain) may be tiny in scale, but they possess the same beauty seen in traditional forms of the medium (trees, flowers, and animals)”

So I guess that there ís something of a theme for this mix.
The rest is up to you.

“Synaptic Research” was mixed especially for Headphone Commute, and is especially dedicated to incredible amount of energy and work H_C does there to keep us informed and updated.
Thanks for that, H_C – and of course also for publishing this mix on your blog!

Synaptic (sequence)

[start] [length] [Artist] – [Title]
[Album], [Year], [Label#]

  • 00:00 02:28 Alvin Lucier – Elegy for Albert Anastasia
    Vespers and other Early Works, 2002, New World Records 80604-2
  • 01:26 02:03 Teho Teardo – Several Tree Huggers Were Found Dead
    Faith in a Wet Season, 2012, Voxxov Records VOXFCD02
  • 02:41 01:43 Threethings – Arkhangelsk
    Sequence 7, 2013, Future Sequence SEQ007
  • 03:50 01:58 Kane Ikin – Slipping Away
    …And Darkness Came, 2012, Headphone Commute HCD001
  • 05:23 01:20 Ekkehard Ehlers – Woolf Phrase
    Music for William Forsythe, 2002, Whatness 005
  • 05:32 02:35 Philippe Lamy – Trying to tell a Story
    Storytelling, 2012, Audio Gourmet Netlabel AGN061
  • 07:14 01:30 Christina Vantzou – Moonsound (Ernest Gibson Remix)
    No. 1 Remixes, 2011, Self-released
  • 08:27 03:00 Alva Noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto – Microon III
    Summvs, 2011, Raster-Noton r-n 132
  • 09:41 – 02:18 Jlu – Noise
    100 Years of Noise, 2013, Enough Records enrcmp19
  • 10:04 04:15 Thomas Köner – Novaya Zemlya 3
    Novaya Zemlya, 2012, Thouch TO:85
  • 12:28 03:53 Dr. Jeffrey Thompson – Voice of Earth (edit)
    Nasa Voyager Space Recordings, 1992, Brain/Mind Research
  • 14:17 00:52 Chris Chafe – Josef ParviziStanford Scientists turn seizures into music
  • 14:36 01:53 Arve Henriksen – Magma Oscillator
    Chron, 2012, Rune Grammofon RLP 2152Y
  • 15:20 02:05 Heitor Alvelos – Untitled
    ….49 Years from Gesang der Jünglinge, 2005, Sirr 0020
  • 16:40 02:06 David Toop – Hypnogogmatist
    Melatonin: Meditations on Sound in Sleep, 2004, Room40 EDRM402
  • 18:43 02:42 Arturs Maskats – Da Ispravitsja Molitva Moja
    On Photography, 2005, GB Records BCGBCD07
  • 20:48 02:35 Murcof – Plant
    Antibothis vol 4, 2012, Thisco thisk.072
  • 21:29 05:45 Eyvind Kang – Petrified Wood
    Air Texture volume III, 2013, Air Texture AIR003
  • 25:00 06:37 Biosphere – Superfluid
    Compilation 1991 – 2004, 2012, Biophon Records BIO7D
  • 28:20 02:19 The New Honey Shade – 2013.02.04
    3M33S, 2013, Bandcamp
  • 30:40 01:09 Mark Tamea – The Lake
    Atomism, 2013, Awal EQ:RA 002
  • 31:37 01:30 Atom TM – Streuung – Teil IV
    Winterreise, 2011, self-released
  • 32:04 02:12 Seetyca – Der Atem Des Thieres
    Im Traum, 2005, Dark Winter dw016
  • 33:17 01:06 Coil + Nine Inch Nails – Eraser (Reduction)
    Recoiled, 2014, Cold Spring CSR193CD
  • 33:48 02:08 Sergio Sorrentino, Machinefabriek – Buco Nero (Zwart Gat)
    Vignettes, 2013, Fratto 9 Under the Sky Records fratto024
  • 34:35 02:01 Pleq – The Early Symptoms of Schizophrenia
    It’s not Boring, It’s Ambient, 2012, Preserved Sound 
  • 35:45 03:03 John Kannenberg – Echoes of the Pharos
    Meditations on Light (Reconstructions, 2011, Monochrome Visions, MV35
  • 36:34 02:28 Benoit Pioulard – If I Could Possibly Tell The Difference, I Wouldn’t Care Anyway
    Air Texture Vol. II, 2012, Air Texture AIR002
  • 38:23 01:35 Dakhabrakha – Yagudky
    Yagudky, 2007, self-released
  • 39:21 01:00 Felipe Otondo – Teocalli
    Tutuguri, 2013, Sargasso SCD28070
  • 40:06 02:33 Penjaga Insaf – Perang Damai
    To Whom it May Concern, 2005, Shortwave Transmission SWT01
  • 41:48 02:27 Lustmord – Y Gair
    The Word as Power, 2013, Blackest Ever Black BlackestCD004
  • 43:15 02:44 Kreng – Nimmermeer
    L’Autopsie Phenomenale De Dieu, 2009, Miasmah MIACD010 
  • 45:27 02:46 Loren Nerell – Slow Dream
    Slow Dream, 2012, Projekt PRO271
  • 46:27 05:36 Mendel Kaelen – Satori
    Remembering What Was Forgotten, 2010, Self Released SR001
  • 50:27 02:08 Bass Communion – Grammatic Fog
    Bass Communion III, 2001, Burning Shed 
  • 51:45 01:39 Brady Allard – Vernichtung, Pt. 2
    Anamnesis, 2012, self-released/Bandcamp
  • 52:47 02:47 Kim Cascone – The Silver Star
    The Astrum Argentum, 2007, Musica Excentrica exc009
  • 54:16 05:43 Janek Schaefer – Radio 112 FM
    Lay-By Lullabye, 2014, 12k 12k1079
  • 55:03 01:51 Frances White – Centre Bridge (Dark River)
    Electroacoustic Works, 2007, Mode 184
  • 55:24 03:03 Jamie Drouin – A Three Month Warm Up
    A Three Month Warm Up, 2009, Dragon’s Eye Recording de 5023
  • 58:27 01:32 Frances White – Centre Bridge (Dark River)
    Electroacoustic Works, 2007, Mode 184
  • 1:00:00 End

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33 Responses to Synaptic Research (Mix)

  1. Robert M. Woord (via Mixcloud) says:

    … 🙂

  2. Alexandru Cristian Ciobanu (via Mixcloud) says:

    Thank you!

  3. Joseph Schmelzer (via Mixcloud) says:

    great head music

  4. sheinsheish (via Mixcloud) says:

    nice sounds, experimental, psychedelic, yet not depressing

  5. Beau Lidden (via Mixcloud) says:

    Great mix…exactly what I need to power through today’s work load. Absolutely love the soundscapes in here.

  6. DJ Seroton (via Mixcloud) says:

    All DJs regardless of genres should strive to attain this kind of artistic expression in their mixes. Respect!

  7. Nicolai Gogol (via Facebook) says:

    my sincere compliments, it is AWESOME. thanks. a all lot!

  8. Ian White (via Mixcloud) says:

    good and rich mix… peace

  9. Midi Error (via Twitter) says:

    that was great! the talking freaked me out

  10. Beautiful and horizon-expanding!

  11. Tornikk (via Mixcloud) says:

    Loved it.

  12. Gosh Snobo (via Facebook) says:

    It’s indeed a very transporting (inwards? outwards? red pill or blue pill? the choice is yours) listen. Thanks.

  13. Tom Hah Vatars (via Faceboox) says:

    Very nice tracklist !

  14. Tim Exile (via Facebook) says:

    It’s Sunday evening and I can’t recommend a better use of tonight’s gloaming hour. I had a full body eargasm to this yesterday. Take your best headphones, your most comfortable chair and fold in your freshest concentration…
    Peter Van Cooten coming up with the good as always!

  15. Rich_Ears (via Twitter) says:

    Tonite’s late nite playlist will feature solely Ambientblog PvC ambient mix for H_C > Carefully mixed, crafted & documented as always!

  16. Jennifer Ho (via Mixcloud) says:

    Wow, think I just stumbled on my kind of sound escape, dramatic, depth, dimensional! Thank you 🙂

  17. The Silent Project (via Mixcloud) says:

    Very impressive set !

  18. fsohall (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    nice work sir

  19. PvC says:

    Heike: Check out the work of this artists, Gregg Dunn – there are many more beautiful paintings on his site.

  20. Heike M. Blockus (via Facebook) says:

    Hej- i had the pleasure to listen to your synaptic research compilation. it was mindblowingly good. thanks so much!
    and since im a neuroscientist, it was double awesome to see the beautiful cortical pyramidal neurons as a wallpaper while at the same time listen to the sounds you have chosen. I also very much enjoyed the fact that you incorporated some very inspiring science-art projects to make everything even more coherent in its concept. big up!

  21. Mark de Jong (via Twitter) says:

    Nice adventure!

  22. Sylvestrian (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    A very fine jam and excellent description. Thanks for the Synaptic Research links, @roamin , and for the ambientblog page

  23. Roamin (via Twitter) says:

    spreading the magic of PvC

  24. scrufftv (via Mixcloud) says:

    inspiring stuff! thank you.

  25. parafoxa (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    appreciated very much, great image too, suits the texture

  26. derby378 (via Mixcloud) says:

    Nicely done! Thank you for sharing.

  27. Janek Schaefer (via Facebook) says:

    wooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shh

  28. Michael Pinn (via Facebook) says:

    Thanks All

  29. Andreas Rauh (via Mixcloud) says:

    Great to hear such a finely crafted mix. A very fine listen. Cheers!

  30. Chritian Grothe (via Facebook) says:

    perfect timing! Thats what I need for now to come down 🙂

  31. Dave Michuda (via Facebook) says:

    seeing all those audio tracks makes my head hurt a bit!

  32. Jamie Drouin (via Facebook) says:

    Thanks Peter and Headphone Commute!

  33. H_C says:

    […] And in case of this maestro of sound and words for his Ambient Blog, it’s even a puzzle, where individual tracks are layered in tiers of two, three, four, even five streams at a time. […]