Uncertain Music Corps – Wheely Down

Wheely Down

The musical worlds seem far apart, but still there’s is a firm connection between (English) folk music roots and ambient drone music. (Just think of the drone of the bagpipe..)

This track is a beautiful reworking of the original Richard Thompson song (from “Henry the Human Fly, 1972“). Mark ‘Uncertain Music Corps’ Harrop revives this old time original and provides it with an ambient background that emotionally enhances the song and brings it back to life in a very contemporary way.

As UMC/Uncertain Music Corps, Mark Harrop has been actively experimenting with his “uncertain” music for quite some time now. Alongside Brian Eno, he was one of the very few persons that really mastered the SSeyo Koan Software and extended the boundaries of Generative Music.

This track was kindly donated by Mark ‘Uncertain Music Corps’ Harrop (mark[at]umcorps[dot]com) and is not (yet) available on any album.
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Uncertain Music Corporation – Wheely Down
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One Comment

  1. beautiful! beautiful!
    to me this is exactly the treatment i like. multilayered, soft ambient-textures that would be beautiful on its own enhanced by this old folk tune, beautifully sung and both worlds blending beautifully.
    it truely is a meeting of two worlds: ambient, which should be discreet and unobstrusive and a song, which has a melody and words to listen to. for both musical worlds this is a win-win situation: the ambient track gets transposed into archaic times and the song truely gets deep into my emotions, while it is up to me to chose whether to really listen to the song or keep it in the background.
    beautiful, i would _love_ to hear further developments of this concept. 😉