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Tristesse D’Automne (Mix)

Tristesse by Jenny Lynne

This mix was created especially for Headphone Commute.
Thanks to H_C for publishing it, and for the beautiful introduction words:

Autumn is here. Darkness slowly creeps up just a little bit earlier. Clouds get grayer and swell up with rain. Trees shed their colors and tighten their belts. And people begin to prepare for winter. But among all the shadows there’s a small ray of light. And with that glow comes the music… For today’s exclusive podcast, Peter van Cooten weaves in layers of haunting soundscapes spanning the gray-scale of the ambient universe. It’s a gorgeous soundtrack to the season of tears… I hope you will enjoy!

Tristesse Sequence


[Start Time][Sample Length][Artist – Title]
[Album], [Year], [Label details]

  • 00:00 01:20 Deathprod – A Dream for Ted Greene
    Money Will Ruin Everything 2, 2008, Rune Grammofon RCD2072
  • 00:28 04:01 Antonymes – Tristesse (Fryderyk Chopin’s 12 Études Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major)
    Variations of Chopin, 2013, Too Many Fireworks 2MF013
  • 02:04 02:55 Yann Novak – Amphi, Excerpt
    Aquarius, 2013, Dronarivm DR-09
  • 02:53 02:21 Prurient – Terracotta Spine
    Through the Window, 2013, Blackest Ever Black BLACKESTCD002
  • 03:33 03:37 Siddhartha Barnhoorn – The Core
    Antichamber, 2013, Bandcamp
  • 06:06 01:32 Boards of Canada – Telepath
    Tomorrow’s Harvest, 2013, Warp Records WARPCD257
  • 06:06 02:40 Space Shuttle Launch
    (Taken from the Youtube Video by Michael Interbartolo)
  • 07:11 02:58 Rauelsson – Wave Out
    Vora, 2013, Sonic Pieces 017
  • 09:00 02:25 Monochromie – Katedra
    Colors in the Dark, 2013, Time Released Sound TRS033
  • 10:07 02:23 Jeremy Bible – Co_4
    Collisions, 2013,
  • 11:40 01:31 Jeremy Bible – Co_9
    Collisions, 2013,
  • 12:51 05:57 Richard Chartier – Interior Field (Part 1)
    Interior Field, 2013, Line 062
  • 14:18 04:23 Felipe Otondo – Sarnath
    Tutuguri, 2013, Sargasso SCD28070
  • 17:29 04:29 Bruce Gilbert & BAW – The Expanse
    Diluvial, 2013 Touch TO:87
  • 17:29 03:12 Bruce Gilbert & BAW – Dry Land
    Diluvial, 2013, Touch TO:87
  • 20:25 02:52 Sebastian Plano – Angels
    Impetus, 2013, Denovali DEN177
  • 22:31 02:22 Squanto – And Back
    Every Night Draws the Same Crowd, 2013, Fluid Audio 017
  • 23:44 02:14 Daniel Blinkhorn – Relatively Loud Tones
    Terra Subfónica, 2013 Gruenrekorder Gruen 117
  • 24:24 02:12 Sam Genovese – The Flower in Your Throat
    The Locust in Your Mouth, 2013, Bandcamp
  • 25:18 03:28 Michel Banabila – The Late Hour
    Zoomworld, 2013, Bandcamp
  • 28:08 04:45 Ben Lukas Boysen – The Behinian Gospel
    Gravity, 2013, Ad Noiseam ADN168CD
  • 30:17 05:22 Jari Pitkänen – Unialus
    Anima Ombra, 2013, Enough Records, enrmp321
  • 33:47 03:32 Metal Wind – Undesirable Rotations
    Ancient Sounds Revival, 2013, Textural Records
  • 35:29 02:32 Drøn – Frozen Passage
    HD188753, 2013, Drøn Release Network DRN 001
  • 37:20 02:40 Ben Bix – Nyihahi (Nocturne I-II)
    All of the Variations At Once, 2013, Psychonavigation PSY071
  • 39:13 02:02 Alexandre Desplat – L’Orque
    DeRouille Et D’Os, 2012, Idol Records 691.A003.020/WNP0007
  • 40:50 03:31 Orientalism – Slit Air Omen
    Ali’s Riot Men, 2013, Attenuation Circuit ACP 1011
  • 41:57 01:05 Eugene Carchesio – C9
    Concert for One Person in a Small Room, 2013, Room40 DRM421
  • 42:54 01:58 Marina Rosenfeld – New York_Empire State of
    P.A. Hard Love, 2013, Room40 RM452
  • 44:25 01:47 Marina Rosenfeld – Liverpool_’Round Downtown By Myself_TickTock
    P.A. Hard Love, 2013, Room40 RM452
  • 45:35 04:17 Rúnar Magnússon – The Great Pretenderness: Satanísk sjálfspíningar sál
    2004, Hljodaklettar/Whitelabel
  • 46:55 02:19 Niko Senpuki – Salcteo (**)
    Interdicted, 2013, Attenuation Circuit ACPS 1007
  • 48:24 04:33 Philippe Lamy – Trying to Tell Another Story
    Storytelling, 2012, Audio Gourmet AGN061
  • 49:57 03:19 Marconi Union – Weightless, part 4
    Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Volume 2), 2012, self-released 
  • 51:42 04:07 Lustmord – Goetia
    The Word As Power, 2013, Blackest Ever Black BlackestCD004
  • 55:16 03:52 Antonymes – Tristesse (Fryderyk Chopin’s 12 Études Op. 10 No. 3 in E Major)
    Variations of Chopin, 2013, Too Many Fireworks 2MF013
  • 58:36 01:23 Deathprod – A Dream for Ted Greene
    Money Will Ruin Everyting 2, 2008, Rune Grammofon RCD2072
  • 1:00:00 – End

(**) Full Title:
“Salcteo, Oder: Wenn Ich Meinen Kühlschrank Öffne Springt Mir Nur Zuul Und Ein Enthaupteter Eskimo Entgegen. Zweiteres Gar Schneller Weil Der Lästige Kopf Nicht Bremst”

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36 Responses to Tristesse D’Automne (Mix)

  1. Tonepoet (via Mixcloud) says:

    Although it’s winter, this is capturing the Fall experience so very accurately. The seed of sound that this is placing into my mind early this morning is feeling rather nice. Peace.

  2. Paul Hauber (via Mixcloud) says:

    thanks for the music

  3. Paul Hauber (via Mixcloud) says:

    super sad and pretty

  4. Beau Lidden (via Mixcloud) says:

    This is an excellent mix…a ‘go-to’ for me when I’m trying to get through a lot of work and need something non-obtrusive.

    I *think* there’s a Boards of Canada sample at the 6:30 mark. Those distant, moving synth melodic lines. Super cool.

  5. komOPman (via Mixcloud) says:

    What a great set !!
    the intro with BOC c=Telepath was perfectly done Super! i .. Really enjoyed it greetings dannis

  6. AudioAggregation (via Mixcloud) says:

    Still loving this one!

  7. MyBlueElephant (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    Great mix : we can hear the summer go and the autumn taking place little by little. Pas si triste… 😉

  8. RoryBore (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    I think this is just perfect for a quiet hour by the fire after the kids are in bed tonight. Love.

  9. edsu (via ThisIsMyJam) says:


  10. florencevibert (via ThisIsMyJam) says:


  11. yrmonster (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    Absolutely amazing. 🙂

  12. amfawcett (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely thing!

  13. D0minic (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    Spotted ‘Telepath’ by Boards Of Canada at 6:30. excellent Jam as always. Thanks for sharing.

  14. DJam (via ThisIsMyJam) says:

    atmospheres aplenty!!

  15. Arnfinn Pettersen (via Facebook) says:

    It is a work of art in its own right.

  16. Well said Tim! However I almost found the mid section of the mix too disturbing. It created a really eerie tension relationship with my head. But when the release came (those lovely piano motifs especially) I felt calmed once again. A great mix from start to finish. 🙂

  17. I’m fresh back from my first solitary retreat. Not long, only 4 days but enough to get the taste of a mind by itself in the countryside with no distractions. ANYHOW… upon this pilgramage I confirmed what I suspected that this mix is in fact a GREAT WORK. I’ve been a fan and follower of the Headphone Commute and subsequently Peter van Cooten for a long time but this mix is a cut above. The selection, pace, cadence, juxtaposition, collage, transitions are exquisite. Prepare for a day in a rural log cabin, wait for the light to begin fading and immerse to this.

  18. Anonymous says:

    deep and evolving trip

  19. Arnfinn Pettersen (via Twitter) says:

    The sweet, dark melancholia of late autumn has hit Oslo. This mix is the perfect soundtrack to it.

  20. Optic Echo (via H_C) says:

    excellent mix!!!

  21. Rich_Ears (via Twitter) says:

    Another superb new ambient mix by Ambientblog for great H_C Masterfully crafted soundscape layer extravaganza!

  22. Ionut Ivan (via H_C) says:

    i appreciate it very much.Thx HC.

  23. Giuseppe Pucci Romeo (via H_C) says:

    Love it! Ty!

  24. Andy Mara (via H_C) says:

    Your podcasts always help me clear my mind and unwind.

  25. Phil Retrospector (via Mixcloud) says:

    [Love] this!

  26. Audrius Ramuva (via Mixcloud) says:

    great mix. surprisingly fluent, having in mind amount of tracks.

  27. Emitt Kyle (via H_C) says:

    woke up to a misty day, clouds engulfing the mountains I can see from my apartment window. Mountains and buildings all slowly disappearing, looking ghostly. Everything seems to move slower on days like these. This mix was perfect 😉

  28. Sam Genovese (via Twitter) says:

    Grateful to be included on H_C Tristesse D’Automne Mix. Sincere thanks Ambientblog for including my work

  29. Aad van Nieuwkerk says:


  30. Jens Wildner (via H_C) says:

    Absolutely stunning! Great Tracklist.

  31. AudioAggregation (via H_C) says:

    The description alone made me favorite this!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Very Great!

  33. Fabrizio Paterlini (via H_C) says:


  34. Sonia Loris (via H_C) says:

    Very Nice *

  35. 6ft5 (via H_C) says:

    Exquisite 🙂 Thank you!

  36. Kees van den Berg (via FB) says:

    Heerlijk: melancholische herfstmuziek. Daar ga ik van de week eens fijn voor zitten! 🙂